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I just had to mention this one! Received a f/d ppc from Syd Stewart, GM at KFYR in Fargo, ND in 9 days after, check this, 11 f/u's since 22 Dec. 1980!!!! This report is just 10 days shy of 20 years old! I heard the station when I lived in Minneapolis, MN and is stated on the card. This takes care of ALL of my 1980 logs. Now for Radio Mundial Bolívar on 4770 kHz from 1981!
Speaking of which, I have an outstanding log(s) of Radio Continente-YVKM on 5030 kHz, and as I was checking out my WRH-WRTH's, the 1952 edition has a full page ad for them on page 22. Being the computer geek that I am, I scanned the page, cropped the logo at the top, and, being as it was in B&W, filled in the oceans on the globe logo in blue. This is, by far, the slickest ppc I have created yet. It's the 'old style' type for a QSL card. My plan is to send a scan of the full page (you know, for nostalgia purposes) and the ppc and see if I can score a QSL. I've sent upwards of 10 f/u's to them, so far.
I will be happy to share the picture of the ppc to anyone who would like to see or use it, along with the full-page ad.
What some of us won't do for a verification!
Terry Palmersheim, KC7LDP/FOØPAM