Re: [HCDX] QSL compromise
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Re: [HCDX] QSL compromise

Hi all,

Our DXing hobby is so diverse. Some people are hunting for, say,
Indonesian/Chinese stations, while others consider their languages as double
Greeks, preferring Latin Americans Spanish-speaking ones. Some people do
seek for QSLs, while others record audio files and consider them as the best
verifications ever. The comparison might be continued...

This diversity is the motive power of our hobby. The day when all DXers
become the same will be the last day of DXing on the Earth. So, let's
respect each other and do our best to pospone this last day.

The Delete button works well at most computers. If you consider the message
invaluable for you, do erase it! But bear in mind that your neighbour (maybe
a newcomer to the hobby?) might regard this QSL-message as the best message
of the day.

Once again, let's respect each other!

Dmitri Mezin,
Kazan, Russia

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