Re: [HCDX] Important QSLs?
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Re: [HCDX] Important QSLs?


> I for one DO want to see details of QSLs published, particularly from
> domestic broadcasters and "black" verifiers... so saying, I would draw the
> line at QSLs from international broadcasters like R Australia, VOA etc...
> this is supposed to be Hard Core DX and I guess the previously mentioned and
> their kin aren't hard core for anyone on this list!

> The station might only be a local to Patrick Martin etc but it is often a
> 'hold-out' for me! And I have obtained many QSLs from following up
> information posted right here on Hard Core DX, kindly provided by a DXer
> willing to share his fortune with us.

> If we stop publishing the details of QSLs - simply because it isn't of
> interest to all, then apply that "logic" to all subjects, and we'd be
> getting no e-mails at all and Hey! we can even do away with our Delete
> buttons!

Couldn't agree more. For me as a keen QSL-collector that are the most
important infos on HCDX. Subscribing to a mailing list also means to
receive things not interesting for everyone. So what? Times of the 300
bps acoustic coupler are history, so it doesn't cost anything to
download this few additional postings.

Speaking of QSLs: Today I got a very good looking full-detailed QSL card
from HLAZ Korea, 1566 kHz. 88 days, report was sent to Box 88, Seoul
121-707 and not to Cheju Island.

And another thing: Report to R. Santa Rosa, 1500 kHz, addressed Casilla
4451, Lima came back marked "No Reclamado" (not claimed). Any ideas?


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