[HCDX] R Caroline tx power?
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[HCDX] R Caroline tx power?

In a recent QSL from R Caroline 1503 of their
October transmission (Harwich) there was also
mention of their power. This line says
1503 KHz/Kw 1/4  /  1/2.
I imagine this means their basic transmitter
being 250/500 Watts. What I have heard about
RSL stations, I think their power should be no
more than 1 Watt ERP. Of course the ERP means
a different thing than the transmitter power, but
isn't this a bit effective transmitter thinking the
ERP they are allowed to radiate. I am not very
familiar with the transmitter power/antenna
construction/ERP ratio.
Is there any advantage using, say 500 Watts
instead of, say 50 Watts to produce the same
1 Watt ERP? Maybe longer feedline to get the
radiating part of the antenna higher?
Ohh, what I wanted to ask is;
Could I count this as a verified 1 Watter (be it then ERP)?

Jari Savolainen
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