[HCDX] Important QSLs - be more accurate with your logs !
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[HCDX] Important QSLs - be more accurate with your logs !

Important QSLs - be more accurate with your logs !

This is Martin, the editor or the QSL Information Pages QIP. While you 
quarrel about about important questions (or was it about important qsls 
?) I continue to collect data for my pages. HCDX is a good source, too. 
But in the end I'd prefer good and checked qsl-logs in the electronic or 
printed magazines for our hobby.

Wonder why ? I'm edting the pages for 3 years now. The feedback is 
quite low. The amount visitors that contacted me about my pages is 
below 5%. But thats the same with other pages, too, as their 
webmasters told me. Whats makes me angry, is that some of the 
contributors are not very accurate with their qsl-logs. Look at the 
following 2 recent qsl-logs and answer two questions, please : What is 
the station's name and what is the P.O.Box of that station ?

STAMPS.V/s : TOM SUTER (Sales Mgr.) QTH : P.O.BOX 2118, IOWA 
Play DX 1088 - November 11, 2000

1630 kHz IA, Iowa City, rec. QSL card in 10d . I had a e mail QSL in 
the past, but read they now have a card. A pretty much blank card on 
the back where the message is written, with a red and black letters on 
the front of the card. V/S: Tom Suter-Sales Manager KCJJ Radio. 
Address on card is: PO Box 2188, Iowa City, IA 52244-2118. (PM-OR)
P.Martin-USA in HCDX - December 2000

Do you know the answer ? [Its KCJJ and 2118 after cross-ckecking 
other data.]  But in this caes I'm glad, that both contributors used the 
same frequecy !! What I want to say, is, be more accurate ! And be 
complete. If you get an e-mail qsl, why do you wait for the next list 
member to ask you for it, why don't you give it within your original 
contribution ? The same applies to return postage, language, v/s etc. 
To me its totaly equal, if you first write the v/s and then the language or 
vice versa. What I want are complete and informative qsls logs that can 
really help others.

The German language is not easy, but when I see, how many typing 
errors are included when some contributors of qsl logs simply try to 
retype the return address from the German envelope just received, I'm 
really said ! I can remove the errors in the German language, but what 
about names in Indonesia or Latin America ?

I really hope you'll improve your logs and spelling ! Otherwise your logs 
might be useless to others. Sometimes it already helps to give the 
country the station was from, esp. for those stations from LA, or to give 
the city the station was from, for instance for all those stations called 
'Hit-Radio' or 'City FM'. And important or not, your complete and 
accurate qsl-logs are welcome at the QSL Information Pages via 
http://www.clandestineradio.com/martin/ !

Martin Schoech / Merseburg

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