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           WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  December 7 2000
                            Vol 6  No 34-35

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Deadline for next issue - Thursday, December 14 2000 @ 1400 UTC

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permission). You must be a member of IRCA to subscribe to the eGroup at 
http://www.egroups.com.  International Radio Club of America

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**Paul Swearingen - Topeka KS - PlsBCBDXER@xxxxxxx

  Ernie Wesolowski just phoned me and asked me to pass along the word 
that longtime DXAS/NRC member Skip Dabelstein's father Wally died today, 
12-2, of lung cancer in Omaha. Our sincerest sympathies go out to Skip 
and his family, including his mother.

2001 NRC Convention will be in Pittsburgh PA

 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - lynnhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxx

    * 1/ 7/01 Sun - 0200-0300 - KNUS -  710 - Denver CO (PG)
    * 1/ 7/01 Sun - 0200-0300 - KRKS -  990 - Denver CO (PG)
    * 1/ 7/01 Sun - 0200-0300 - KBJD - 1650 - Denver CO (PG)
      2/ 4/01 Sun - 0000-0200 - WILM - 1450 - Wilmington DE (NRC)

Sunday, January 7, 2001 - KNUS-710/KRKS-990/KBJD-1650, Denver, CO will 
conduct a DX test from 2:00-3:00 am EST. Programming will include Morse 
code, unusual music, and other readily identifiable programming. The 
programming will be simulcast on all 3 stations. The stations will 
probably run day power / non-DA the first half hour and standard night 
power / patterns the second half hour.  The stations would also like live 
feedback from listeners by telephone during this event. The telephone 
numbers will be 303-631-2328 and 303-696-1971.

  Reception reports may be sent to:
ATTN: Gregg Cassidy.
3131 S. Vaughn Way, Suite 601
Aurora, CO 80014-3510

E-mail: DJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 (Arranged by Patrick Griffith.)

Sunday, February 4, 2001 - WILM-1450, Wilmington, DE will conduct a DX 
test from 12:00-2:00 am EDT. WILM will play "unusual programming", 
sirens, and Morse code IDs. Allan Loudell, Program Manager of WILM, is 
preparing a special 25th anniversary yellow QSL card. Calls to the 
station may be placed at (302) 656-9800 - NO COLLECT CALLS, PLEASE!!!

  Reception reports may be sent to:
Allan Loudell
Program Director
WILM News Radio
1215 French St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
 (Arranged by Blaine Thompson for the NRC CPC)

  If you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-mail
or in rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a
station, please remember to include return postage with your
  PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a
card, letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for
going to the trouble to run a test!

WGSR-1570 test reports (all **):

  Robert Foxworth (Tampa FL): Hrd WGSR atop channel 1570 but with 
moderate chatter in backgrd, at 0005, playing 70's music, gave number to 
call 904-277-0630 (hope I remembered it correctly)  73 Bob F in Tampa FL
  Walter Breville (FL): A quick report to say that Ron's WGSR-1570 is 
making it to the very middle of Florida, my den here at Nalcrest 10 
miles east of Lake Wales, 60 miles due east of Tampa. Signal fading 
in/out, quite good at times, especially when he gave a time check of 
12:04 followed by a greeting to NRC and IRCA members, another good fade-
in at 12:11-12 with weather report, again at 12:28 when he talks about 
having 1 1/2 years to go in the Navy. Am using a barefoot Grundig 
Satellit 700 radio, which isn't as sensitive as a Superradio. Air 
distance, Nalcrest to Fernandia Beach is 193 miles. Several other 
stations interfering, including WCLE Cleveland, TN. Enjoying the 70s 
records being spun.
  Powell E. Way III (Columbia SC): I am hearing WGSR but V E R Y poorly 
considering that I would normally hear it super duper here in South 
Carolina! A country station that's strong is causing a problem and the 
Mottled Mouse on 1560 causing chatter, too.
  John Callarman (Krum TX): Finished some last-minute house work at 0105 
EST 11/23 prior to hosting family Thanksgiving gathering, came to radio 
room and found a null on XERF, and by doodly doggone it, there was New 
Star 1570 WGSR dominant for the tag end of the unknown music that was 
playing, then there for the next whole record, but when "Higher and 
Higher" as the temperature gets "lower and lower" began, the XERF null 
closed and ranchera (or nortena) music topped the channel. It's 940 
miles from my bedroom to WGSR transmitter, according to readout based on 
three-figure Lat/Long reading ... and 940 has some significance for me. 
I worked at KIXZ-940 1959-60 and WMIX-940 1970-81 ... and my telephone 
area code here in Krum TX is 940.
  Best reception of the WGSR test this morning was that four-minute 
period posted earlier. At 0127, I heard Ron start to introduce Donna 
Summers (if my ears heard right, then said "No, it's not Donna Summers 
... it's called disk jockey error ... live radio here at WGSR." ;-) 
Unless Ron ran a lengthy sports scoreboard beginning 0143, there was a 
third station there. When scoreboard ended, announcer gave name that 
sounded like "I'm Wayne Story" and that station seemed to continue with 
sports talk while WGSR did a Shawn Cassidy song. I thought I'd try to 
get a good XERF ID for the taped log at 0200 break, got call and city, 
but XERF was in a fade and WGSR music QRM'd the even un-nulled XERF. Who 
does sports talk on 1570?
  Bill Fairbanks (Coral Springs FL): Ron's show is coming in pretty 
darned well here in Ft. Lauderdale area at 1:30 am considering the 
abundant QRM.  Great music....good job, Ron !! Drake SW2 and Kiwa Loop
  Paul Staupe: RE: WGSR test on 11/22/00:  Thanks Phil for the last 
minute note on the test.   I hastily set up my Ripple-ized R-390A last 
night ( with Sherwood SE-3) for the first time since I got it back from 
Chuck about nine months ago.  .Antenna was a 40 foot vertical.  Amazing 
to hear strong beat note on 1570 at about 12:30 EST.  Couldn't get an 
ID, but I knew it was there.  R-390A is an amazing BCB receiver!






FREQ.  CALL SIGN                   OLD INFO         NEW INFO

 570  KSNM LAS CRUCES, NM        KGRT - C&W       ADLT STNDS
 640  WVLG WILDWOOD, FL          WHOF-REL         SOFT AC
 690  KTSM EL PASO, TX           KHEY - SPORTS    TALK
 850  KHHO TACOMA, WA            SPORTS // KJR    SPORTS - FOX
 920  WKRT CORTLAND, NY          OLDIES           ADDS JRN - OLDIES
 960  KOVO PROVO, UT             REG. MEX.        REPORTED SILENT
 980  WSUB GROTON, CT            TLK & SPTS       ESPN - SPORTS
1110  KRLA PASADENA, CA          TALK             TO BE ESPN SPTS-DEC
1150  WONG CANTON, MS            SILENT           URBAN AC
1220  KLVZ DENVER, CO            C. CHRIST.       OLDIES
      WHUC HUDSON, NY            TALK             ADLT STNDS - JRN
1310  WDPN ALLIANCE, OH          ADLT STNDS       45+ SOFT AC - ABC
      WYUR DEARBORN, MI          AC // WNIC       SPORTS - FOX
1380  KHEY EL PASO, TX           KTSM - TALK      SPORTS
      KNCK CONCORDIA, KS         C&W              ABC  45+ SOFT AC
      KRRZ MINOT, ND             CL. ROCK         OLDIES - ABC
1410  WMYR FORT MYERS, FL        C&W              CHILDRENS - DISNEY
                EXPECT A // WITH WBUD SHORTLY
      WENU SOUTH GLENS, NY       WBZA- TALK       WW1 - STNDS // FM
1420  WHK  CLEVELAND, OH         RELIGION      TO BE CLASSICAL //104.9
1430  WRXO ROXBORO, NC           C&W // WKRX      ABC - ADLT CONT
1440  KODL THE DALLES,OR         C&W              WW1 - ADLT STNDS
1450  WFPG ATLANTIC CITY, NJ     TALK             COMEDY
1460  KUTI YAKIMA, WA            KMWX - OLDIES    CLASS. C&W
1470  KRAK SACRAMENTO, CA        CL. C&W          C&W  // KNCI
1510  KIKA ONTARIO, CA           C&W              KMXN - MODERN ROCK
1570  WFOG RIVERHEAD NY          SILENT           CL. HITS // WRCN-FM
1680  KAVT FRESNO, CA            NEW CP           CHILDRENS - DISNEY


1060  ____ ST-NICOLAS, PR        10000 DAY 10000 NIGHT DA-2


 630  CJET SMITHS FALLS, ON      MOVES TO 92.3  9300 WATTS
                                 CHANGES SITE TO: 44-20-25
                                 SITE TO 34-12-40  110-00-20
1140  WCJW WARSAW, NY            INCREASES TO 2500 W  DA-D
                                 SITE TO 43-27-28  96-40-14
                                 SITE TO 36-21-23  92-21-33
1310  KFVR CRESCENT CITY, CA     CHANGES SITE TO 41-45-35  121-09-49
1340  KSSR SANTA ROSA, NM        CHANGES SITE TO 34-56-47  104-39-10
      WALL MIDDLETON, NY         CHANGES SITE TO 41-27-25   74-26-24


                                 SITE TO 17-59-27  66-37-48
      WHSM HAYWOOD, WI           CHANGE SITE TO 45-59-07  91-32-21
1230  KWG  STOCKTON, CA          CHANGE SITE TO 37-57-34  121-15-28
                                 NIGHTS , CHANGE SITE TO 39-42-22
                                 WATTS NIGHTS, CHANGE SITE TO 33-11-06
                                 TO 29-58-13  90-08-22

FREQ.  CALL SIGN                   OLD INFO         NEW INFO

 970  KNEA  JONESBORO, AR         GSPL          SPORTS-ESPN
1020  WNTK  NEWPORT, NH           TALK // FM    AMERICANA
1110  KRLA  PASADENA, CA          TALK          KSPN- SPORTS - ESPN
1220  CJUL  CORNWALL, ON          NEW           ADLT STNDS
1230  WENY  ELMIRA, NY            OLDIES        TALK // WCLI
      WAKI  McMINNVILLE, TN       TALK          TO BE CL. HITS
1400  KFTM  FORT MORGAN, CO       C&W - JRN     CL. C&W - JRN
      KWLA  MANY, LA              SOFT AC       AC - ABC


                                         39-21-11  84-19-44
                                         41-41-42  71-31-26
                                         41-14-23  111-58-58

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

  From phillyradio.com: 11/23/00 Peoples Broadcast Network, LLC, has 
changed the calls of WASA 1330/Havre de Grace, MD, to WJSS.

**Rick Shaftan - shaftan@xxxxxxx

  WDLC-1490. On with WTSX Fox 96.7 simulcast 25 rocky miles due North of 

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]

  From the CGC Communicator: KZPM(AM) and KAFY(AM), Bakersfield: Call 
sign swap FCC Report #393

**Willis - Collegedale TN - wb5khd@xxxxxxxx

  Old call: WLEJ, New Call: WPGY-1560, Ellijay, GA. 1,000 watt daytimer. 
Must have changed calls some time this week. Format: Country Music. At 
present they have continues Christmas music. And excellant selections of 
songs and vocals.  

****Bernd Trutenau - btrutenau@xxxxxxxx

***I accidentally posted a wrong version of this item which was based on 
incorrect information. My apologies. The correct version is as 
  The Maiac radio center in Moldova went silent on 999 & 1548 kHz after 
severe weather and landslides hit the region during the last days. It is 
currently unclear wether the facilities at the site were damaged or the 
transmitters are off because the electricity supply was interrupted.

*Eric Bueneman - n0uiheric@xxxxxxx

>From John Tudenham (W0JRP):
  AM, KOCR 1310 from Christian to all news (news max 1310),also carries 
GGordon Liddy.

**Steve Francis - Alcoa TN - Amdxmail@xxxxxxx

  11/30 from about 8 to 11 EST, someone was running SRN news, anti-
recount phone-in shows, and religious commentaries on 1610 kHz. Just 
dead air where the hourly IDs would have been.  KALT in Atlanta, Texas 
is the only X-bander authorized to use this frequency, and the trades 
said they were shooting for an October airdate.
  Not strong despite the open channel; WTAW-1620 (has this thing EVER 
dropped power at sundown??) was ten times the mystery station's 
strength, but at peaks it was easily readable.  


  The following stations are rumoured to be possibly going to a sports 


This from recent stories in the Globe & Mail

Eric Bueneman - n0uiheric@xxxxxxx

  While tuning around the AM band yesterday (11/30), I noted that WJCE-
680 Memphis, TN has switched formats. The station has dropped ABC's R&B 
Oldies feed (as "The Juice") for the Westwood One Adult Standards feed, 
employed by local WRTH-1430 and X-bander KQWB-1660. Their new slogan is 
"The All New Easy 680", still using the WJCE calls. This was a smart 
move; WJCE's daytime coverage includes southeast Missouri, some areas of 
which cannot receive KAPE-1550 Cape Girardeau.

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  There are now three, count 'em, three all sports stations in Los 
Angeles. The latest is KSPN-1110, which was KRLA for decades and up 
until midnight last night. Another set of legendary call letters down 
the toilet. KSPN will be a mixture of local and ESPN network 
programming. Not surprisingly, they will be owned (I'm not sure if the 
sale has been finalized) by ABC/Disney, which also owns ESPN. The other 
two all sports stations (KMPC-1540 and KXTA-1150) ratings haven't 
exactly been setting the world on fire, so this should be interesting. I 
think the ESPN radio network is quite well done, more than I can say for 
One-on-One Sports, which has just been sold.

*Richard Toebe - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

  While tuning the dial early this evening (12/1) , I heard 1020 Roswell 
NM use the call letters KINF, several times; they used the slogan 
"Information Radio" as well.  The latest SDXM, 8b, lists Roswell as 
changing calls from KCKN to KXEM.  But I clearly heard KINF.

**Mark Durenberger - mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Roswell is ID-ing as "KINF, Roswell New Mexico".

****Bernd Trutenau - btrutenau@xxxxxxxx

  According to a private TV station in Moldova, the icestorm last week 
resulted in the collapse of a "200 meter" mast at the Maiac transmitting 
center. Freezing rain caused a cover of ice with a thickness of up to 
32mm in the region. There is currently no information availble about 
further damages to buildings or antennas as a result of the crash. This 
would be the second mast which crashed at the center, acc. to Russian 
sources a 350 meter mast (which was earlier used for longwave 234 kHz) 
fell down in another incident during the last years.

**Frederick R. Vobbe - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

  From The Times of Valparaiso, Indiana, Tuesday, December 5, 2000
  WAKE-AM (1500) has announced it will now broadcast earlier in the 
morning and later in the evening thanks to a recent digital AM 
transmitter upgrade.  Known in the industry as a "daytimer" due to its 
sunrise to sunset broadcast schedule, WAKE will now be able to stretch 
its programming hours to start earlier in the day and conclude as late 
as 10:30 PM in the evening.
  Since 1964, WAKE has featured a program of songs from many eras along 
with local news, weather and other information. The station is owned and 
operated by Radio One Communications.

*Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  UNID 1000 cycle tone on 1690 tonight from 0230- EST. Station must be 
KSXX-Roseville, CA. They were going to start testing this week according 
to Gary Jackson-Sacramento.

***Andy Sennitt - andys@xxxxxxxxxx

  I noticed a statement today on the Web site of Radio Cook Islands 
saying their 5kW transmitter (630kHz)is running at half power due to 
power costs. Apologies if this is old news, but I don't recall seeing 
that statement before.



*Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 550  CKPG  Canada, Prince Gorge  BC, Good with Sports at 0115 EST 
       11/23. (PM-OR)
 550  CFJC  Canada, Kamloops, BC, weak u/KOAC with local news at 1810 
       EST 11/22. (PM-OR)
 560  CKNL  Canada,  BC ,Ft. St. John, good on top w/C&W and "N-L" IDs 
       at 0125 EST 11/23 (PM-OR)
 570  CKWL  Canada, B.C. Williams Lake, CKWL fair u/KVI with auction 
       //920 (stronger) at 0055 EST 11/23, Caribou Radio IDs. (PM-OR)
 580  KANA  MT. Anaconda, finally logged this after years of trying, but 
       barely, mixing with KFXD/CKUA at 1459.50 EST 11/28 with "KANA 
       Anaconda, It's one O'clock", soon lost in the jumble. (PM-OR)
 580  CKUA  Canada, AB, Edmonton, good all day with different 
       programming. Noted at 1900 EST 11/22 with ID "CKUA Radio Network" 
       ID Folk Roots. (PM-OR)
 600  KGEZ  MT. Kalispell, good and strong with Rock music "KGEZ  The 
       Edge" IDs 2345 EST 11/26. They sound like day power and/or 
       pattern. (PM-OR)
 610  CKYL  Canada, AB, Peace River, very good w/C&W mx "Y-L Country" 
       IDs at 1530 EST 11/22 (PM-OR)
 620  CJCI  Canada, BC, Prince George, at 1055 w/C&W mx "CI Country" 
       11/22. (PM-OR)
 760  CFLD  Canada, BC, Burns Lake, fair all day w/AC and "BV-LD" IDs at 
       1611 11/22 (PM-OR)
 800  CKOR  Canada, BC, Penticton, good o/KPDQ w/Olies "Okanagan Radio" 
       at 1432 EST 11/22 (PM-OR)
 830  CKKY  Canada, AB, Wainwright, fair in KSWB splat at 1535 EST 
       11/22, "Key 83" IDs, C&W mx (PM-OR)
 860  CFPR  Canada, BC, Prince Rupert, fair mixing with KPAM with CBC 
       News at 1500 EST 11/22 (PM-OR)
 870  CFBV  Canada, Smithers //760 with AC pops at 1500 with ID 11/22
 890  CJDC  Canada, BC, Dawson Creek Good all day at 1400 with CJDC ID 
       into News 11/22 (PM-OR)
 920  CKCQ  Canada, BC, Quesnel //570 with auction at 0057 EST 11/23
 970  KFTA  ID, Rupert, nice signal on top of jumble with SS pgming 
       series of local spots for Burley and Rupert "La Fantastica" IDs 
       at 1020 EST 11/22. (PM-OR)
 980  KVLV  NV, Fallon, good signal on top with local Fallon spots, KVLV 
       IDs at 1035 EST 11/22. (PM-OR)
1020  CKVH  Canada, AB, High Prairie, good w/C&W mx, local spots at 1445 
       "CKVH" ID 11/22 (PM-OR)
1070  KFDI  KS, Wichita, this was my UNID News station heard yesterday 
       5/5 mixing with KATQ-MT. I had a few phone calls today and KFDI 
       IDed the local news items heard. They even are going to do a 
       local news story on me. This along with Houston has been some of 
       my best Daytime MW DX for several years. (PM-OR)
1070  KATQ  MT, Plentywood, weak off Eastern Beverage with local news at 
       1802 EST 12/5 with City Council news, talk about the reservation, 
       soon lost in background noise. New. (PM-OR)
1070  KKHT  TX, Houston, good on top with Christian talk and asking for 
       donations for needy children, gave local phone number 713-339-
       1070, slogan "The Word" . Surpring signal for 3:20 PM (PST) 12/5 
       at 1820 EST. New. (PM-OR)
1070  UNID  Station mixing with Plentywood MT with local news also, tc 
       at 1802 at 5:02, Wichita?, lost under Plentywood. (PM-OR)
1170  CKGY  Canada, AB, Red Deer, at 1230 EST  11/2 "KG Country" IDs
1190t CFSL  Canada, Sask, Weyburn, presumed the C&W mx u/KEX. Anmt at 
       1600, but couldn't make out ID, 11/22 (PM-OR)
1210  CFYM  Canada, Sask. Kindersley fair mixing with KBSG w/YM Radio ID 
       at 1240 EST 11/22 (PM-OR)
1240  KCVL  WA, Colville, hrd on top with ABC News at 2000 EST and 
       "KCVL" ID into C&W mx at 2006-11/26  (PM-OR)
1310  CHLW  Canada, AB, St. Paul, good w/C&W "LW" ID at 1255 EST 11/22 
1330  KJLL  AZ, South Tucson, heard with ID going into net news at 0500 
       EST 11/27 "News, Hot Talk.....AM 13-30, KJLL, South Tucson" Fair 
       above jumble with rx in LSB (ECSS). Heard this in Rancho Mirage 
       last Spring, but never logged in OR. New for me. (PM-OR)
1330  CJYM  Canada, Sask., Rosetown // 1210 at 1244 EST 11/22. (PM-OR)
1340  KCAP  MT, Helena, heard with ID at 1959.50 EST 11/26, with promo 
       at 2002.30, with 10n1 Sports(?), Not sure, but I think the 1on1 
       Sports may have been KCAP, ID "1340  KCAP  Helena, the station 
       you depend on" New for me.(PM-OR)
1340  CINL  Canada, BC, Ashcroft, at 1614 11/22 "NL Radio" (PM-OR)
1400  CHNL1  Canada, BC, Clearwater, CHR hits //1340 at 1617 11/22
1450  KVSI  ID, Montpelier, finally received this one after years of 
       trying. Gee two new ID stations in a week. That only leaves me 
       with one more to have all ID stations, since St. Anthony is 
       silent. Logged KVSI at 0805 EST 11/25 With "KVSI Sports" and a 
       bunch of local sponcers. Not a bad signal. QRM from Colfax,WA 
       also on 1450. Eastern ID stations aren't that easy. (PM-OR)
1500  .....  CA, HAR here mentioning summit and Cal Trans, Lake Tahoe, 
       weak with bits here and there u/OC at 0315 EST 12/1. Anyone else 
       heard this? (PM-OR)
1500  XEDF  MEXICO, Mexico City, weak u/o Cal Trans TIS with SS Pops and 
       ID at 0330 "Mil Quinientos"  New. (PM-OR)
      +good with lively music and many "Rado Uno" IDs, fair to weak with 
       fading. From 0805 to 0900 UTC  12/5. 
1500  KUMU  HAWAII, Honolulu, good with WW1 NOS format, many KU-MU IDs 
       at 0745  12/5. (PM-OR)
1510  KLLB  UT, West Jordon, fair with equal mix of KLLB and KGA at 
       times with local spots (Salt Lake) at 1051 EST 11/22. (PM-OR)
1550  KMRI  UT, West Valley City, good on top from Bible Study notes, 
       KMRI IDs at 1042 11/22. (PM-OR)
1600  KCRG  IA, Cedar Rapids, good on top of mess with "That's Sports 
       for 1600 KCRG" at 0045 EST 11/25. Haven't heard this in a while. 

  The HAR at Eureka I heard on 1630, was back on 1610 last night. Now 
tonight they are on 1629 kHz with construction info on 101. Weak here in 
NW Oregon.

1630  WRDW  GA, Augusta, fair and alone on channel with fading running 
       "Jeff Rence" pgm into ID at 0059.50 EST  1/27 "News...1630 WRDW 
       Augusta. A Beasley Broadcasting Station" into ABC Net news. First 
       time hrd alone on channel. Other times QRM from KCJJ. (PM-OR)
1680  WTIR  FL, Winter Garden, very good with TIS info on Disney World 
       and other attractions in area at 0030 EST 11/27. Best heard in a 
       while. (PM-OR)

  I had one of the best mornings for TPs than I have heard for quite 
sometime. A new Filipino, JJ, and a tent. logging of Pen. Malaysia on 
765 khz. Really different cx this morning, where the bottom part of the 
band, up to 900 khz was much better, and the EWE was out performing the 
K9AY by far. 

 531  JOQG  JAPAN, Morioka, good with man in JJ at 1303 11/30.
 558  JOCR  JAPAN, Kobe, poor with JJ pops at 1315 11/30 (PM-OR)
 567  KGUM  GUAM, Agana, in like "gangbusters" with Jim Bohannan show at 
       1330 11/30. Local ID at 1359.45 "Your Information talk station, 
       KGUM Agana" Into Net news. Best heard in a while. (PM-OR)
 594  JOAK  JAPAN, Tokyo, the best JJ of the morning heard S9+20DB at 
       peaks with JJ talk from 1230-after 1500  1/30 (PM-OR)
 612  JOLK  JAPAN, Fukuoka, weak in 610 splash, no sign of KUAM at 1345 
       11/30. JOLK in JJ talk (PM-OR)
 639  JOWN  JAPAN, Hakodate, good on top of JOPB (NHK2) at 1403 11/30, 
       with man with local or regional news in JJ, mentioned Hokkaido 
       and Hakodate a time or two. (PM-OR)
 647.7  D....  PHILIPPINES, man in Tagalog talk weak off channel from 
       1320 to 1410 UTC 11/30. (PM-OR)
 666  JOBK  JAPAN, Osaka, very good with man in JJ at 1410 11/30.
 693  JOAB  JAPAN, Tokyo, good with EE News at 1401  11/30, but not 
       nearly as strong at 594. (PM-OR)
 702  JO..  JAPAN, Synchros here //693 with EE News at 1402  1/30
 729  JOCK  JAPAN, Nagoya, good with JJ talk at 1340 11/30. This 50 KWer 
       gets out almost as well as the more powerfull units. (PM-OR)
 738  ....  TAHITI, Good with man in FF at 1310 11/30. This was the only 
       regular Pacific station in this morning. (PM-OR)
 747  JOIB  JAPAN, Sapporo, weak in  Lang lessons at 1333  11/30. This 
       season 594 and 693 have been better. (PM-OR)
 765  .....  MALAYSIA??? Kuala  Trengganu, Station here with non-stop 
       mornfull singing without any anmts at 1435 UTC  11/30. Would peak 
       very nicely and then fade out and come back just as strong. This 
       sounded very much like Hindi type rel. pgm. Nothing else fits per 
       what is listed in the WRTH. CX were not good enough for an Indian 
       and other DX was from the same general area. I tryed to find a SW 
       //, but none heard. Anyone else have any ideas?  (PM-OR)
 774  JOUB  JAPAN, Akita , weak with JJ lang. lessons at 1322 11/30
 801  UNID  eak station in KGO splat at 1315  11/30, which sounded 
       Malaysian. I have Sabah here from the past. Infact it has been 
       heard more than once. (PM-OR)
 828  JOBB  JAPAN, Osaka  fair with EE lessons at 1339  11/30
 855  DZGE  PHILIPPINES, Naga City, very good at times with what sounded 
       like Basketball game Naga City vs  ??? excited man in Tagalog, 
       1327. Then at 1331 ID as "D-Z-G-E.....Filipino Broadcasting 
       Service....Eight Fifty Five......D-Z-G-E........" I had a tent. 
       of this back in the early 90s,but never could pull out an ID. Now 
       to try and get a QSL, on 11/30. New  (PM-OR)
 864  D...  PHILIPPINES, weak Filipino here at 1347  11/30. (PM-OR)
 891  JOHK  JAPAN, Sendai good with JJ talk at 1335  11/30.  (PM-OR)
 981  D....  PHILIPPINES, Weak Tagalog talk here at 1322  11/30
1008  JONR  JAPAN, Osaka, weak JJ talk at 1311  11/30  (PM-OR)
1062  DZEC  PHILIPPINES, Quezon City, good with woman ancr with tele. 
       talk show. Excited female calling in, mentioned "DZEC" a couple 
       times at 1320  11/30, This is the most common Filipino these 
       days. (PM-OR)
1134  JOQR  JAPAN, Tokyo, weak with man w/JJ talk at 1314  11/30
1179  JOOR  JAPAN, Osaka, weak with JJ talk at 1315  11/30 (PM-OR)

Drake R8, EWE Antenna

*kevin redding - lwdxer@xxxxxxxx

Heard on a GE Superadio [the original one] barefoot:

1290  KWFS  TX, Wichita Falls 11/30 0800 ABC News, then id and ads for a 
       barbecue that has been around for 51 years. Under withering KXAM 
1330  KLBO  TX, Monahans 11/30 0812 with school lunches and its pigs in 
       a blanket today. Sponsored by Jack and Jill.

Here's the morning logs heard on a DX-440 anad RS 18-1533 loop:

1180  KOIL  NE, Omaha 11/23 0837 with Radio Disney and into an ad bank 
       with ads for Fantasia 2000 and other Disney stuff. 
 990  KRKS  CO, Denver 11/23 0851 preaching and talking about God 
       casting out Satan and listening no more, then overecome by a 
 940  KFRE  CA, Fresno 11/23 0855 "Nueve Quarenta, Nueve Quarenta, Nueve 
       Quarenta, Fresno." Has Radio Unica.
 610  KNML  NM, Albuquerque 11/23 giving sports scores. 
 560  KBLU  AZ, Yuma 11/23 with ID and "CNN newstime 731". Under 
       extremely heavy splash from KFYI. This is extremely rare for 
       Mesa, Arizona. Not so rare for Phoenix. Go figure. 

All of these were heard on a TM-152 with Radio Shack 18-1533 loop and 
played through a GE 3-5685B boombox into a pair of Sony MDR-180 
headphones: [ you should have seen all the patch cords ]

 570  KNRS  UT, Salt Lake City 2022 11/23 with Ken Garth Volvo ad. Now 
       this one is in stereo with the pilot lit. Thats unusual and to 
       top it off they have ads running for the Utah Symphony and Dvorak 
       in the background in stereo. I doubt its a permanent thing but 
       they were on tonight and doing a bang up job. 
 670  KLTT  CO, Denver 2027 11/23 and religious programming in stereo, 
       pilot lit but program sounded like mono run through stereo. 
 680  KNBR  CA, San Francisco 2029 11/23 with ESPN hockey talk and pilot 
       on but ESPN feed must be mono. There has been some controversy 
       about this one too but I get it the same on my Chrysler Imperial 
       6 band GEQ RX-690S as well. 
 790  KABC  CA, Los Angeles 2033 11/23 ads for State Farm Insurance and 
       into ABC news droning on and on about the election that will 
       never end.  They were in Stereo.
 820  WBAP  TX. Ft. Worth 2133 11/23 with local news in stereo and 
       having fits and fights with XEUDO. 
1110  KFAB  NE, Omaha 2043 11/23 Hey! I thought these guys were supposed 
       to be mono? They had a bazillion ad bank with ads for lots of 
       stuff then into The Garden Cafe, Dodge cars, St. Joseph's Towers 
       for old folks, and finally after about 12 ads in a row, the ever 
       stupid Phil Hendrie Show. They were in stereo. 
1170  KVOO  OK, Tulsa 2048 11/23 "Classic Country, AM 1170, KVOO" and 
       www.kvoo.com in stereo. 
1210  KGYN  OK, Guymon 2050 11/23 with this ID, "You're listening to AM 
       stereo 1210, Guymon, KGYN". Its nice to hear someone advertize AM 
       stereo when so many are turning off the exciter. In stereo. 
1400  KSUN  AZ, Phoenix 2053 11/23 "Radio Fiesta la podera rodeador!" 
       They had a string of SS ads for Mexican dances and they sounded 
       fluttery and crappy as ever. In stereo but they sound terrible. 
1520  KOMA  OK, Oklahoma City 2056 11/23 There has been considerable 
       talk about this station. I heard it as stereo by some and not 
       stereo by some. Tonight I heard the Cowboys post game whine fest. 
       The pilot was on here but they were in the left ear only. Then 
       when the pilot dropped it was mono in both ears. Go figure. 
1650  KBJD  CO, Denver 2100 11/23 with a ToH ID [ top of hour ] and 
       slogan "The Beat" in stereo with pilot on. 
1660  KXOL  UT, Brigham City 2101 in stereo playing The Supremes, "Baby 
       Love". There has been considerable controversy about this one on 
       several radio lists but they are in stereo and do have the pilot 
       on and they just play a lot of pre stereo [ prior to 1958 ] 
       records and they are in mono but transmitted in stereo so they 
       sound like, guess what, mono.
1700  KTBK  TX, Dallas 2100 talking about Texas high school football 
       then a combination ID with KTBK and KTCK both being IDed. 

Daytime stereo scan using a TM-152 and RS18-1533 loop:

 640  KFI   CA, Los Angeles 11/24 0923 pilot on and in stereo with a 
       special edition of "Food Talk". I have them in stereo on the TM-
       152 with pilot lit. I have them in stereo on the Sony SRF-42. I 
       do NOT have them in stereo on the Chrysler RX-690S. I believe the 
       difference is that the Chrysler is on a a wire and the other two 
       are on a loop or internal ferrite rod loop and the signal peaked 
       by turning the loops. 
 710  KDIS  CA, Los Angeles 11/24 0935 playing "The Christmas Song" 
       which is the first Christmas song they played this season. And 
       its Radio Disney in stereo.
 780  KAZM  AZ, Sedona 11/24 0938 with an ad for "The home of the 
       miracle deal, Verde Valley Ford." In stereo. 
1690  KDDZ  CO, Arvada 11/24 0949 with a kid making funny noises to win 
       a contest on Radio Disney.

Heard on a Radio Shack DX375 and RS 18-1533 loop:

 730  KBSU  ID, Boise 1131 It's winter! KBSU is in with real acoustic 
       jazz during the daylight hours. Ella Fitzgerald was singing 
       "Sittin' and a-rockin'."

As an aside, and as a testament to modern technology, I have played with 
the DX-375 and a GE Superadio [ original version ] and the DX-375 
matches up with it on MW. I almost never listen to HF so I can't speak 
to that, but I can say that the MW on this little radio is pretty good.

*** Hannu Romppainen - rohata@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  MANA1 pedition was held by Hannu Romppainen and Seppo Tervo in 
Manamansalo island, Lake Oulujarvi in Northern Finland. We used 2xYaesu 
FRG-100 with FRT-7700 and longwire antennas of 100-400 meters. Here are 
some examples of our logbook:

 527  2217-  CVA: R Vaticana HS klassista mx 17.11. MANA1
1224 0644-  HOL: Q Radio "Urban music" piti rapsata, kun eiu vastannut 
       ensimmaiseen rapoon. 18.11. MANA1

1341  2155- E: R Leon paikallisbreikilla Kuwaitin ja Ulsterin 
       hairikoidessa. 17.11. MANA1

 225  2033-  TUR: TRT Van puolalaisen dominoidessa frequa. 17.11.MANA1
 927 1641- PAK: PBC Khairpur nx in Urdu 1700. 17.11. MANA1
1035 1723- PAK: PBC Multan jammerin kiusatessa. 17.11. MANA1
1341 1538-  PAK: PBC Bahawalpur nx in EE 1600. 17.11. MANA1


1680 0531-  USA: WTTM Princeton NJ business talkkia "On T-M Radio", oli 
       ensimmäinen Kainuussa kuultu X-bandin jenkki. Lisaksi unideja 
       1650, 1660 (espanjankielinen) ja 1690. QRM utility Turku Radio 
       1677kHz. 18.11. MANA1


1300  0425- VEN: R Reloj, Maracaibo 18.11. MANA1
1390 0357- R Catolica Mundial , mika lienee QTH ? 18.11. MANA1 
1500 0452- VEN: R Dos Mil, Cumana parhaiten kuuluva pedislattari. 18.11. 

**Ginnie Lupi - ginnie@xxxxxxxxxxx

Heard from Ithaca, New York using a DX-398 and Select-A-Tenna:

 630  CFCY  PI  Charlottetown  11/23/00  1834 EST  CW song, female 
       vocalist; male DJ says "...from CFCY...where did the week go?... 
       7:37... Cory's going to drop in";  mentions Top 30 Countdown 
       show; "your CFCY weather forecast and Alan Jackson, next"; ad for 
       "The CFCY Top 30 Countdown".

**Willis - wb5khd@xxxxxxxx

  11/25.  At 2120 EST from Collegedale, in south eastern TN, I am 
listening to KGBC-1540. The station log list them at 250 watts. They 
have a good steady, S-5 signal. The ID was, "The all new KGBC." Seems to 
be great conditions to the south.

****Mike Brooker - Toronto ON - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

Receivers: Panasonics RF-2200; RFB-45

1470  ______  Nov. 30 1704 w/non-ID slogan "Joy Radio will give you 
       inspiration...the new AM 1230, 1470 and 1600 Joy Radio", into 
       pop-gospel song, then gone under WLQR.  (MKB-ON)

 950  WGTA  Summerville, GA Nov. 30 0758 in dogfight over WWJ w/sports 
       report talking about Southeastern Conference basketball, ad for 
       Summerville Florists, local wx, "now 41 degrees at WGTA". 
1470  WMBD  Peoria, IL Nov. 29 0700 fair w/top of hour ID as "Recognized 
       by the Illinois Broadcasters Association...award-winning news 
       from News radio 1470 AM, WMBD Peoria".  (MKB-ON)
1480  WTDA  Madison, WI Nov. 29 0655 wiping out nulled WHBC w/Wisconsin 
       Farm Show, ad for Polaris ATVs.  (MKB-ON)
1630  WRDW  Augusta, GA Dec. 1 0800 alone on frequency w/ Lions Club 
       PSA, top of hour ID "WRDW Augusta, a Beasley Broadcasting Group 
       Station", into ABC news.  (MKB-ON)

(MKB-MI) Dxing in Ann Arbor, Michigan w/Panasonic RFB-45

 710  CKVM  Ville Marie, PQ Nov. 23 fr-good w/FF paid political 
       announcement for Liberal party.  (MKB-MI)
 730  CKDM  Dauphin, MB Nov. 23 0718 fair-good w/C&W, ID as "today's hot 
       country, CKDM", local wx, ad for Roundup Ready canola.  (MKB-MI)
 820  WOSU  Columbus, OH Nov. 23 0800 breaking through nulled CHAM w/ID 
       as "Morning Edition is next on 820 WOSU".  (MKB-MI)
 860  WNOV  Milwaukee, WI Nov. 22 1805 presumed w/rap and hip hop, CST 
       time check, poor under partially nulled CJBC.  (MKB-MI)
 860  WACB  Taylorsville, NC Nov. 23 0109 alone in CJBC null w/PSA to 
       prevent forest fires, promo for the Alexander County Baptist 
       Association's Christmas toy collection (donations may be brought 
       to the Taylorsville National Guard Armory).  Slogan "You found 
       it, lock it in, B-86" into "Joy to the World" (the Christmas 
       carol, not Three Dog Night).  If their night power is really only 
       8 watts, this is a totally awesome catch!  (MKB-MI)
 880  KRVN  Lexington, NE Nov. 22 1750 fr-poor in fight w/WCBS & WRFD, 
       promo for Real Audio webcast on www.krvn.com web site, C&W mx.  
       Heard in Toronto in 1978; QSL took almost 5 years to arrive!
 880  WMEQ  Menomonie WI Nov. 22 1739 breaking through nulled WRFD 
       w/sports report talking about upcoming Minnesota Wild and 
       Timberwolves games. Nothing in MN on 880; this is presumed since 
       Menomonie is close enough to the MN state line that the Wild and 
       T-Wolves would be "home" teams. (MKB-MI)
 900  WFRO  Fremont, OH Nov. 22 1711 wiping out CHML w/local news and 
       funeral announcements, promo for Fremont Chamber of Commerce 
       Christmas dance at Fremont Country Club.  (MKB-MI)
 920  WBAA  West Lafayette, IN Nov. 22 0600 over CKNX w/promo for 
       wbaa.org web site, into NPR Morning Edition.  (MKB-ON)
 920  KARN  Little Rock, AR Nov. 22 1736 fair w/ID as "News radio 920 
       KARN", into talk about George W. Bush's cocaine habit ("at least 
       he admitted it"). (MKB-MI)
 930  WEOL  Elyria, OH Nov. 22 1654 vgd w/ad for Loraine County Transit, 
       local wx and promo announcement: "your up to the minute weather 
       advisories on your news station, AM 930 WEOL".  (MKB-MI)
 940  WCPC  Houston, MS Nov. 22 1734 fair and alone on frequency w/ad 
       for Frank Schmidt Body Shop in Houston, local wx, ID as 
       "currently it's 53 degrees at WCPC". (MKB-MI)
1070  WCSZ  Sans Souci, SC Nov. 23 2205 fair in WIBC null w/ID as "1070 
       The Sports Zone, WCSZ" into Fox Sports talk.  (MKB-MI)
1110  WMBI  Chicago, IL Nov. 22 1729* good w/sign off announcement "You 
       have been listening to WMBI Chicago, broadcasting since 1926..." 
       inviting listeners to tune to WMBI-FM 90.1.  (MKB-MI)
1130  KWKH  Shreveport, LA Nov. 22 1727 poor but steady in WDFN null 
       w/C&W mx, ID as "AM 1130 Country Gold, KWKH".  (MKB-MI)
1150  WCUE  Cuyahoga Falls, OH Nov. 23 1759 good w/ID as "providing food 
       to the spiritually hungry, this is WCUE Cuyahoga Falls", into 
       Family Radio program.  (MKB-MI)
1150  WEAQ  Chippewa Falls, WI Nov. 23 0727 fair w/local wx, 
       Thanksgiving Day sports trivia contest, sponsored by Eau Claire 
       Optical.  (MKB-MI)
1150  UNID  _______  Nov. 23 0915 non-ID as "The Valley's non-stop 
       Christmas station" into a C&W-ish version of "Pretty Papers", 
       then faded out. (MKB-MI)
1180  WXLA  Dimondale, MI Nov. 23 0742 dominating nulled WHAM w/hip hop 
       mx, ID as "Mix 1180 WXLA.  We're staying true to the mix.  
       Lansing's urban adult radio." (MKB-MI)
1240  WJIM  Lansing, MI Nov. 22 1706 fair w/PSA for Girl Scouts, local 
       wx: "that's my latest WJIM forecast".  (MKB-MI)
1250  KBRF  Fergus Falls, MN Nov. 23 0918 fair o/WGL w/run-down of local 
       job openings in Fergus Falls, Battle Lake and Elbow Lake, MN.  
1250  WGL   Fort Wayne, IN Nov. 23 1700 ID as "Fort Wayne's talk radio 
       is 1250 WGL" into CBS news.  (MKB-MI)
1360  WOEN  Olean, NY Nov. 20 0700 all alone on frequency w/top of hour 
       ID, "your station for news, weather and sports, now CBS news on 
       your hometown station, 1360 WOEN, Olean", into CBS news. (MKB-ON)
1430  WFOB  Fostoria, OH Nov. 24 0917 good w/local obituary 
       announcements. (MKB-MI)
1470  WPAO  Farrell, PA Nov. 21 0643 ID as "weather and more on AM 1470 
       WPAO", then lost under WLQR.  (MKB-ON)
1550  WDLR  Delaware, OH Nov. 23 2121 creaming CBE w/Ohio State vs. 
       Florida State basketball, ad for Best Western Delaware Hotel.  
1570  CKMW  Winkler, MB Nov. 24 0859 fair and virtually alone on 
       frequency w/ad for Southland Honda, time check "one minute before 
       8 o'clock on CKMW" into C&W song.  (MKB-MI)

Pan-Am DX:

 640  CM___  Radio Progreso, Guanabacoa/Las Tunas CUBA Nov. 23 0537 
       UTC/0037 EST blasting in w/political commentary by woman, several 
       Progreso IDs and numerous mentions of Castro.  As CMQ, this used 
       to be heard almost nightly in Toronto, before CFYI usurped the 
       frequency. (MKB-MI)
 670  CMQ  Radio Rebelde, Arroyo Arenas CUBA Nov. 23 0530 UTC/0030 EST 
       wiping out WSCR w/political commentary slamming U.S. 
       "imperialsimo". (MKB-MI)

Eric Bueneman - n0uiheric@xxxxxxx

 550  KTRS  St. Louis, MO-News/Talk format, "The Big 550", in simulated 
       AM Stereo.
 630  KJSL  St. Louis, MO-Christian talk, much of it still 
       fundamentalist, but also has Contemporary Christian in the 
       morning, still "The Salt and Light of St. Louis"
 690  KSTL  East St. Louis, IL-Announces this city first, instead of St. 
       Louis, MO. Urban Gospel format, excellent seperation. Crawford 
       owns both KSTL and KJSL.
 720  WGN   Chicago, IL-News/Talk format, even with local KWRE on 730 
       from Warrenton, MO
 890  WLS   Chicago, IL-News, Talk format "News/Talk 89", even with WINU 
       Highland, IL on 880
 900  KFAL  Fulton, MO-Classic Country format, "The Big 900"
 990  WCAZ  Carthage, IL-Country format
1050  WDZ   Decatur, IL-ABC Urban AC format, "Magic 1050"
1340  KXEO  Mexico, MO-Adult Contemporary format
1490  WESL  East St. Louis, IL-R&B Oldies format

Not much in the way of regulars to add at night; WJR-760 Detroit, MI; 
WBAP-820 Fort Worth, TX; WTAW-1620 College Station, TX; KCJJ-1630 Iowa 
City, IA; WKSH-1640 Sussex, WI; KCNZ-1650 Cedar Falls, IA. (My AM Stereo 
tuner can only tune up to 1670).

***Terry Krueger - tocobagadx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Some MW logs from Clearwater, Florida - all times/dates are GMT.  
Receivers: NRD-535, HQ-180A, DX-399, dipoles.

 810  COLOMBIA Caracol, Santa Fe de Bogota, 1018-1025 Nov 26, very weak 
       with badly off-key horns band, two SP M anncrs, TCs, net IDs, 
       back to band at 1025.  Parallel xlnt 5955.08 (Villavicencio) 
       outlet.  (Krueger-FL)
 990  CUBA R Guama, unknown site, Pinar del Rio, 1101-1110 Nov 26, SP W, 
       Cuban tropical and pop vocals.  Poor, and parallel excellent 
       1000.  (Krueger-FL)
1390  CUBA R Jaruco, Jaruco, La Habana, 0328-0500* Nov 21, nice 
       traditional Cuban oldies vocals, Instituto Meteorologica 
       weathercast, mention of "frecuencia modulada" by M but no 
       frequency copied.  Retune at 0450, modern SP vocals, W at 0454 w/ 
       canned "R Jaruco" reverbing ID, promo for la guardia nacional and 
       fuerzas militar, brief silence, then M w/ quick ID and pulled 
       plug without formal closing or NA.  Very good.  (Krueger-FL)
1560  MEXICO XEFAJ, Mexico DF, 0956-1005 Nov 26, SP M&W, canned "Esta es 
       XEFAJ" at 1000, nx summary, ads.  Good. Another ID at 1003 w/ FM 
       freq ment'd.  No "La Consentida" slogan used on either IDs.  

*Richard Toebe - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

DXing from Davis, CA
Sony ICF-2010, Barefoot

 860  unid  11/24  0506  Heard weakly but clearly under KTRB/XEMO in a 
       very tight null; several mentions of AM 860, "News for our area", 
       a 39 degree temperature check.  Any idea who this might be?  KPAM 
       maybe?  (RT-CA)
1410  CFUN  BC  Vancouver  11/25  0306  Faded up over jumble with "C-
       Fun, a new kind of talk station", then into Mike Siegel's Coast 
       to Coast AM.  New from Davis.  (RT-CA)
1450  KFLS  OR  Klamath Falls  11/23  1028  Faded up over jumble of 
       signals with "Your favorites from the 50s 60s and 70s, KFLS", 
       then a spot about the Oregon Insurance Plan, then OLDies song "Do 
       You Believe In Magic? Great signal while it lasted.  New from 
       Davis.  (RT-CA)
1510  KIRV  CA  Fresno  11/24  0945  Sitting on the jumble that is 1510 
       at sunrise (KGA/KFNN/others) when suddenly out of nowhere "You 
       are listening to the Sound of the New Life, KIRV" boomed in, 
       followed by CLAssical type music.  REL after the hour, but now 
       about even with KMZT/KFNN/KGA.  New from Davis.  (RT-CA)

We had a very busy, hectic Thanksgiving weekend here; this is my first 
chance to go online since Tuesday.  Hope everyone had a great holiday, 
and to our friends up North, hope your Federal Election goes better than 
ours did!

**Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

Rich, Your unid 850 sure sounds like KPAM. The temp matches closely too.

**Frederick R. Vobbe - fredv@xxxxxxxxxxx

The following is from my trip to Lapeer County (MI).  All loggings were 
made in Imlay City, Michigan, corner of M-53 & M-21, using a Sony 2010, 
no external antenna.  Comments are in [].

 540  CBEF  ON Windsor - 11/23 - 1646.  Music with announcements for 
       station shows, & ID in FF.  [Normally I would not submit this as 
       DX, as it's a semi-local, however this station had the strongest 
       signal of all on the dial]
 560  WLLZ  MI Monroe - 11/23 - 1650.  Distorted church program. 
       Preacher's voice was clipped at times.
 570  WKBN  OH Youngstown - 11/23 - 1655.  Psychic program with 
       occasional mentions of phone numbers along with "WKBN", and promo 
       for next week's show.  [This one surprised me.]
 580  CKWW  ON Windsor - 11/23 - 1658.  Christmas music with ID into 
       Tony Bennett song.
 600  WSNL  MI Flint - 11/23 - 1700.  MX into top of hour ID: 
       "Michigan's Salt & Light.  WSNL, Flint, Midland, Bay City, 
       Saginaw."  into MX.
 630  CFCO  ON Chattam - 11/23 - 1701.  MX into ID: "This is Chattam-
       Kent's 6-30 Solid Gold, CFCO."  Into news.
 660  WMIC  MI Sandusky - 11/23 - 1703.  [Off air when I tuned in.  
       Forgot to take Sunset/Sunrise maps with me on this trip, so I 
       assume that they did a sign-off at 1700.]
 690  WNZK  MI Westland - 11/23 - 1704.  ID "WNZK" into what sounded 
       like Arabic music.
 710  WOR  NY New York - 11/25 - 1742.  Cat food commercial with 
       locations in Brooklyn & Queens.  Jingle "Radio 7-10, WOR", health 
       food spot [I would have spaced this a little further than the cat 
       food commercial], and then into pet store commercial.  [9 of 10 
       leds lit on the 2010 with no fading. If CHYR-710 were around, 
       they would have been in serious trouble].

[Note:  All the NY state clears  on 660, 710, 770, 810, 880, + 1010 have
better signals here than in Lima]

 850  WRMR  OH Cleveland - 11/25 - 1748.  Promo "... and thanks for 
       listening to the music of your life on WRMR".  Into Christmas 
 880  KRVN  NE Lexington - 11/25 - 1753.  Song "PT-109" back sell with 
       ID of KRVN, into "ITT" commercial, and weather where it was 38 
       degrees.  [28 in Imlay City <grin>]  WCBS very dominate, but I 
       was able to hold the radio for enough null to bag this one.
1010  Unid!!  11/25 - 1755.  Unidentified C&W station up and down.  
       Could have given ID at TOH but I could not catch it.  Went into 
       MX till fade out at 1806.

Notes:  Did not get to set up at the farm in Almont MI as it rained the 
whole weekend.  DXing was confined to the pool room of the Days Inn 
while watching Jon & Connie get tired of swimming.  The funny moment of 
the day (11/25) came when I was showing my brother my 2010, and while 
listening to 1340 we heard him doing a commercial on WLEW-1340.  He is 
the CE and does mornings at the station.  1230 WMPC had a real good 
signal in Lapeer and Macomb county.  Very clear and good strength.  
Contrary, WLSP was under modulated, distorted, and I needed to drive 
some 12 miles closer to get a better signal from the station.  That's 
(2) stations that I worked for in the past that at one time sounded 
good, but now are pitiful.  That's about all.  Tomorrow it's the drive 
back home.  CUL from Lapeer County MI

Larry Russell - ak473@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 710  unid  2145 11/27 Arab howling Koran, mixing with WOR.  (Russell)
1020  KJJK  Fergus Falls MN 0738-0850 11/27 This DX-bait has eluded me 
       twice before. A tip from Pat Martin about MW conditions (via 
       HCDX) caused me to dx. Found oldies mx here over KDKA at times, 
       even wiping out KDKA. Heard "Oldies 1020" and  "The Lakes Area's 
       favorite oldies" non-ids. Heard promo for "Minnesota Vikings 
       football" on "AM-1250 KBRF" which is listed for the same town. 
       Finally got full ID at end of Wx @ 0849. "That's it (for) 
       Forecast from oldies 10-20 KJJK Fergus Falls Minnesota."  
1520  KOLM  Rochester MN 2152 11/27 Nostalgia mx, "KOLM" Their web page 
       says "oldies" so maybe I heard mx from another? (Russell)

Larry Russell, Flushing MI, 6800W/DX-400, 70' wire

PATRICE PRIVAT - patrice.privat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Just had a rare catch on sunday night Utvarp Foroya in the Faroe 
Islands (Akraberg 531 khz) was booming in around 2000 UTC sometimes 
overwhelming Beromunster and Algeria. There was even a talk in Faroese 
(near Danish) on the ...KINKS !! really a rare reception with the 
panasonic rfb45 probably means winter is here.. also NRK Vigra 630 khz 
in Norwegian

**ben-dangerfield - ben-dangerfield@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Tonight, Dec. 1, I have noted a path of reception beginning in 
Mauretania on 783 kc and continuing across the Atlantic into the West 
Indies.  Noted with big signals have been the aforementioned Mauretania-
783 and almost on the same latitude British Virgins-780 [Xmas carols], 
St. Kitts-830, Nevis-895, WAPA-680 and several Colombians.  Also hets 
from 711 and 621.

Mark Mohrmannm - VT -  mohrmannm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

NRD 535D, 2 - LW 140m @ 145 deg, 215 deg

  Unbeleivable conditions Dec 2 and 3 here in Vermont. 25 LA stations in 
2 nights. Most of them alone and dominating the frequency. 9 new logs 
including Nicaragua on 620!

 550  VENEZUELA YVKE - Mundial; Caracas, Dec 3, 0254 LA pop music in 
       WDEV null, "Mundial" ID, fair to good signal. (Mohrmann VT)
 555  ST. KITTS ZIZ; Basseterre, Dec 3, 0435 (presumed), Australian 
       cricket match commentary. Fair to good signal.  (Mohrmann VT)
 570  CUBA CMDC - Radio Reloj; Pilon, Dec 2, 0432 Time pips, CW ID under 
       the mix.  (Mohrmann VT)
 600  CUBA CMKV - Radio Rebelde; Urbano Noris, Dec 2, 0428 On top // 
       5025.  (Mohrmann VT)
 609.98  COLOMBIA Rdif Nacional Colombia; Urbia, Dec 2, 0418-0505 3-way 
       interview. 0502 gongs, nice full ID, into national anthem and 
       s/off at 0505. +20dB over signal with low growling het from 
       slightly off frequency carrier.  (Mohrmann VT)
 620.02  NICARAGUA YNN - Radio Nicaragua; Managua, Dec 2, 0436-0445 
       Fading up out of the mix 3 times in almost 10 minutes. Announcer 
       with religious program and definite ID in passing "...por Radio 
       Nicaragua...", other mentions of "Nicaragua" until it disappeared 
       into oblivion after 0445.  (Mohrmann VT)
 640  CUBA Radio Progreso; , Dec 3, 0438 "LA Onda de la Alegria" ID, on 
       top.  (Mohrmann VT)
 650  COLOMBIA HJKH - RCN ; Bogota, Dec 2, 0415 Ad for Chocolate Corona, 
       "RCN" ID, fair signal just above the mix.  (Mohrmann VT)
 660  VENEZUELA YVNA - Ondas de los Medanos; Coro, Dec 2, 0448 LA 
       ballad, nice ID "...Ondas de los Medanos, tu radio popular." S9 
       signal in WFAN null.  (Mohrmann VT)
 670  VENEZUELA YVLL - Radio Rumbos; Caracas, Dec 3, 0300 ID and lottery 
       numbers, on top with +20dB signal.  (Mohrmann VT)
 700  COLOMBIA HJCX - Radio Net; Cali, Dec 3, 0607 Talk, canned ID, fair 
       signal.  (Mohrmann VT)
 710  CUBA Radio Rebelde; , Dec 3, 0444 Baseball game // 1180, under 
       WOR.  (Mohrmann VT)
 720  JAMAICA RJR; Kingston, Dec 3, 0316 Promo for Anglican church, ID 
       "...on RJR 94 FM", ad for Nokia cell phones. All alone, good  
       signal.  (Mohrmann VT)
 740  VENEZUELA YVNC - Radio Maracaibo; Maracaibo, Dec 2, 0407 
       (presumed), LA pop music, announcer over telephone as if doing a 
       live remote network program , ID as "..CNV...", good signal. 
 760  COLOMBIA HJAJ - RCN; Barranquilla, Dec 2, 0350 LA ballad on top. 
       // 770.  (Mohrmann VT)
 770  COLOMBIA HJJX - RCN; Bogota, Dec 2, 0350 LA ballad on top, // 760  
 780  VENEZUELA YVMN - R Coro; Coro, Dec 3, 0243 LA pop vocals, ID, on 
       top.  (Mohrmann VT)
 808.51  CUBA CMDW? - Radio Progreso; Guantanamo?, Dec 3, 0323-0620 
       Presume Guantanamo off frequency with LA music, ID. Good peaks.  
 830  CUBA Radio Reloj; , Dec 3, 0331 CW ID under the mix. (Mohrmann VT)
 850  VENEZUELA YVZC - Radio Fe y Alegria; Maracaibo, Dec 3, 0451-0515 
       LA ballads, 0515 ID. Fair to good signal.  (Mohrmann VT)
 910  VENEZUELA YVRQ - RQ 910; Caracas, Dec 2, 0525 LA pop music, ID 
       "...RQ 910...", +10dB over signal.  (Mohrmann VT)
 950  CUBA CMHI - Radio Reloj; Sancti Spiritus, Dec 3, 0344 Man and 
       woman announcers with news, ID. Fair signal on top. (Mohrmann VT)
1000  COLOMBIA HJAQ - RCN; Cartagena, Dec 3, 0508 Spanish talk // 760 
       under WMVP Chicago. Poor signal.  (Mohrmann VT)
1000  VENEZUELA YVNM - Radio Caribena; Moron, Dec 3, 0346-0354 LA 
       ballad, ID, 2 anthems and s/off at 0354. Good signal. 
1180  CUBA CMBA? - Radio Rebelde; Villa Maria?, Dec 2, 0513 Interview // 
       5025, on top.  (Mohrmann VT)

*Mike Stonebridge - stonbrdg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

At long last I heard this one:

1650  KBJD  CO Denver 12/02 23.00 Heard at top of the hour with 1650 
       KBJD Denver ID and 1650 'The Beat.' New for me.
1660  KQWB ND West Fargo 01.00 12/05 Heard full ID at toh. You're 
       listening to the memory station KQWB AM West Fargo. Then into CNN 
       news. New for me and my 3rd new xbander in  2 nights.
1680  WTTM NJ Princeton 00.46 12/04 presumed here with 1680-ESPN-Radio 
       ID. In good at times but long deep fades. New for me.

Mike in St. Isidore, AB on R-7 and R390A  with an 150' EWE.

Bruce Conti - Nashua NH - BACONTI@xxxxxxx

 720  WGCR  NC  Pisgah Forest - 12/2 1657 - Good; You're listening to 
       Angel (?) Broadcasting, WGCR Pisgah Forest," local weather, and 
       obituaries. (BC-NH)
 730  WSCC  SC  Charleston - 12/2 1623 - Good; "Newsradio 730 WSC" IDs 
       and promos including "Mindless muck of FM radio" and "The station 
       you trust for weather, Newsradio 730 WSC," Kim Commando computer 
       talk show. (BC-NH)
 740  WJIB  MA  Cambridge - 11/12 1755 - Good; Business Talk Radio with 
       personal finance talk, mention of WBNW, jazz instrumental, "This 
       is WJIB Cambridge, Boston" into local sports talk. (BC-NH)
1570  WNST  MD  Towson - 11/24 1750 - Ad for car dealer with two 
       locations in the Baltimore area, One-On-One sports, mixed with 
       WISP, WBUG, and unID stations. (BC-NH)
1570  WBUG  NY  Amsterdam - 11/24 2220 - Good; forecast from the WBUG 
       Weather Center, "Country Classics only on Bug Country, FM 101.1, 
       AM 1570" and Real Country. (BC-NH)
1570  WISP  PA  Doylestown - 11/24 2255 - Good; EWTN Global Catholic 
       Radio network ID and WISP Catholic Community Bulletin Board 
       promo. (BC-NH)

R8B, MWDX-5, 100-ft wire, 100-ft east sloping wire.

**Michael Hawk - hawk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Conditions seemed pretty good last weekend here in the San Jose area.  
Picked up quite a few new ones, and a lot of UNID's last night that I'm 
hoping someone here might be able to help with.

Saratoga, CA; Icom R70 with Kiwa loop


 760  MEXICO XENY?? Nogales, SON?  DEC 2 1323 - SS; ID "La ____ana", 
       siete sesenta" and a clear mention of Nogales.  The old IRCA 
       Mexican list has the Nogales XENY station silent (I've ordered 
       the latest edition).  No call letters heard, and this wasn't a 
       "legal ID".  Anyone have any info? [Hawk-CA]
 780  KAZMt AZ Sedona - 12/3 2330 Sunday night football (Bears vs 
       Packers). Didn't sound like it was on the Bears network (i.e. 
       WBBM) so may have been just generic coverage.  ID at 2358 sounded 
       like KAZM; ID a bit later also sounded like KAZM, but I didn't 
       have the tape player going.  Can any AZ member confirm that they 
       carry Sunday night football? (MH-CA)
 800  UNID ?? - 12/4 0026 SS station under XEROK and KHIS.  ID sounded 
       like "Radio Cinta".  "Cinta" probably isn't correct, as that 
       doesn't make much sense.  Anyone know Tijuana's slogan?  Can't 
       wait to get the IRCA Mexican log (soon-pb). (MH-CA)
 930  UNID ?? - 12/3 1938 End of "Roadrunners football".  Was in pretty 
       strong.  A web search didn't reveal any matches between 
       "roadrunner" schools and station locations (MH-CA)
1620  UNID ?? - 12/2 2200 - ESPN radio on top; looped NE/SW, so presumed 
       this to be the Idaho station on the air again.  No ID's heard 
       before I had to leave. (MH-CA)

Regular loggings

 590  KSUB UT Cedar City - 12/3 1845 - UMKC vs Southern Utah basketball 
       wrap-up.  Talk Radio 590 slogan followed by local ads (MH-CA)
 630  KIDO ID Boise - 12/2 0800 - "News Radio 630, KIDO" ID (MH-CA)
 790  KGHL MT Billings - 12/2 0900 - faded up w/ ID at ToH.  Lots of 
       other stations in the mix, so I could only grab the call letters 
       out of the mess (MH-CA)
 960  KNDNp NM Farmington - 12/3 1855 - presumed with Native American 
       chanting in KABL null (MH-CA)
1030  KTWO WY Casper - 12/2 1715 - weak with C&W and ID.  Very early to 
       be hearing Wyoming! (MH-CA)
1060  CKMX AB Calgary - 12/1 2014 - light AC followed by ID: "Let the 
       worries of the day fade away, only on AM 1060, CKMX" (MH-CA)
1090  KBOZ MT Bozeman - 12/1 2024 - C&W music, ID "Now more country with 
       <missed due to QRM>, on 1090, KBOZ".  In XEPRS null (MH-CA)
1280  KDYL UT Salt Lake City - 12/2 1955 - end of a basketball game, ID 
       by male announcer, followed by local ads, including one for 
       "America's First Credit Union" (MH-CA)
1420  MEXICO XEXX, Tijuana, BCN DEC 2 0400 - clear ID "Radio Mexicana, 
       XE Doble X" [Hawk-CA]

Kent Winrich - k9ez@xxxxxxxx

Near Ironwood, MI (home is Waukesha, WI)
Rig: Hammarlund HQ-129-X
Antenna: 1500' Un-terminated beverage E/W

  I set up the 1500' beverage about 2 years ago at my ski chalet in 
northern Michigan, and really have not had the chance to use it. The 
beverage is strung through trees in a virgin forest, so it is not 
straight. I kept it un-terminated so that I will have bi-directionality. 
I am hoping to string a N/S 1300' beverage this winter and then phase 
the 2 for steering the directionality. It is easier to string these in 
the winter, due to the fact that the land is rather swampy, and in the 
winter the ice freezes, though I have about waist deep snow to trudge 
through. Let me tell you it is a good workout! I am hoping that with the 
N/S beverage, I will be able to get into Asia. These reports were taken 
between ski runs. We had 2 feet of snow on the ground already.

 550  KFYR Bismarck, ND 21:20 11/25 KFYR ID
 570  WNAX Yankton, SD 15:46 11/24 Sioux Land Weather, WNAX.COM
 600  KSJB Jamestown, ND 20:55 11/25 Broadcasting live from the 
       Jamestown Mall this is radio 600 KSJB, country music
 620  KMNS Sioux City, IA 22:05 11/24 News/Talk 6-20 weather. 25 degrees 
       here in Sioux City. ESPN Radio. o/u WTMJ
 630  WLAP Lexington, KY 8:41 11/26 Gardening with Bernie on 6-30 WLAP
 640  KFI Los Angeles, Ca 21:40 11/24 High above Southern California, 
       Looking for parking spots at the malls. DOMINANT
 640  WNNZ Westfield, MA 15:00 11/24 WNNZ The Talk Station
 650  WSM Nashville, TN 21:24 11/25 Grand Ole Opry
 680  KNBR San Francisco, CA 21:43 11/24 Phoenix vs Golden State 
       basketball. KNBR 6-80, the Sports Leader, HUGE!!!!
 680  CJOB Winnipeg, MAN 13:21 11/25 The SuperStation. Talk about the 
 680  KFEQ St Joeseph, MO 20:11 11/25 Husky basketball on 6-80 KFEQ
 700  WLW Cincinnati, OH The Big One WLW Bengals (Bungles??) Football 
 710  KNUS Denver, CO 21:08 11/25 Colorado Avalanche vs. Calgary Flames 
       Hockey game.
 720  UnID 15:50 11/25 Loud holy roller gospel preaching going on behind 
       WGN. Who is this??
 730  KWOA Worthington, MN 22:10 11/24 High School Football from the 
 730  CKDM Dauphin, MB 13:20 11/25 We've got the most music of today..
 750  CJVR Melfort, SA 21:50 11/24 Hawks Hockey on CJVR
 760  KTLK Thorton, CO 9:53 11/25 7-60 KTLK ID, Great Graphics ad 303-
 770  KATL Miles City, MT 17:15 11/25 Ad for the Stage Coach Station in 
       Miles City. With all of the best in Sports, News and Music in 
       Eastern Montana. WAAAAAY over WABC.
 790  KFGO Fargo, ND 15:51 11/24 IDs, Dan Michaels
 790  CIGM Sudbury, ONT 15:53 11/24 Live on location at Beankos for new 
 800  WVAL Sauk Rapids, MN 15:10 11/24 AM-800 WVAL
 800  CKLW Windsor, ONT 21:33 11/25 ..weekends on AM 800 CKLW.
 810  KBHP Sturgis, SD 9:09 11/26 5 State Farm Radio KBHP
 820  CHAM Hamilton, ONT 20:21 11/25 Country music, Here's another 
       country classic on 8-20 "CHAM"
 830  UnID 21:20 11/24 Country Music??
 830  UnID 16:25 11/24 Classical, another Canuk??
 840  KTIC West Point, NE 7:44 11/25 Talk about deer population around 
       West Point, 8-40 Farm Radio West Point.
 850  KOA Denver, CO 20:24 11/25 8-50 KOA, William jewelers ad, in 
 870  KPRM Park Rapids, MN 15:11 11/24 Weather for Park Rapids. KPRM the 
       only station you'll need
 870  HET 21:03 11/25 HUUUUGE het on 870 tonite
 880  CKLQ Brandon, MB 20:28 11/25 Talk about Brandon hockey, ad for 
       World Water in the Thomas Mall in Brandon. 8-80 CKLQ. Equal with 
 880  WCBS New York, NY 15:12 11/24 Dominant at 3pm!!
 880  KRVN Lexington, NE 8:35 11/26 To get your KRVN brochure... Country 
 890  KQLX Lisbon, ND 15:15 11/24 Area Volleyball Lisbon at Maple 
       Valley. Hit Kickin' Country KQLX.COM
 910  UnID 15:15 11/24 Dr Laura
 920  CKNX 16:30 11/24 Country 9-20 CKNX. Letters to Santa
 920  WAFS???? Atlanta, GA 15:59 11/24 Moody Bible Institute. Tentative. 
       Anyone have a better suggestion?
 920  KDHL Faribault, MN 7:49 AM 11/25 Saturday High School Sports 
       Scores here on KDHL
 940  UnID 21:52 11/24  9-40 Jam-Cam Traffic. Ids as 9-40 News. Assumed 
 950  WWJ Detroit, MI 20:28 11/25; WWJ News time 8:28, Ad for Detroit 
 960  KLTF Little Falls, MN 12:40 11/25; MN Home Care Assoc. Travel to 
       Fla. 612 area code travel agency
 970  WDAY Fargo, ND 22:00 11/24; WDAY news at 10. News/Talk 9-70 WDAY.
 980  CKRU Peterborough, ONT 21:21 11/24 Peterborough ads. Hockey at the 
       Windsor arena.
 990  UnID 14:25 11/25  Oldies 9-90. Who is this??
1000  KOTDt Plattsmouth, NE????? 16:55 11/25; Country Frosty the 
       Snowman. Kept dipping below WMVP when ever they IDed, but sounded 
       like KORD. KOTD is the closest. Any ideas?
1000  KXRB Sioux Falls, SD 16:24 11/26 Mentions of Sioux Falls
1010  KSIR Brush, CO 16:29 11/25 High school football: Well be back in a 
       moment this is 10-10 KSIR. HUGE!!
1010  WINS New York, NY 16:03 11/24 10-10 "WINS"
1010  CFRB Toronto, ONT 13:00 11/25 Absolutely huge, and at 1PM local!!
1020  KJJK Fergus Falls, MN 16:04 11/24 Oldies 10-20 Lake Radio Watch 
       Tower mentions. Elmo Lake, MN Ads
1020  KDKA Pittsburgh, PA 16:56 11/25 Dicks around the world contest.
1030  KTWO 16:33 11/25; 10-30 KTWO ID, Wyoming cattlemen's club in 
       downtown Casper. First time ever!  Over WCTS Minneapolis.
1030  WBZ Boston, MA 20:32 11/25 IDs, Boston mentions.
1060  KGFX Pierre, SD 15:20 11/24; Prairie Wind Casino Pine Lake, SD ad. 
       KGFX weatherline forecast
1060  KLMO Longmont, CO 8:58 11/26 Radio Colorado
1060  KGFX Pierre, SD 8:59 11/26 Downtown Pierre, In touch with South 
1080  WTIC Hartford, CT 15:21 11/24 News/Talk 10-80 WTIC
1080  WBAP Dallas, TX 21:16 11/25; WBAP working together for a better 
1080  KNDK Langdon, ND 17:39 11/25 10-80 KNDK Starts next Saturday in 
       Downtown Langdon. Cavalier Air Station mentions. Annual Santa 
       parade broadcast.
1080  WNWI Oak Lawn, IL 20:59 11/25 WNWI has a few good hours available 
       for quality ethnic programming.. Legal ID. No WBAP to be found. 
       What a surprise to hear this one.
1090  KMXA Aurora, CO 5:47 11/25 Mexican music. Wendys and Remax Real 
       Estate ads, and football coverage the following evening.  Denver 
       mentions. SS
1090  WAQE Rice Lake, WI 15:25 11/24 Classic Country AM 10-90
1090  KAAY Little Rock, AR 20:35 11/25 religious stuff
1090  UnID 21:40 11/25 All oldies all the time, Oldies 10-90
1110  WUHN Pittsfield, MA 16:07 11/24 There's Only One Choice WUHN 11-10
1110  WJML Petoskey, MI 12:45 11/25 Join 11-10 'JML community calendar. 
1110  KFAB Omaha, NE 20:43 11/25 UNO Hockey. Get ready Omaha, it's time 
       for exciting Mavericks basketball.
1110  WBT Charlotte, NC 15:26 11/25 CNN Special report. News/Talk 11-10 
       WBT. WBT Accuweather. FINALLY! Been looking for this one for 
       YEARS! First time ever!
1130  KBMR Bismarck, ND 15:23 11/24 Tractor Supply in Harvey and 
       Bismarck. Sanitary Plumbing in Mandan
1130  KFAN Minneapolis, MN 15:23 11/24 Ids
1130  WISN Milwaukee, WI 15:23 11/24 Ids, Milwaukee talk, Admirals 
       Hockey mention
1130  WDFN Detroit, MI 16:03 Detroit Lions talk. "The Fan" Definitely 
       NOT KFAN. Caught this one just outside of Madison, WI on the car 
       radio, and was waaaay over WISN. What a nice surprise!
1130  KWKH Shreveport, LA 14:01 11/25 Country Music, ID
1140  KSOO Sioux Falls 15:58 11/25 The Talk of Sioux Falls 11-4-0 KSOO.
1140  UnID 20:45 11/25 Indian (asian) music. Who is this??
1160  KSL Salt Lake City, UT 16:38 11/24 Utah's largest Chevrolet Dealer 
       ad. Been a while since I have heard these guys.
1160  WXRT Chicago, IL 16:40 11/24 Music, WXRT ID
1160  WPIEt Trumansburg, NY???? 16:40 11/24 One on One Sports
1170  KVOO Tulsa, OK 15:24 11/24 11-70 KVOO Classic Country
1170  KJOC Quad Cities, IA 17:03 The only all sports station in the Quad 
       Cities, K-JOCK, KJOC
1190  WLIB New York, NY 16:45 11/24 Caribbean Music, Under WOWO.
1190  WOWO Fort Wayne, IN 20:46 11/24 ..here on "WOWO
1200  CFGO Ottawa, ONT 20:47 11/25 Sports Radio 1200 The Team. Mentions 
       of the Argonauts.
1210  KOKK Huron, SD 16:05 11/25 Maxing the music here on KOKK.
1220  CHSC St Catherines, ONT 16:09 11/24 CHSC Ids
1220  WEZU Stillwater, MN 12:50 11/25 WEZU ID Xmas music
1230  WIKB Iron River, MI 12:30 11/25 WIKB Iron River/Crystal Falls ID, 
       Obit report.
1250  KBRF Fergus Falls, MN 17:16 11/25 Fergus Falls Visitors Bureau. 
       Don't ya love this call? Could be K-BARF
1270  UnID 15:27 11/24 Michael Medved show
1280  WNAM Neenah, WI 15:28 11/24 NOS and IDs.
1300  KOLY Mobridge, SD 16:00 11/25 KOLY AM 1300 ID then country music
1320  KOZY Grand Rapids, MN 12:51 11/25 Birthday Club here on KOZY.
1320  UnID 21:18 11/25 Arabic music and talk
1330  WMNN Minneapolis, MN 12:53 11/25 More news, here on WMNN
1340  Someone off frequency here. Nice big HET at 1:00PM central.
1340  WLDY Ladysmith, WI 13:00 11/25 Music of your Life. WLDY Ladysmith.
1430  UnID 16:04 Chinese/Vietnamese
1470  WBKV West Bend, WI 15:35 11/24 Dr Laura, ID and phone number 334-
1510  WAUK Waukesha, WI 15:34 11/24 Talk about Bucks Basketball HUGE!
1520  KSIBt Creston, IA 15:47 11/25 Just an ID and then into Country 
       Music. Tentative.
1540  CHIN???? Toronto, ONT 15:33 11/24 Chinese programming
1550  WHIT Madison, WI 15:32 11/24 Sports, Green Bay Packers talk
1620  UnID 22:34 11/24 //1570 JAZZ Music "More Jazz coming up." 1570 is 
       a Canadian frequency. Is this a birdie from another frequency?? 
1660  WQSN Kalamazoo, MI 21:35 PM 11/24 WQSN One on One Sports
1660  UnID 21:33 11/24 Talk 16-60 Who is IDing as TALK 16-60????
1660  KQWB West Fargo, ND 3:33 11/25 New and improved memories station 
       Star 16-60
1700  KTBK Sherman, TX 21:32 11/24 Sports Radio 13-10 The Ticket.
1700  KBGG Des Moines, IA 15:30 11/24 Central Iowa Weather CNN

***Joseph Coles - n5hqm@xxxxxxxxxxx

While in my car going to the grocrey store I flipped down to 530 kHz snd 
was surprised to hear a spanich Christina radio station. At 9 PM local 
the identified in english as being located on Turks & Cacaos Island. 
Very good signals here in Bryan, Texas.. de Jody N5HQM

William Flynn - wdx7af@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Hi, I logged XEUT with an amazing signal 0020-0103 UTC 6 December. SIO 
444. Peaked S9+20. Almost like local FM. Non-stop jazz, "Big Ben" chimes 
on the hour, ID as Radio Universidad Autonoma de Baja California" & 
"Resume de Noticias" - BBC news items. Hope WRTH2000 address is ok, 
sending report there. Any URL or E-mail address known ? Regards from 
Bill Flynn in Oregon.

*John Callarman - JohnCallarman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  For the past couple of weeks, I have been chasing Mexican stations on 
AM and have been surprised at the stations I've been able to identify 
and tape as the weave in and out of the QRM filled frequencies. My 
equipment is not optimum, though the receiver is Optimus, an STA-795 
from Radio Shack, to be exact, and the antenna is nothing more than the 
store-bought RS loop.
  There are a couple of rules that apply to Mexican reception. First, 
the strongest signal will be heard while it is playing music. The next 
strongest signal that's heard will be while it is running a string of 
commercials, usually at a very fast vocal pace. The weakest signal will 
be when it is giving an ID. And if you are able to get a signal while 
the station is ID'ing, the announcement will be made by a deep-voiced 
man with echo-effect audio, the hardest voice combination to hear in 
  Fortunately, there have been some exceptions, and since November 27, 
these are stations I have taped for the log and reported to Jim 
Renfrew's fine section -- 580 XEMU La Rancherita del Aire, Piedras 
Negras, Coah.; 640 XEHHI, Radio Uno, El Numero Uno, Hidalgo del Parral, 
Chih.; 660 XEVSS, Hermosillo, Son.; 670 XETOR Radio Ranchita, Torreon, 
Coah.; 690 XEN Ondas del Lago, Mexico, D.F.; 700 tentative XEGD Hidalgo 
del Parral, Chih. (commercials for Parral retailers heard); 710 XEDP Cd. 
Cuauhtemoc, Chih.; 750 XETI, Radio Fiesta, Tuxpan, Veracruz; 760 XEABC, 
Radio ABC, Los Reyes La Paz, Mex. (gives that location in its ID, with 
offices in Mexico City).
  Also, 770 XEFTA, Los Mochis, Sin.; 770 XEIH Fresnillo, Zac.; 780 XEMF, 
Que Bueno, Monclova, Coah.; 790 XEBI, Radio BI, Aguascalientes, Ags.; 
790 XERC, El Fonografo, Mexico, D.F.; 800 XEROK, Radio Canon, Juarez, 
Chih. (while trying to ID two others on the frequency); 830 XEIK, La 
Nortenita, Piedras Negras, Coah.; 840 XEFG La Pachanga, Celaya, Gto.; 
880 XETC, Torreon, Coah.; 930 XEQS, Fresnillo, Zac.; 990 XET, La T 
Grande, Monterrey, N.L. (which cuts power dramatically plus or minus 
1800 EST).
  Also, 1000 XEOY, Radio Mil, Mexico, D.F., and another unidentified; 
1010 two unientifieds, one calling itself Diez Diez AM; 1030 XEMPM, 
Radio Fama, Los Mochis, Sin., starting a beisbol game; 1090 XEAU La 
Guacharaca, Monterrey, N.L., plus at least one unidentified station; 
1110 XEWR Cd. Juarez, Chih.; 1130 XETOL, Radio Lobo, Toluca, Mex.; 1140 
XEMR, Monterrey, N.L.; 1170 XEUVA, La Racherita, Aguascalientes, Ags.; 
1190 XECT, Morena, Monterrey, N.L.; and 1560 XEJPV, La Nueva Radio Viva, 
Cd. Juarez, Chih., all between 1800 and midnight, EST.
  A number of easier Mexicans such as XEWA-540, XEDTL-660, XEX-730, XEW-
900, XEQ-940, XEG-1050, and XERF-1570 seem to be there whenever I decide 
to tape them.
  Some of these, and others, I heard in Southern Illinois, particularly 
during auroral nights. One disadvantage here in Krum, Texas, north of 
Dallas/Fort Worth. Little or no auroral influence and clears are hard to 
null. At least most of the DFW stations point away from me at night.
  So here's my challenge. Go after these and man other unidentified 
Mexicans I'm hearing ... and the ones I'm not, as well.
  My set-up is far short of an R8B and a K9AY ... and even far short of 
a Sony 2010 and a couple of longwires into a DL-1 ... but I'm enjoying 
the chase for the first time in many years.

**Rick Shaftan - shaftan@xxxxxxx

  (RKS-NJ) Rick Shaftan, Sparta NJ.  Hammarlund HQ-180, Realistic DX-392 
w/two longwires: 100' North, 200' Northeast and MFJ-1026 phaser and also 
Sanserino Loop.

 860  unID 11/25 1824 Black gospel.  No ID at 1830 (RKS-NJ)
1060  unID 12/4 1647.  Sounded like WIPB or WCVG. Country mx or maybe 
       Gospel.  Tunes by Janice Owens.  Mentioned 1700 s/off.  (RKS-NJ)
1060  unID 12/4 1743 Country u/WLNO, out at 1745  (RKS-NJ)
1140  unID 11/25 1719 Sounded like Carib mx., out by 1745. (RKS-NJ)
1170  unID 12/2 1640 Spanish.  Out at 1700.  (RKS-NJ)
1430  unID 11/25 1601 Polish religious pgm, then into black gospel at 
       1630 and what sounded like FF at 1700 (RKS-NJ)
1580  unID 11/28 1950 Classical (RKS-NJ)
1580  unID 11/30 1752  Mexican mx.  Out at 1800.  (RKS-NJ)

 550  WDUN GA Gainesville 12/4 1810 "North Georgia's News Source is WDUN 
       Gainesville." (RKS-NJ)
 550  WICE RI Pawtucket 11/27 0124  "550 The Buzz" (RKS-NJ)
 580  WCHS WV Charleston 11/30 1717 Discussion on the best fishing hole 
       in WV and then local WV issues (RKS-NJ)
 640  WHLO OH Akron 11/30 1700 "WHLO Akron" after religious program with 
       Ohio address (RKS-NJ)
 640  WFNC NC Fayetteville 11/30 2300 Jim Bohannon.  "Coaches Corner, 
       every Friday on WFNC Fayetteville."  IDing w/FM.  (RKS-NJ)
 690  WELD WV Fisher 11/30 1653 Ad for South Branch Valley Bank and 
       Potomac Valley Bank, then local announcements and WV mentions 
       under WOKV after 1700.  (RKS-NJ)
 730  WSCC SC Charleston 12/4 1758 "News Radio 730 WSCC." (RKS-NJ)
 730  WPIT PA Pittsburgh 11/30 1648 "The Jubilee Hour, Box 77, 
       Washington PA, 15301" // Internet (RKS-NJ)
 740  WPAQ NC Mount Airy 12/1 1621 Bluegrass.  Ad for Carolina West 
       Wireless fighting w/WNOP.  (RKS-NJ)
 830  WCRN MA Worcester 12/2 1615 Religion, "830 WCRN" and ad for 
       Christian Book Store at 1631 (RKS-NJ)
 860  WEVA VA Emporia 12/2 1605  Call the Star-Register...Greensville 
       Memorial Hospital Ad.  You're tuned to WEVA.  (RKS-NJ)
 900  CJBR PQ Rimouski 11/25 1809  Pgm on elections and R. Canada ID 
 920  WTCW KY Whitesburg 12/3 0051 Long thank you ID.  "Thanks for 
       making WXKQ and WTCW your radio station." (RKS-NJ)
 920  CJCH NS Halifax 12/3 0356 Coast to Coast "AM 920 CJCH", ad for 
       Halifax while up late working on a report.  (RKS-NJ)
 960  WTGM MD Salisbury 11/29 1654 Ad for Denney Electric on Route 113 
       in Hillsboro (RKS-NJ)
1010  WOLB MD Baltimore  12/4 1631 "Your Talk Station, 1010 Baltimore" 
       w/Balt traffic o/WINS (RKS-NJ)
1040  WSGH NC Lewisville 12/5 1600 Spanish ID in broken English. "This 
       is WSGH, Lewisville, 1040 AM."  (RKS-NJ)
1060  WLNO LA New Orleans  12/4 1740  Religious pgm. // Internet 
       broadcast.  (RKS-NJ)
1150  WMET MD Gaithersburg 11/29 1640 Ad or mention of what sounded like 
       Arthur's Sign, Sexton Road in Vienna. (RKS-NJ)
1170  WCLN NC Clinton 12/2 1704 "Samson County Oldies.  This is Oldies 
       Radio."  (RKS-NJ)
1180  WJJF RI Hope Valley 11/30 1625 "The Original Country Leader. Still 
       Number One.  Thunder Country.  WJJF AM 1180." (RKS-NJ)
1200  WSML NC Graham 11/28 1704 "600/1200 WSJS" (RKS-NJ)
1230  WCMC NJ Wildwood 12/4 1930 "Heard Saturday mornings on WCMC 1230 
       AM." (RKS-NJ)
1330  WSPQ NY Springville 11/26 0058 "Your Home for  NASCAR Racing and 
       High School Sports, WSPQ Springville." (RKS-NJ)
1350  WNLK CT Norwalk 12/1  1601 "WSTC/WNLK News" // 1400. Local wx at 
       1602.  (RKS-NJ)
1450  WWSC NY Glens Falls 11/25 1559 WWSC Glens Falls and into ABC News 
1580  WONZ NJ Hammonton 11/30 1512 ESPN Radio 1490 (RKS-NJ)
1580  WZKY NC Albemarle 11/30 1801 "1580 WZKY Albemarle."  In all night.  
       I don't think they threw the pattern switch.  (RKS-NJ)

 630  CUBA  R. Progreso  NOV 26  0000 -  //640. Also, 620//600//550 R. 
       Rebelde  (Shaftan-NJ)  
 720  VENEZUELA  YVQE  Porlamar  DEC 4  2200 -  R. Oriente IDs at 2215, 
       2218 w/Venezuela mentions  (Shaftan-NJ)  
 760  COLOMBIA  HJAJ  Baranquilla  DEC 5  2110 -  Spanish w/ repeated 
       mentions of Colombia in ads, news (Shaftan-NJ)
 780  unID  DEC 5 2100 - Spanish, mentions of La Paz.  (Shaftan-NJ)
 810  unID  DEC 4  2230 -  Spanish u/WGY w/Cuba mentions  (Shaftan-NJ)  
 830  ST. KITTS AND NEVIS  R. Paradise  Charlestown  DEC 4  1859 -  
       Knocking out WEEU // Shortwave bcst.  (Shaftan-NJ)
 940  MEXICO  XEQ  Mexico City DF  NOV 28  0242 -  // Internet Broadcast 
       with SS mx o/u Montreal.  Iding as "Q, La Radio Viva"(Shaftan-NJ)  
 950  CUBA  R. Reloj  Sancti Spiritus (?)  NOV 29  2154 -  Spanish with 
       ticking in background.  (Shaftan-NJ)  
1060  unID  DEC 7 0200 -  Spanish u/KYW w/mx all night.  Sounds Cuban 
       but no ID yet.  (Shaftan-NJ)

**Marc Delorenzo - Newton MA - Marc.Delorenzo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  ZBVI-780 was also dominating the channel here last evening (Wed 12/6) 
2330-2350Z with rap  music, soca music,  many local ads, and male DJ in 
Caribbean accented English.  I also noticed a strong het on the high 
side and, sure enough, Mauritania-783 was in at fair level with man in 
Arabic parallel to 4845 kHz.  To be honest, 4845 had a much stronger and 
clearer signal but, of course, I enjoyed the MW signal more, hi.

**Benjamin Dangerfield - ben-dangerfield@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I too had good signals last night from ZBVI-780 and Mauretania-783 
[this was Wed. DEC 6] and as I pointed out a few days ago, both places 
are on the same latitude.  Other stations were also noted on this path.  
Also noted later around midnight here were France-1206 and 1557 and 
Monte Carlo-1467 plus many others with good signals.  Of course that's a 
different path.

**Russ Edmunds - Blue Bell PA - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

1610  WPEA856  PA  Lancaster  HAR for highway construction at US 30 and 
       PA 283. Audible over a good area, 12/6 1530. ID's as "WPEA-1610", 
       which is common in these in PA.
1630  HAR  MD  ??  Heard weak MD Highway radio, but with several listed 
       in FCC, it's hard to know which, 12/6, 1445. ( RjE- I-83; 
       Hereford, MD)

  I should also note that the following X-band commercial stations were 
noted at good strength from the York, PA area between 1455 and 1515 


Most were definitively ID'ed, and there was no sign of WWRU-1660, WHKT-
1650 WRNC-1670 or WRDW/WAWX-1630!



***Humberto - hmolina@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (continued dialog from last issue)

  Well, here in El Salvador, "La voz de la Liberación" is a 24 h 
religious program (from the "Dios es amor" church) carried by Cadena 
cuscatlán (1550 kHz) & Radio Internacional (1020 kHz), sorry not 1300 
kHz.  The 1300 kHz is now a irregular religious station that i haven't  
Ided [ to busy to play with radios :-) ], but at this time (local 1100 
AM  (UTC -6) ) is off.  Maybe some day i'll update my list of salvadoran 
stations at http:\\www.goeocities.com/hmolina.geo
  PS: very often the accent of prayers on "L. V. de la liberación" sound 
like brasilian portuguese.

***Henrik Klemetz - dhv599n@xxxxxxxxx

This is R Reloj, Maracaibo.  La Voz de la Liberación programmes are not 

***Hanna Hytönen - hhytonen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  According to LBV's  home page http://sistema.lbv.org/ 'Emissoras 
ligadas ao Sistema' the station on 1300 khz transmitting their programme 
A Voz da Liberacao in RGS from Porot Alegre.  I have heard LBV every now 
and then also in Spanish with programme La Voz deLiberación through 
brasilian stations. You may also want to check: http://www.lbv.org/ . So 
you heard RGS transmiitng also on 11895 sw. QSLs have been obtained also 
via LBV 

***Moises Corilloclla - corilloclla@xxxxxxxxx

  Someone asked about the issue behind Voz de la Liberación.
  Well, this is a network set up by the Pentecostal Church. When these 
people rents airtime at any station during certain hours, the radio 
station joins this network through the rented airtime.
  Maybe what you heard was a peruvian station. The main station from the 
network is Radio Victoria 820 KHz, Lima, bought by the church in 1994, 
if not a bit earlier...
  Even older stations like Radio Miraflores 1250 KHz, Lima, has been 
rented by these ppl especially at nights and midnight hours. Seems cash 
is flowing so the religious business makes great number here in Peru.

***Henrik Klemetz - dhv599n@xxxxxxxxx

The parent organization is rather the one found at 
http://www.ipda.org.br where there is audio, too, from the  Sao Paulo HQ 
and from Rio de Janeiro. I have heard the Sao Paulo audio, on very rare 
occasions, in parallel to Ecos de Colombia, 1160 and R Victoria, 
9722/6018. See 9721.6 entry at http://www.algonet.se/~ahk/Dline97.htm 
However, in general, the La V de la Liberación programmes are 
independent, which means that the programme heard on R Victoria is not 
same as the one heard on JSV, 6060, and any other of the stations 
carrying La V de la Liberación. Many of the preachers/healers are 
Brazilians, sent out from the Brazilian HQ. There are Dios es Amor 
churches in the USA, Australia and many other countries according to the 
web site mentioned above.

**Willis - Collegedale TN - wb5khd@xxxxxxxx

  From 2000 EST to 2100 EST I have a station on 1560 kc playing southern
gospel. And very good southern gospel, I might add.
  There has been NO Id so I think it may be a station doing some type of
test; transmitter or antennas, etc. 
  They have a S9+ 30db signal wipping out WPAD and WQEW.
  Might be WAGL Lancanster, SC which I heard sign off at 1715 EST. They 
are listed as 50kw, day timer.

  I have a very strong, black gospel station on 1580. They are abiut S-9
+10db. The only ID ever given is "Heaven 1580." 
  This my be WPGD-1580 IN morningside, MD. BUT, they are to have dropped 
their power to 270 watts at sundown. Sounds as if thhey are still on 
  Any body else hear this station?

**Jeff Multer - Fort Mill SC - JAMULTER@xxxxxxx

  According to a person at the station this morning, it was WAGL you 
heard. They had to work on the transmitter, and were using a gospel C-D.
  The gentleman I spoke with commented that he was surprised that you 
could hear the station.  As Powell noted in his post, the station's 
signal is directed toward Cuba.
  I got the impression that the station would not QSL for an unscheduled 
transmitter maintenance, but I congratulate you on the reception.  The 
person I spoke with (I didn't get a name) said that the station would be 
interested in a scheduled test for any radio club, as they have done 
them in past occasions.

***Henrik Klemetz - dhv599n@xxxxxxxxx

  Radio Católica Mundial 1390 ?
  I believe that you have heard a station carrying audio from WEWN. 
Their Spanish language service is called R Católica Mundial. I have no 
information on hand, but I would think that the Maracaibo Lumen2000 is 
more likely to rebroadcast WEWN than the IRFA network (Fé y Alegría).

**Bob Klinger - Rklinger97@xxxxxxx

  Wondering if somebody out there can help me ID this station I heard 
last night 11/22 at 11:15pm. It was a Spanish speaker with constant 
talking or preaching. Every now an then a "alleluia" I guess. At 11:35PM 
The preaching stopped an then went into gospel type music. English! At 
about 12 male English speaker. Very bass and trying to sound like GOD! 
More music. I stopped there to go after WGSR! Any help on the above 
station would be greatful.This was heard on a Sangean ATS 505 and Radio 
Shack loop antenna.

***bjorn fransson - bjornfransson@xxxxxxxxxxx

  I have problem to solve from last night: Which Greek pirate station is 
it on 1622.24 at 22.20, playing nice Greek music, talking in a very bad 
modulated audio and closing down at 22.35? Address to write to?  Thanks 
in advance for your help!

***Dario Monferini - playdx@xxxxxxxxxxx

Probably it was Radio KASSANDRA operating from downtown THESSALONIKI, 
may be our friend ZACHARIAS LIANGAS knows the correct qth?

**Bob Klinger - rklinger@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Wondering if somebody out there can help me with this station I have 
heard the past couple of days on 1040. I am getting a Spanish station 
with chit chat and music. The music is very up tempo and has I believe 
accordions at times and also sounds like "Polka" type music other times! 
I have heard it the past couple of nights going home from work, and last 
night it had a rather steady signal till it was time to ID.(OF COURSE). 
But I thought I heard a English ID at 5:05PM with a male voice and 
Spanish accent! Then this morning I heard this station again with music 
and talk in downtown Harrisburg, PA. where I work. I thought I heard 
Winston/ Salem mentioned. Could this be WSGH? At night I can ID WHO. 
Well that's it. Hope somebody can give me something on this.

*Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 640  UNID  Station playing Oldies  or NOS station at 0040 EST  12/2, 
       with "Even the Nights Are Brighter" by Air Supply over/KFI 
       briefly. Sounded like a female ancr but by then buried by KFI and 
       Unid SS. Using 1500 foot Eastern Beverage. A couple years ago I 
       picked up a News Talk station on 640 IDing as "News Talk 640", 
       again lost under KFI. Interesting frequency.  (PM-OR)

Drake R8, 1500 foot Eastern Beverage

***Guido Schotmans - gs@xxxxxx

  Yesterday morning, I heard the programme of 'Sky digital' on 1593 kHz.  
Has anybody an idea where this is coming from.  I assume it is via the 
unlicensed tx in Ireland.

***Max van Arnhem - mvarnhem@xxxxxx

  On the 6th of November I heard dominating over the BBC on 648 khz a 
station with Slovenian music with help of an ALA1530 + MFJ1026. I was 
convinced  this was Radio Maribor. I sent a report + cassetterecording 
to Radio Maribor , Illichova 33 in Maribor. Today I received a letter 
that they carefully listened to the tape and that I was NOT listening to 
any of the programmes of Radio Maribor. So, now the big question: what 
did I heard. who can help me ??

***Ezio Toffano - ezio.toffano@xxxxxxxx

  In 1993 I listened to Radio Murski Val on 648 kHz. The station was 
broadcasting in hungarian, to the magyar minority of Slovenia living in 
the area of Murska Sobota. When not in local service, on 648 kHz it was 
possible to hear Radio-TV Slovenija, e.g. in // to 819 or 549. Now, I 
don't know if the station is the same. May be (-;

***Vesa Heikkilä - ves@xxxxxxxxxxx

  I have heard a Italian pop/rock station iding something like "Radio 
Privento". No RAI or SER station. Any ideas? I have a MP3 clip if 
somebody wants.

***Fabrizio Magrone - fmagrone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

On this frequency there is only Radio Studio X  from Momigno (region 
Tuscany). Radio Sanluchino, from Bologna, is inactive. So I think you 
heard Studio X; but let me have the audio clip, I'll listen to it to 
identify the station for sure.



Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 580  CKUA  CANADA, Alberta, Edmonton, rec. QSL e mail in 2df from: 
       Larry King, CKUA Radio. e mail addess <Larry.King@xxxxxxxx>. I 
       have this verified from 1965 from Seward AK, but I have wanted to 
       re-verify it from Oregon. CKUA for years have not replied to any 
       of my reports from Oregon.  (PM-OR)
 670  KIRN  CA, Simi Valley, rec. e mail QSL in 4df from V/S: Siamak 
       Kalhor, GM Address: <siak2@xxxxxxx>  (PM-OR)
 860  XEMO  MEXICO, BCN, Tijuana, rec. very nice vl in SS in 40d for 
       taped report. Also ent "La Poderosa" bumper sticker. V/S: Sergio 
       Golarle Quiros, Gerente de promociones. Address: XEMO, Grupo 
       Uniradio, Gral. Manuel Marquez de Leon No. 950 Zona Rio, Tijuana  
       BCN 22320 , Mexico. (PM-OR)
 909  NEW ZEALAND, Hawkes Bay, Southern Star, rec. QSL card and letter 
       from Brian Fergusson-PD in 50d for taped report. Address: 
       Southern Star, Private Bag 92-636, Symonds Street, Auckland NZ.  
 981  NEW ZEALAND, Timaru, Southern Star, rec QSL card and letter in 60d 
       from Brian Fegusson-PD for taped report. Address same as above. 
       New Zealand MW QSL #106. (PM-OR)
1200  KOQI  CA, Soquel, rec. ppc in 15d from report sent to: KOQI, 
       Soquel  BC, 5420 T Street, Sacramento  CA  95819. V/S: Julie 
       Hakn. (PM-OR)
1270  CHWK  CANADA, Chilliwack, BC. This station is still CKWK, as 850 
       Abbotsford is stil CKMA, and 1240 Hope is still CKGO per my 
       letter from CE: Arnie Schmidt. The "new" call letters used are 
       FM, but since they are going to move to FM, that is why those 
       call letters are used. Sent QSL certificate too, Radio Max in 
       40d. Unneeded, as I thought they changed call letters. Address: 
       Radio Max, #520-45715 Hocking Avenue, Chilliwack  BC  V2P 6Z6, 
       Canada. (PM-OR)
1330  USA, AZ, Tucson  KJLL, rec. QSL letter in 10d from V/S: Don 
       Wiggins-GM. Address: 4320 N. Campbell, Ste. 234, Tucson  AZ  
       85718 (PM-OR)
1450  KVSI  ID, Montpelier, rec. verie state on my report in 5d from 
       V/S: Keith Mantendal-GM. Address: PO Box 1450, Montpelier  ID  
       83254 (PM-OR)
1570  KOSZ  SD, Vermillion, rec. QSL letter in 241dff from KVTK. V/S: 
       Kevin Culhane-GM. Mentioned that since they changed format a few 
       months back they have been busy. Address: 1407 E. Cherry Street, 
       Vermillion  SD 57069. (PM-OR)
1630  TIS  CA, Arcata, rec. letter in 3d from V/S: Russ Lee-Traffic 
       Operations.  They were testing on 1630, now on 1610. Address: 
       State of California, Dept. of Transportation, 1656 Union St, PO 
       Box 3700, Eureka CA  95502-3700  (PM-OR)
1630  KCJJ IA, Iowa City, rec. QSL card in 10d . I had a e mail QSL in 
       the past, but read they now have a card. A pretty much blank card 
       on the back where the message is written, with a red and black 
       letters on the front of the card. V/S: Tom Suter-Sales Manager 
       KCJJ Radio. Address on card is: PO Box 2188, Iowa City, IA 52244-
       2118. (PM-OR)
1680  USA, CA, Fresno  KAVT, rec full detailed letter from Paul Shinn CE 
       in 37d. Mentioned KAVT test was only running 5 KW Days and 1 KW 
       nights. They should return in less than a month with Radio Disney 
       format. Address: 139 W Olive Avenue, Fresno  CA  93728  (PM-OR)
1680  KAVT  CA, Fresno, rec. e mail QSL letter in 30d for taped report 
       from V/S: Paul Shinn-CE. Mentioned that KAVT will be on in 
       January 2001. <Paul@ kstn.net>  (PM-OR)

***joe talbot - n52w113@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Australia, 6KP, Karratha Western Australia, 702 kHz, frequency only 
verification letter, v/s Paul Stemple-Regional Programme Manager, in 1 
month for taped report and $1 US rp (returned). V/s's E Mail address: 
semple.paul@xxxxxxxxxx Received programme guide, a book on Tropical 
Cyclones and 28 stickers! My first trans Pacific MW QSL, from September 
Greyland Washington DXped.

  Hungary, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 1188 khz, full data 
verification letter with site (Marcali Hungary), v/s David Walcutt-
Broadcast Operations Liaison, in 1 month for taped report of the Serbian 
Service, received stickers and business cards and personal letter, to 
Washington DC address. My first trans Atlantic MW QSL! This from the 
Oct/00 Lamont Alberta DXped (Don Moman's QTH). Joe Talbot Red Deer 
Alberta Canada.

***Vincent Stevens - v&s@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Just received my first QSL (emailed) after moving from South Africa to 
England earlier this year.
  680 CJOB Winnipeg MB, Canada. 
  Heard at the DXpedition in Sheigra, N Scotland on 08/11/00 and report 
sent to 930 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB, R3G 0P8. Email reply on 27/11/00 
from Mike Giasson; mgiasson@xxxxxxxx

  CJME 1300 Regina
  Reply in 14 days, No Return postage sent. v/s: David M. Senft, V.P. 
Engineering, RAWLCO Communications ltd.  Address: 210 -2401 Saskatchewan 
Dr. Regina SK S4P 4H8 CANADA Heard in Sheigra on 8/11

Terry Palmersheim - kc7ldp@xxxxxxxxxx

 620  KEWS  Portland, OR  f/d blue card in 43 days. v/s illegible
 920  CKCQ  Quesnel, BC  f/d ppc in 2 wks. Wayne Leslie, PD
 920  KSHO  Lebanon, OR f/d ppc in 8 days after f/u. Richard C. Eads, VP
 930  KAGI  Talent, OR  f/d letter in 6 days. Ronald Kramer, Exec. Dir.
1020  KWIQ  Moses Lake North, WA  f/d ppc in 12 days. Randy Brooks (no 
1080  KVNI  Coeur d'Alene, ID  f/d ppc in 11 days after f/u. Ken Paige 
       (no title)
1320  KXRO  Aberdeen, WA  f/d ppc in 2 wks. Louis L. Clayleo, Bus. Mgr.
1440  KMED  Medford, OR  f/d ppc in 8 days after f/u. Bill Bishop, PD
1490  KRNR  Roseburg, OR  f/d ppc in 6 days. Lois M. Fergie (no title)



*Tim Kridel - TIM.KRIDEL@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Interesting press release that I got today from the ITU.
  22 November 2000
  ITU clears the way to digital AM radio
  Geneva - A new wave of broadcasting is about to reach the marketplace 
with the recent adoption, by the International Telecommunication Union, 
of worldwide standard on digital sound broadcasting. The technology 
breakthrough promises to open up a new era of quality sound broadcasting 
for long, medium and shortwave transmissions. With the FM bands nearly 
congested and the poor quality of AM, digital AM radio offers many 
substantial advantages to broadcasters seeking to recapture market 
shares. For consumers, the decision means additional sources of 
programmes at FM like quality with low-cost, simple to use receivers.
  Because the same frequency bands based on the same channels will be 
used and the handsets will continue to be available in the same range of 
choices (fixed, portable and mobile radio), the change over to the new 
system will be completely transparent. What will be noticeable however 
will be the improved quality with crystal clear reception, the more 
diverse programme content as a result of the increase of broadcasters 
that will be able to be accommodated in the existing AM bands as well as 
richer content that the new digital features will offer. "It is a breath 
of fresh air " said Peter Senger, Chairman of Digital Radio Mondiale 
(DRM). "This landmark decision will bring affordable digital quality 
sound and services to the world radio markets that will surpass 
listeners' expectations and will revive the broadcasting market in areas 
whose development was stagnating" adding "This is the biggest 
advancement in broadcasting since the invention of the transistor". 
Robert Struble, President and Chief Executive Officer of iBiquity 
Digital Corp. hailed the decision as a significant milestone on the road 
towards a global standard for AM digital broadcasting. "Digital 
broadcasting offers the potential for new and improved services to AM 
radio listeners who will greatly benefit from the existence of a 
worldwide standard for the transmission and reception of digital 
signals", he said. For manufacturers, it brings a second lease of life 
to older AM technologies with increased market potential for 
transmitters and receivers. It also makes it possible to optimize the 
return on investment for dual technology components for low data rate 
systems applied to narrow-band transmission channels. Considering that 
there are potentially some 2.5 billion radio receivers that will 
ultimately be candidates for replacement, of which some 700 million for 
shortwavreception, combined with an estimated 1000 transmitters 
worldwide, the benefit for equipment and semiconductor manufacturers is 
  For broadcasters, the new technology means that they will be able to 
bring FM quality to AM bands at substantially lower costs. Because the 
new technology is accommodating existing frequency plans, they will be 
able to modify and continue to use their existing transmitters provided 
they are fairly modern. Digital AM will also be much more spectrum-
efficient, making it possible to reduce the power of transmitters by as 
much as 25% while maintaining the same coverage area. Broadcasters will 
also be able to transmit programmes in two languages, a plus in 
bilingual countries or in border zones between countries that use 
different languages.
  Better audio quality and value-added services for listeners (data, 
text or still images) will also translate into increased audience 
interest and increased advertising revenue as a result and new business 
opportunities. This integration of audio and wireless data transmission 
will enable a variety of consumer applications, such as station and 
programme content, local traffic and weather information, news and much 
more. Because the digital signal is more reliable and robust, it can be 
nearly interference-free. Receivers will tune to the best possible 
reception quality of a given station, based on the strength of the 
signal and the AFS (Automatic Frequency Switching) system, within any of 
the long, medium and shortwave bands.
  Digital AM radio is expected to reach mass market by 2003. In the 
transition period, transmitters and receivers will handle both analogue 
and digital signals, thus enabling broadcasters who have large 
operations in the AM band to opt for simulcast to continue serving their 
customers while building a new market. Manufacturers are expected to 
provide the market with multistandard receivers to enable the 
simultaneous reception of analogue AM and FM as well as digital AM 
stations. In vacant AM channels, broadcasters will be able to launch 
full digital AM as the receivers will recognize both analogue and 
digital signals.
  The approval of a worldwide standard should give the possibility to 
achieve economies of scale in the production and deployment of 
transmitters and receivers with potentially lower costs to consumers 
while giving broadcasters the flexibility to migrate to digital AM radio 
according to market demand.
  For further information, please contact:
  Mr. A. MAGENTA, Chairman, Study Group 6, RAI - Radiotelevisione 
Italiana, Tel: +39 06 322 6248, Fax: +39 06 33 17 51 15, E-mail: 

Note to Editors:
  DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) is an international consortium consisting 
of some of the largest international broadcasters, communications 
systems developers and the electronic manufacturing sectors, whose main 
aim is to formulate a non-proprietary, evolutionary and market-driven 
digital AM system design and to facilitate the spread of AM digital 
technology around the world. iBiquity is a leading US provider of 
digital radio and audio compression technology solutions. Both are 
members of ITU's Radiocommunication Sector and have been active 
proponents in the negotiations leading to the ITU standard which 
includes technology proposals from iBiquity and DRM.
  Visit our Web site at http://www.itu.int/newsroom

***PacaPunch Productions - flea@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Radio 6GS 1611am Is located in WAGIN Western Australia Not Margaret 
River and website is www.radio6gs.com.au  e-mail radio6gs@xxxxxxxxx 
please also note freq is 1611am.  Radio 6GS hopes to have streaming 
audio avaliable via the web shortly also checkout www.getserious.com.au 
as it is connected to radio 6gs. Hope this clears up any problems..


**Powell E. Way III - powell@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  Below from one of the email [actually a weather list] that I belong 
  The USA Disaster Situation Report
  Active Sun Sending Storms Towards Earth
  A major solar flare occurred beginning on Thanksgiving evening, 
November 23 at 10:02 p.m. MST (24/0502 UT), with a second happening ten 
hours later on November 24 at 8:13 a.m. MST (24/1513 UT), according to 
NOAA's Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colo. Forecasters say that 
solar activity is likely to continue at moderate to high levels for the 
next several days. As a result of this activity, a geomagnetic storm is 
expected to reach Earth on the evening of Saturday, November 25 or 
Sunday, November 26.  "A drastic increase in the solar wind, or a shock 
wave, impacts the Earth's magnetic field, and typically, signifies the 
onset of the geomagnetic storm," forecaster Bill Murtagh said.  
Forecasters expect perhaps as many as four shock waves arriving in a 24-
hour period this weekend.  Geomagnetic storms travel at a rate of 1-3 
million miles per hour.
  Strong geomagnetic storms can cause satellites to experience surface 
charging and orientation problems and power systems can also be 
affected. Such storms can also interfere with high frequency radio 
communications. The initial solar flares already caused radio blackouts 
on the sunlit side of the Earth for about an hour.
  Using NOAA's Space Weather Scales, the geomagnetic storm is predicted 
to be a strong  storm (G 3), with the possibility that the storm may 
reach higher levels as the event progresses.  "The rapid-fire sequence 
of events is unlike anything we've seen thus far, during this solar 
cycle," said Murtagh.  According to forecaster Larry Combs, the danger 
lies in the duration of the storms.  "We've had several flares and 
Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) in the past 36 hours, and if that 
continues, the constant bombardment of the Earth by the enhanced solar 
wind, could affect power systems and satellites."  
  The flares that produced these storms were categorized by forecasters
as X-2 events, X being the highest category of flares possible.  The 
flares occurred in the north central area of the sun, which is expected 
to continue to be visible for the next seven days.  There is, therefore, 
a distinct possibility of more activity occurring.  "The region that 
produced these flares continues to grow and increase in complexity," 
Murtagh said. "In fact, it's almost doubled in size since yesterday."
  The solar wind and particles produced as a result of these flares can 
produce Auroral Borealis, or northern lights as far down as Illinois and 
Oregon (typically 50 degrees geomagnetic latitude.)
  NOAA's Space Environment Center is the nation's official source of 
space weather alerts and warnings and continually monitors and forecasts 
Earth's space environment.
  For the latest information on solar storms and their progress go to: 
  The information presented here is not authoritative. It contains 
preliminary and partial information reports.  It is intended to serve as 
a general daily digest of disaster related reports.  Any other use is 
not intended or authorized.
  The Disaster Center is a partner with CASI - Central Atlantic Storm 
Investigators.  CASI is a group of over a thousand amateur and 
professional meteorologists, storm spotters, and weather observers from 
around the world dedicated to the observation and documentation of 
weather events http://www.weatherwatchers.org
  The Current Report can be accessed at: 
http://www.disastercenter.com/current.htm If you wish to send a report 
please use our Disaster Center Situation Report Form form located at: 

***Dr. Hansjoerg Biener - Hansjoerg.Biener@xxxxxxxxxx

Dr. Hansjörg Biener  www.kwrs.de
Guenther J. Kraut  www.aholming.de  webmaster@xxxxxxxxxxx

  At the initiative of the German regional DX-club Kurzwellenring-Sued 
webmaster Guenther J. Kraut of the Aholming-web site now also features a 
a page on the DLF longwave station Aholming 207 kHz: 
http://www.aholming.de/sender/ Additional pictures of the site are 

**Barry McLarnon VE3JF - bm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Lee Freshwater does a great job in keeping up with format shifts and 
other changes in his online BCB DX Logbook at 
  Also, I created a search engine for Lee's database that you can find 
at http://hydra.carleton.ca/ambc/aminfo.html
  If you go to that page, enter "1110" as the frequency, select "Sports" 
as the format, and click on "Format Search", presto, WSFW pops up!
  I hasten to add that these online resources do not replace the AM Log, 
which has a wealth of additional information - they are complementary.  
Of course, the AM Log could be online too... someday.

****Rocco Cotroneo - rcotro@xxxxxxxxxx

I was in Buenos Aires yesterday, and I tuned with my Sangean to a local  
on 530 Khz. Id was: AM 530 REPUBLICA,  "una radio argentina, primeira en 
el dial". Dont know if it's new. Bye bye Falklands-Malvinas, then? 

***Dave Kernick - dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Recently uploaded to the Interval Signals Archive are good quality 
clips of Iraqi clandestines Voice of the Brave Armed Forces and Radio 
Future. These can be found in the Clandestine Services section of the 
archive at: http://www.intervalsignals.com
  Other recent additions include clips of Radio Nacional de Sao Tome & 
Principe, RDP Antena 1 (Madeira), Radio Voice of Hope (Madagascar/ 
Sudan), ZIZ Radio (St.Kitts & Nevis), Radio Brunei Pilihan Network, AIR 
Najibabad and AIR National Channel (India).

*Glenn Hauser - ghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx

** BRAZIL [and non]. FIRST ILHA COMPRIDA DX-CAMP  From next 8th to 10th 
December, the DX Clube do Brasil and the Comité Brasileiro de 
Radioescutas promote the 1. Ilha Comprida DX-Camp, supported by Pousada 
del Sol (Hotel), and Prefeitura Municipal de Ilha Comprida. The hotel 
(Pousada del Sol) is 50 meters from the beach (Atlantic Ocean), and will 
be closed for the DX-Camp on that week-end. Ilha Comprida is a little 
city 240 km from São Paulo, and it is a long island (74 km x 3 km). 74 
km with just one beach!!!!! Good for beverages!!!!!!
  It is our first DX-Camp experience in Ilha Comprida. During 2000, for 
4 or 5 times, we verified that this is an excellent place for DX... good 
signals, no electric noise. We wiil try to catch (DX) new world 
radiostations in mediumwave, longwave (not so explored in Brazil), FM 
and TV. Many Dx-ers will be in Ilha Comprida with their loop antennas, 
active antennas, it is programmed to test new beverage antennas. Also 
antennas for FM- and TV-DX. We expect to hear again many FM stations 
from the Caribbean. A good thing: In Ilha Comprida there are no local MW 
and FM stations (the nearest transmits with 250 W from Registro, maybe 
75 km distant).
  We hope to have a good time, with good radiofriends from many distant 
Brazilian cities. After the DX-Camp we will relate the results. Contact: 
rgrimm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Rudolf Grimm), dxcp@xxxxxxxxxxx (Carlos Felipe da 
Silva) or dzoqbi@xxxxxxxxx (Denis Zoqbi), the Coordination Group. More 
information about the City of Ilha Comprida, the beatiful beach and 
other subjects, please, www.aeromanfredi.com.br (Rudolf W. Grimm, São 
Bernardo-SP, DX Clube do Brasil, lista radioescutas, Nov. 25, for DX 

***Andy Sennitt - andys@xxxxxxxxxx

>From our Media Newsdesk page at 

United Kingdom
  27 November 2000: From today, the BBC is extending the coverage of its 
domestic Asian Network, using mediumwave frequencies reassigned from BBC 
local radio. In addition to existing services in the Midlands on 828, 
837 and 1458kHz, the service is now available as follows (all times 
UTC): Peterborough 1449kHz 24h (incl. local programmes Sat/Sun 1300-
1500) Leeds/Bradford 774kHz 1800-0100 (incl. local programmes 1800-1900 
plus Tues 2000-2100 and on Sunday night). Sheffield 1035kHz Mon-Fri 
1900-0100, plus local programmes Sat/Sun 1900-0100. From 1900-2200 Mon-
Fri during Ramadan, additional local programmes replace network 
programmes. Blackburn/Preston 855kHz: Mon-Sat 1900-0100, plus local 
programmes Sun 1900-0100. Derby 1116kHz: Mon-Thurs 1900-0100, Fri 2100-
0100, plus local programmes Sat 1900-2100 & Sun 1800-0100. Luton 630kHz: 
Mon-Fri 2100-0100. 
  Vijay Sharma, Editor of the BBC Asian Network, says: "I am delighted 
that the BBC is making our service more easily available to more people 
across the country. We have steadily expanded from programmes on BBC 
local radio stations in Leicester and Birmingham to become a full time 
network on digital satellite and on the internet. We know that not 
everyone has the opportunity to hear us through satellite dishes and 
computers - and this move to get us on more radios is very welcome and 
  More details at www.bbc.co.uk/england/asiannetwork/index.shtml

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

  For those of you who were looking for this info during the period 
where the AM Query didn't have it, there is another way to get it, 
although it's more work. If you get the geographical coordinates of the 
station in question, you can input them into the boxes on the URL below 
and get that info...
  And if you query the AM database by call you can go to a schedule of 
sign on and off times for each licensee..

**Stewart, Randy - jrs555t@xxxxxxxx

  John Tudenham had asked me about my local KTOZ-1060--the all 
"volunteer" commercial station... they're asking for listener donations 
to put up a tower for night operation... so I called 'em and got the 
scoop.  A couple of years ago KTOZ's tower got knocked over by an errant 
tractor or something.  So they've been operating on a TEMPORARY tower 
all this time. They're trying to raise money to put up a new site to the 
east of Springfield... which will be a TWO-TOWER directional array.  
When they applied for that upgrade, they also applied for 24-hour 
operation, with 5kW days and reduced power nights (they're currently 500 
watts daytime only). Supposedly it's received FCC approval--that's what 
the guy at the station says, anyway--so now they're attempting to raise 
the funds to actually do the job.
  Now, it gets complicated here... we have a "Branson Information Radio" 
format during the daytime on KLFJ-1550... the owners are in Branson but 
since the transmitter city-of-license is Springfield, they've worked out 
an agreement with the KTOZ folks here: their local offices are shared 
with KTOZ, and the programming is run out of KTOZ's studios.  Since KLFJ 
goes down below 100 watts at night, it was useless to the Branson 
hucksters as a TIS for them.  So as part of their deal with KTOZ, they 
allow KTOZ programming to take over sunset to sunrise (i.e. when KTOZ-
1060 is off the air).  Not sure what will happen if and when KTOZ gets 
up and running on 1060 fulltime.
  (And this doesn't take into account KIDS-1340, which runs a SEPARATE 
but similar "Branson Information Radio" TIS format during certain 
daytime hours, along with the Jim Rome Show 11am-2pm, and Sports Fan 
Radio Network starting at 6pm... it's owned by Meyer Communications, 
which runs KWTO-560!)

GRDXC - grdxc@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Hello DX Friends,
  This is to announce the establishment of a New Radio DX Club in the 
Northern Indian State of Punjab by the name "Globe Radio DX Club".The 
purpose of this club is to promote this wonderful hobby specially in the 
Third World Countries where a sizeable portion of the population still 
relys on Shortwave for News & info .
  A link to most of your sites is already there on the GRDXC site .If 
not then please let us know your intention.
  Any comments,suggestions,missing links,questions etc about the Club or 
Site are welcome.

*Eric Buenemann - n0uiheric@xxxxxxx

  Reports are circulating around the Big Apple that the City of New 
York, owners of WNYC-820/WNYC-FM 93.9, is about to acquire Brooklyn-
based WNYE-91.5 from that city's Board of Education. This report was 
circulated on the All Access Radio Web site 

Glenn Hauser - wghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx


  [new RFPI time schedule in effect from Dec 1, but not yet frequency 
schedule; 7480 soon to be activated; 15049 will later switch to 15065. 
While 15049 continues, it will be 24 hours; when 15065 comes on, no 
transmissions are scheduled in the 0400-1200 period. For latest update 
see our Anomaly alert page:  
  Days and times here are strictly UT

Thu 0030 WOR WBCQ1 7415
Thu 2130 WOR WWCR 9475
Fri 1030 WOR WWCR 7435
Fri 1900 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Fri 1930 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Fri 2215 MR  WWCR 9475 [Mundo Radial, Spanish]
Sat 0100 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15065/15049 7480
Sat 0130 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15065/15049 7480
Sat 0130 WOR WWCR 3215
Sat 0700 COM RFPI 15049
Sat 0730 WOR RFPI 15049
Sat 1230 WOR WWCR 15685
Sat 1300 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Sat 1330 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Sat 1730 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Sat 1800 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Sat 2330 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15065/15049
Sun 0000 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15065/15049 7480
Sun 0030 WOR WBCQ2 9335-CUSB
Sun 0330 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 0530 COM RFPI 15049
Sun 0600 WOR RFPI 15049
Sun 0728 WOR WWCR 5070
Sun 1130 COM RFPI 15049
Sun 1200 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Sun 2000 WOR WWCR 12160
Mon 0100 WOR WWCR 3215
Mon 0601 WOR WWCR 3210
Tue 1200 WOR WWCR 15685
Tue 1900 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Tue 2000 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Wed 0100 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15065/15049 7480
Wed 0200 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15065/15049 7480
Wed 0700 WOR RFPI 15049
Wed 0800 COM RFPI 15049
Wed 1300 WOR RFPI 21815-USB 15049
Wed 1400 COM RFPI 21815-USB 15049

  Latest update of the above schedule version may be found at: 
  A more detailed schedule including MW, FM, satellite and internet 
including local times may be found at 
  Audio of WORLD OF RADIO ondemand: 
http://www.wrn.org/ondemand/worldofradio.html different files via links 
at top of our homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/
  Audio of CONTINENT OF MEDIA ondemand: 
  Audio de MUNDO RADIAL: ultima emision ligada en pagina principal: 
  BACKUP HOMEPAGE if ok/worldofradio/ is down: 

***Bjarne Mjelde - bjarne.mjelde@xxxxxxxx

  A report from the KONG5 DX-pedition to Arctic Norway is availabel as a 
pdf-file on www.dxlc.com.
  A log from KONG5, held in Arctic Norway Oct. 12 - 17, is available as 
a pdf-file on www.dxlc.com.

*Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  In all the discussion of radio through the years, I don't know how 
many of you have heard the history of KVAN-1480. They probably got more 
fines from the FCC than any other station in history. You give you a bit 
of information on the station, a friend passed on this site with a memo 
from KVAN to the staff from 1970. How radio has changed.

*Glenn Hauser - ghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Here are some LW/MW/related items I have extracted from recent issues 
of DX LISTENING DIGEST, from # 0-143 November 23 through 0-150 December 
5. If you would like to read each issue of DXLD, which also covers SW 
broadcasting, and occasional ham, FM/TV, utility items, check frequently 
at http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio/Dxldmid.html and/or 

{Items from DXLD may be reproduced and re-reproduced only if full credit 
be maintained at all stages and we be provided exchange copies. DXLD may 
not be reposted in its entirety without permission.}
** AFGHANISTAN. Taleban radio changes broadcast schedule during Ramadan 
| Text of report by Afghan Taleban radio from Balkh Province on 26th 
  Announcement of Radio Voice of Shari'ah: Dear listeners, on the eve of 
the month of Ramadan, the following changes have taken place in the 
broadcasting of Radio Voice of Shari'ah [in Mazar-e Sharif]: 1. As from 
the first of Ramadan broadcasting starts at 1600 [local time, 1130 gmt] 
and continues until 1830 [1400 gmt]. 2. The Dari news bulletin which 
used to start at 1800 will be broadcast during Ramadan at 1730 [1300 
gmt] and the Pashto news bulletin at 1800 [1330 gmt ]. 3. The Turkmen 
and Uzbek news bulletins will be broadcast at 1815 [1345 gmt]. The 
morning broadcast will begin at 0800 [0330 gmt] and continue until 1100 
[0630 gmt]. Dari and Pashto news bulletins can be received at 0900 and 
0930 [0430 gmt and 0500 gmt] respectively. The Turkmen and Uzbek 
bulletins can be received at 0945 [0515 gmt]. Our dear listeners can 
likewise receive our special programme for Ramadan as from the first of 
Ramadan at 1615 [1145 gmt] and recitations from the Holy Koran at 1630 
[1200 gmt]. This bulletin will be then repeated every day at 1000 [0530 
gmt]. Our dear listeners should be aware of this. Source: Radio Voice of 
Shari'ah of Balkh Province, Mazar-e Sharif, in Pashto 1330 gmt 26 Nov 00 
(via BBC Monitoring via DXLD) MW and/or SW? (gh)
 ** AFGHANISTAN. Re: Balkh Radio, Mazar-e-Sharif, DXLD 0-145. Hi Glenn, 
I don't know of any shortwave frequency, but on MW it can be often heard 
here in Finland on 1584 kHz. 73, (Mauno Ritola, Finland, DX LISTENING 
 ** ARGENTINA. Subject: Argentina on 530. I was in Buenos Aires 
yesterday, and I tuned with my Sangean to a local on 530 kHz. ID was: AM 
530 REPUBLICA, "una radio argentina, primeira en el dial". Don`t know if 
it`s new. Bye bye Falklands-Malvinas, then? (Rocco Cotroneo, Brazil, Nov 
25, mwdx@xxxxxxxxxxx via DXLD)
 ** ARGENTINA. 1610 kHz, Radio Tradición de Isidro Casanova se ha 
trasladado a esta nueva frecuencia, debido a la "irrupción" de AM 
Reverendo Aquiles Acosta (San Justo), quien ocupó su anterior frecuencia 
de 1580 KHz. Al parecer la emisora transmite ahora con mas potencia.
  1690 kHz, AM Fuego es una nueva emisora que transmite desde la 
localidad de Longchamps, por ahora con transmisiones de prueba. Tel: (54 
(11) 4233-7574. (Marcelo Cornachioni, Argentina, Conexión Digital Dec 4 
via DXLD)
 ** CANADA. The 1250-CHWO format will début on 740 in early January with 
the new call CFPT, for ``Prime Time`` radio. There will be a simulcast 
with 1250 for approximately one month. Then, in February, 1250 will 
become all-Christian (the current 1320 format) and 1320 will become all-
ethnic. Apparently the CHWO and CJMR calls will stay on 1250 and 1320 
respectively (Wayne Plunkett, Ont., Nov ODXA Listening In Mediumwave 
Notebook via DXLD) Hurry up and log some DX on 740 before it is too 
late! (Niel J. Wolfish, MWN editor, ibid.)
 ** DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. [The decision to change from UT-4 to UT-5 has 
been reversed after only one month; caused too many problems and was not 
properly authorized - gh`s summary translation]
  Queda sin efecto la ley que atrasaba una hora a la Rep. Dominicana, 
desde este Domingo 3 de Diciembre se le volverá a adelantar una hora al 
reloj! Info: del periodico "Ultima Hora" sábado 2 de Diciembre. (Dino 

Santo Domingo, República Dominicana Sabado 02 de Diciembre del 2000
  Adelantan una hora desde mañana relojes en RD
  La hora oficial de República Dominicana será adelantada en 60 minutos 
a partir de las dos de la madrugada de mañana para dar cumplimiento al 
decreto número 241-2000 del Poder Ejecutivo. 
  La disposición fue adoptada por el Presidente Hipólito Mejía, a 
solicitud de una comisión gubernamental, que sugirió revocar el retraso 
en la hora dispuesto el 29 de octubre pasado.
  La comisión estuvo integrada por la doctora Milagros Ortiz Bosch, 
vicepresidenta y secretaria de Educación; el doctor Guido Gómez Mazara, 
consultor jurídico del Poder Ejecutivo; Milton Ray Guevara, secretariso 
de Trabajo, y el licenciado Alfredo Bordas, secretario de Turismo.
  El informe de la comisión explicaba que el retraso de la hora había 
creado muchos inconvenientes en las actividades laborales y educativas, 
producía inseguridad, y no había generado una reducción en el consumo de 
energía como se esperaba.
  Además el Consejo Nacional de la Empresa Privada (Conep), que había 
sugerido el cambio de hora, solicitó al Presidente Mejía que lo 
  El cambio se realizó sin consultar a la Oficina Nacional de 
Meteorología, la entidad oficial que tiene a su cargo todo lo relativo 
al estado del tiempo.
  Se supo que Meteorología no favorecía el cambio de hora, y que en un 
informe enviado al Presidente explicaba que en vez de bajar una hora 
debió aumentarse una. (via Dino Bloise, FL, DXLD)

 ** INTERNATIONAL WATERS. United Kingdom/Netherlands: Wireless Group in 
talks over LW offshore station | Text of press release by the UK- based 
Wireless Group PLC on 23rd November
  The Wireless Group plc ('TWG'), the UK's fourth largest radio group, 
announced today that it has entered into exclusive negotiations to 
acquire a 33-per-cent stake in Delta Radio, a recently-formed commercial 
radio group whose principal asset is a new national analogue radio 
station. In return for its 33-per-cent stake, TWG will undertake the 
management of the station, including programming, sales and logistics - 
there is no cash consideration payable.
  The service, to be broadcast as 171 The Lounge, [on 171 kHz longwave] 
will be launched in 2002 under licence from the Dutch government, on a 
recently-released longwave frequency to a potential UK audience of over 
40m. The transmission facility will:
- be built off the Dutch coast near Zeeland
- include two masts each half again as tall as the Eiffel Tower
- cover a site with a footprint larger than 75 football pitches
  Whilst 171 The Lounge will not be regulated under UK law, TWG will 
ensure that the station respects UK copyright and broadcast content 
codes and complies with Advertising Standards Authority guidelines. The 
station will be music intensive, featuring the best easy listening and 
melodic songs of the past 40 years with key artists including Frank 
Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Simply Red, The Carpenters, 
Gabrielle and Neil Diamond. This format is an extension of TWG's digital 
format, also called The Lounge, targeting an audience similar to that of 
BBC Radio 2 - "the UK's most popular radio station".
  To capitalize on the advertising potential of this highly attractive 
target audience, Impact, TWG's award winning advertising sales house, 
will represent The Lounge. This will provide advertisers with access to 
this previously unavailable national audience and will complement the 
younger and predominantly male audience targeted by TWG's other national 
station, talkSPORT.
  Under the terms of the agreement, TWG will undertake the management of 
the station's programming and advertising sales. TWG will not be 
involved in funding the new station, which will be financed via separate 
agreements with the other shareholders. The Lounge is expected to break 
even within three years of launch. This transaction is consistent with 
The Wireless Group's stated strategy of capturing greater market share 
by investing in additional radio assets.
  Commenting on today's announcement Kelvin MacKenzie, Chairman and 
Chief Executive of The Wireless Group, said: "Creating a new offshore 
radio station is an exciting and innovative way to increase our national 
presence. Since its relaunch in January, our national station talkSPORT 
has proved adept at targeting young men, giving advertisers access to a 
specific demographic group. We are now targeting another valuable 
demographic. The Lounge will give our national sales team a 
complementary sell, offering advertisers access to an older audience as 
well as to women. Commercial national radio is a concept that listeners, 
advertisers and investors understand. Since national commercial radio 
was introduced to the UK in the early 1990s its share of total UK 
advertising has grown from 2 to 6 per cent - almost entirely down to 
increased national revenues. We expect to see that figure grow."
  Dr Wayne Burt, chairman of Delta Radio Holdings NV, said: "Delta, 
together with TWG, is now able to embark upon its next stage of 
development which is to bring to fruition Delta Radio as a national 
broadcast station. TWG brings first-class radio management, programming 
and sales expertise, which will assist in maximizing the radio broadcast 
potential of Delta Radio's powerful and unique transmission platform." 
Source: Wireless Group PLC press release, London, in English 23 Nov 00 
(via BBCM via DXLD)
 ** INTERNATIONAL WATERS. Regarding "Delta Radio, a recently-formed 
commercial radio group": It is interesting to note that "recently" can 
refer to a period of a couple of years. I remember that I already back 
in 1995 called Deutschlandradio after reading that the Dutch government 
demands a withdrawal of the Zehlendorf transmitter from the 177 
frequency. As well-known Zehlendorf and the Saarlouis-Felsberg 
transmitter of Europe 1 are operating with an offset of 3 kHz each, 
Zehlendorf on 177 and Felsberg on 183. Both transmitters are scheduled 
for 180 but such a co-channel operation would result in a horrible mess 
in large parts of Germany, and this problem was solved by the offset 
arrangement. Five years ago I was told, "we will stay on 177 until we 
got a letter with a seal, showing an eagle". Meanwhile the Dutch 
authorities no longer favour the 171 kHz project and hence are no longer 
interested in forcing Zehlendorf off 177. Instead Delta-Radio failed in 
establishing a transmitter site ashore, resulting in the expensive 
project of a platform in the North Sea (Kai Ludwig, Germany, Nov 25, DX 
  ** INTERNATIONAL WATERS [non]. Glenn, I'd like to take issue with your 
description of the site of this station as "International Waters". As 
far as I am aware the proposed site is within Dutch territorial waters.
  The Times newspaper on Friday carried a story stating that the 
proposed station would be able to reach 40 million people in the UK. It 
goes on to say that "long wave radio services with poor signals after 
dark, have not had an easy time in the UK." An example of the ignorance 
of the mass media generally about radio. BBC Radio 4 / Radio 2 / Light 
Programme has covered the whole of the UK very successfully, day & night 
for all of my life, and no doubt long before, on 1500m / 1512m long 
wave. The Times goes on to say "Atlantic 252, broadcasting to the UK on 
long wave from the Irish Republic, has not posed a major threat to 
existing broadcasters."
  Again, I think this is a rather ignorant analysis. Atlantic 252 faces 
two insurmountable problems that the Delta station would not. Firstly, 
Atlantic is simply in the wrong place. The largest concentration of 
population (and therefore target audience) is in London and the South-
East. Atlantic broadcasts from the North-West. Secondly, as soon as 
night draws on Atlantic is swamped by Algeria in much of the country, 
there is nothing on 171 that poses a similar threat. Whatever problems 
it might have, I don't think being heard would be a problem. Having said 
all that, I don't think the project will ever see the light of day. Keep 
up the Good Work! (Nicholas Mead, UK, Nov 26, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
  ** MALDIVE ISLANDS. The 5 kW transmitter at Male has returned to its 
former frequency of 1458 kHz (Jose Jacob, India, AWR Wavescan Nov 26 via 
  ** MÉXICO. At least in October, the X-bander on 1630 was signing on at 
1331 UT, and heard in Japan:
  XEUT, 1630.0, Oct 8 *1331-1339: NA, ``Buenos días, está Vd. escuchando 
R. Universidad de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, que 
transmite en el 1630 del cuadrante de su radio, en amplitud modulada. 
Desde la unidad [ciudad? -gh] universitaria en Avenida Tecnológico sin 
número, mesa de ..., Tijuana, Baja California, México.`` Then canto 
universitario. 1338 canned ID [as above adding] ``...transmitiendo con 
10 mil watts de potencia...``. Also received large QSL, letter, 2 
stickers and poster in one month. V/s Martha Adriana Márquez. They 
operate 1330-0130 UT on 1630, also on XHBA 104.1 Mexicali and XHUAC 95.5 
Ensenada (Hideki Watanabe, Saitama, Japan, Radio Nuevo Mundo Nov 5, just 
received by P-mail, via DX LISTENING DIGEST)
  ** MOLDOVA. And regarding the report about the Mayak transmitter site 
near Grigoriopol` in Pridnestrovye: Voice of Russia again uses these 
facilities already since about three years; there was a further 
expansion especially of the mediumwave operations in the last year. The 
report does not mention the topic of foreign clients at all. One should 
keep in mind that the 999 mediumwave frequency from Grigoriopol` is 
actually the main channel of Radio Moldova Chisinau).
  However, when Pridnestrovye got under control of the separatist 
authorities at Tiraspol` they cancelled the Radio Moldova transmissions 
and replaced them by their own Radio Pridnestrovye programming, which 
was widely considered a clandestine operation.
  Meanwhile Radio Pridnestrovye uses the lower powered 1467 channel 
instead, while 999 now carries various foreign stations like Deutsche 
Welle or Trans World Radio. In other words, the operation of the 
Grigoriopol` transmitters by the Tiraspol` administration is no longer 
considered as illegal frequency piracy; instead we have almost a de-
facto acknowledgement of Pridnestrovye as an independent state. As well-
known, the airtime business at Grigoriopol` now includes alongside with 
the 999 and 1548 mediumwave channels also the shortwave capacity, which 
is sold by Merlin. Regards, (Kai Ludwig, Germany, Nov 25, DX LISTENING 
  ** RUSSIA [non]. Hi Glenn, evidently the currently silent 7180 channel 
of VoR still originates from Grigoriopol`, contrary to my previous 
assumption. Most likely the site is completely off air at present; not 
only both 7125 and 7180 are silent but also all mediumwave channels, at 
least 999 and 1548, which are unmistakable here in Germany and also in 
use by Deutsche Welle and Trans World Radio. Any major problem must 
prevent Grigoriopol` from operating any transmitter; otherwise they 
would certainly keep DW and TWR on air. Regards, (Kai Ludwig, Dec 3, DX 
  ** RUSSIA [non]. Moldova: Maiac radio center update | According to a 
private TV station in Moldova, the icestorm last week resulted in the 
collapse of a "200 meter" mast at the Maiac transmitting center. 
Freezing rain caused a cover of ice with a thickness of up to 32mm in 
the region. There is currently no information available about further 
damages to buildings or antennas as a result of the crash. This would be 
the second mast which crashed at the center, acc. to Russian sources a 
350 meter mast (which was earlier used for longwave 234 kHz) fell down 
in another incident during the last years. (Bernd Trutenau, Vilnius, 
Lithuania, MWINFO Dec 3 via DXLD)
  ** RUSSIA. No access to mass media Far East region power blackout | 
Text of report by Radio Russia on 23rd November
  People in the town of Belogorsk in Amur Region have not been able to 
watch TV and listen to Radio Russia since 1st November. The town has a 
population of 80,000 people. Skovorodinskiy, Rovenenskiy, 
Konstantinovskiy and other districts in Amur Region are faced with a 
similar situation. Restrictions have also been imposed on energy supply 
to the Blagoveshchensk radio and television rebroadcasting centre. 
People in the region's capital and neighbouring areas were unable to 
watch Russia TV channel and Russian Public Television for five hours 
during day time in the past four days.
  Radio Russia is no longer available on longwave anywhere in Amur 
Region because energy companies have cut off supplies to the 
Konstantinogradovskiy radio centre, the largest in Far East. The 
Amurenergo joint-stock company has imposed restrictions on the supply of 
electricity to the Blagoveshchensk mediumwave radio transmitter and as a 
result of that the local radio station Amurskaya Volna cannot broadcast 
its programmes in full. Day in, day out, the territory of Amur Region is 
gradually becoming a zone of information silence. The reason for such 
categorical measures taken by the Amurenergo is the federal electricity 
debt to the tune of 20m roubles. Not even a part of this debt has been 
repaid. Source: Radio Russia, Moscow, in Russian 0800 gmt 23 Nov 00 (via 
  ** UKRAINE. Mykolayiv transmitter resumes broadcasts | Text of report 
from Voice of Russia "DX Club" web site on 22nd November
  A 500-kW transmitter in Mykolayiv, which has been silent since April, 
resumed transmissions on 3rd November on a frequency of 972 kHz. Its 
operating schedule is the same as that of all the other mediumwave 
transmitters in Ukraine carrying the First Programme of Ukrainian radio: 
0527-0830 hours and 1530-2030 hours on weekdays, and 0557-0830 and 1530-
2030 on weekends and holidays [all times local]. Source: Voice of Russia 
web site, Moscow, in Russian 22 Nov 00 (via BBCM via DXLD) What about 
  ** U K. Here`s one of the items on this week`s [Dec 1] On the Media: 
Evangelism Blocked In Britain | Evangelism on the radio is sacred in 
this country. Not so in the UK. There, religious radio stations are 
legally banned. Now, one Christian broadcaster is taking the government 
to court. From London, Gareth Mitchell reports.
  At http://www.wnyc.org pull down On the Media, then hit Segment C. 
It`s the second of three items in that audio segment. Unfortunately, 
this segment goes to noise at 5:27 just before this portion should 
start. We have advised WNYC of the problem (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING 
  ** U S A. Glen[n], I wanted you and the listeners of World of Radio to 
know that Dennis Hart has created a web site for those of us who 
remember NBC`s Weekend radio program Monitor. The address is 
http://www.monitorbeacon.com E-mail at monitman@xxxxxxxxx This site 
tells the visitor everything about NBC`s Monitor including the Monitor 
Beacon, and has lots of sound bits (Charles Gossett Jr., Dec 3, DX 
LISTENING DIGEST) I certainly do, and still miss it (gh)
  ** U S A. KVOD, Denver`s classical radio, prepares to say goodbye. 
See: http://insidedenver.com/saunders/1204scene.shtml (via Artie Bigley, 
  ** U S A [and non]. This week`s edition of The Savvy Traveler has two 
features with some radio connexion: toward the end of the hour is an 
item by Hank Rosenfeld, who was aboard the Voice of Peace radioship, and 
audio is to be available Tuesday, December 5. See 
  And an earlier item is on the dangers of visiting (other than 
armchair) Papua New Guinea, specifically Mount Hagen; see: 
http://www.savvytraveler.com/Show/Features/2000/12.01/papua.html for the 
long story text, and audio of that is also scheduled for Dec 5 (Glenn 
  ** U S A. PBS to air Tesla: Master of Lightning. PBS will air the 
documentary Tesla: Master of Lightning Tuesday, December 12 (check local 
listings for time and channel) about the life and accomplishments of 
inventor Nikola Tesla (1853-1943). Actor Stacy Keach will provide the 
voice of Tesla for the sesquihour presentation. A Web site, 
http://www.pbs.org/tesla/index.html, will serve as the on-line companion 
to the acclaimed documentary. A contemporary of Thomas Edison and 
Guglielmo Marconi, Tesla--a Serbian immigrant to the US--is credited 
with being the inventor of our system of ac power transmission and even 
of radio. The book, Tesla: Master of Lightning, by Margaret Cheney and 
Robert Uth, is reviewed in December QST, page 37. (PBS via ARRL Letter 
December 1 via John Norfolk, OKCOK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
  ** U S A. Regarding the report that WSM, 650, Nashville TN, has turned 
off its C-QUAM stereo: I was in Nashville last summer and think it`s a 
darn shame. On my AM stereo receiver, WSM almost rivaled FM quality. The 
stereo separation was second to none, better than some Chicago stations, 
although on that receiver the frequency response was not of FM quality. 
On the other hand, back in Houston, KTRH, 740 must have compressed their 
bandwidth to 4 kHz, sounds terrible, although it does allow WSB, 750, 
Atlanta to be heard (George Thurman, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
  And some MW HARMONIC items:
  ** COLOMBIA. 2200.16 (t) HJMK - Emisora Ideal, (harmonic 2 x 1100) 
1008-1024 Nov 27, Christmas music and brass band instrumental. Announcer 
in between songs with many mentions of "Planeta Rico" but no ID heard. 
Fair to good signal (Mark Mohrmann, Coventry VT, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
  ** COSTA RICA. 4260.66 TIRP - Radio Pampa, Nicoya (3 x 1420) 
(harmonic) 1003-1105 Nov 20, Campo Christmas song, announcer with ID. 
Still audible at 1105. Fair to good signal (Mark Mohrmann, Coventry VT, 
  ** COSTA RICA. 4260.6, Radio Pampa 1018-1032 Nov 25, Tropical mx, ads, 
ID. Poor signal, but fortunately they IDed on a peak, otherwise I would 
not have caught it. 3 x 1420 harmonic. Tnx Mohrmann tip (Don Moore, IA, 
  ** CUBA. 2440.00 Radio 26, (harmonic 2 x 1220) 1025 Nov 27, Man and 
woman announcers, "26" ID. Raspy audio. Fair signal  (Mark Mohrmann, 
  ** CUBA. 4200.01 Radio Rebelde (7 x 600 harmonic) 1025 Nov 20, // 4970 
spur with "Haciendo Radio" program. Very weak (Mark Mohrmann, Coventry 
  ** DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. 2700.09 Ondas del Yuna, (harmonic 2 x 1350) 
1032 Nov 27, Bachata guitar vocals, canned ID. Good signal when you 
slice the Ute station away (Mark Mohrmann, Coventry VT, DX LISTENING 
  ** ECUADOR. 2480.29 (t) Radio Sonorama (harmonic 2 x 1240) 1021 Nov 
27, Andean song, very weak (Mark Mohrmann, Coventry VT, DX LISTENING 
  Harmonic Logs Webpage: Updated the webpage to bring it up to date as 
of midnight last night 26/11/00 
http://www.dxradio.demon.co.uk/harmonics.html (Mark Hattam, UK, 
harmonics@xxxxxxxxxxx via DXLD)


Dec. 1's This American Life http://www.thislife.org/ (an archived 
program from Feb. '96) had 2 great (15 minute) segments about being in 
(being a DJ on) radio.  I enjoyed hearing them again! 
  They appear in the second half of the show.
  Chet Copeland/ NY,NY
  "Act Two. Baltimore, circa 1956. Ira with tapes of his own father, who 
was a radio deejay in the mid-1950's. Ira's father gave up spinning 
records when he decided he couldn't make a decent living at it, and for 
over a decade he was against his son going into radio, not wanting his 
son to waste time the way he did. (14 minutes) Song: "Personal 
Possession" Nat King Cole
  Act Three. Chicago, in the 1960's. Nora Moreno with tapes of her 
father, a pioneer in Spanish-language broadcasting in America. Her 
mother fell in love with her father because of his poetic character on 
the radio, but in real life, the very things that attracted her to him 
over the radio, drove them apart. (13 minutes)"
  Listen to entire hour http://www.thislife.org/ra/14.ram
  (Look for the Feb 21 '96 summary) 
  Chet Copeland/ NY, NY
  PS: TAL's website is entertaining (much like CBC's old spoof, "The 
Great Eastern"** ). Check it out.  
  Also, check TAL's button menu at the bottom for their favorite radio 
  ** The Great Eastern lives on via its website of archived audio and 
spoof pages: http://spring.det.mun.ca/great/web_index.html
  My fav? The coal fired transmitter (generator) of The Broadcasting 
Corp. Of Newfoundland. http://spring.det.mun.ca/great/coal_fired.html

Art Blair - blairs@xxxxxxxxxx

Current xmsn times for KJAY-1430 Sacramento, CA

Monday-Friday 0600-1900 PST
Saturday & Sunday 0600-1700 PST
Reduction in power @ 1630 PST daily

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3-day Estimates Planetary Kp-index Monitor


     Geomagnetic Summary November 21 2000 through December 4 2000 
      phil bytheway - Seattle WA - phil@xxxxxxxxxxx
      Tabulated from email status daily

 11/21   185     7    1    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 9
    22   195     7    2    moderate    quiet-unsettled     - 7
    23   205     9    0    moderate    quiet-unsettled     - 3
    24   197     9    2    mod-high    unsettled-active    - 5 flares
    25   202     8    2    mod-high    unsettled-mas       - 6 flares
    26   202    20    5    high        unsettled-mas       - 10 flare
    27   192    41    2    mod-high    unsettled-mas       - 8
    28   196    25    5    low-mod     active-mis          - 8
    29   188    43    1    low-mod     quiet-active        - 7
 11/30   192     5    1    moderate    quiet-unsettled     - 5
 12/ 1   185     4    0    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 7
     2   167     3    1    low         quiet               - 5
     3   164    14    2    low         quiet-unsettled     - 5
 12/ 4   152     9    1    v low-low   quiet-unsettled     - 7

IRCA Mexican Log, 6th Edition
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including call letters, state, city, day/night power, slogans, schedule 
in UTC/GMT, formats, networks and notes. The call letter index gives 
call, frequency, city and state. The city index (listed by state, then 
city) includes frequency, call and day/night power. The log has been 
completely updated from the 1998 edition and carefully cross-checked by 
several IRCA members. This is an indispensable reference for anyone who 
hears Mexican radio stations. Size is 8 1/2" x 11" and three hole 
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  Completely revised by IRCA's Bill Harms to 9/00, the IRCA "TIS/HAR 
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