[HCDX] St. Lucia DX Report
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[HCDX] St. Lucia DX Report

During the first week in December, I had the good fortune of taking a
business trip to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.  Since the area is
full of exotic DX stations, I brought along my Sony 7600D and circa-1980
Radio West loop, plus a cassette recorder and a digital walkman.  The
7600D was ideal for this type of trip, thanks to its small size,
external antenna jack, fine tuning control, tape output jack, and decent
sensitivity/selectivity.  Living in the northwestern US, I rarely ever
hear any medium wave DX from Latin America, so I was definitely looking
forward to the trip.

My hotel was in an area called Rodney Bay, near the northern tip of the
island.  It was on a small peninsula and about 50-100 yards from the
water, so I had a mostly unobstructed saltwater path from the northeast
to the southwest.  The hotel's major drawback was the steel frame
construction, and the builders had done a great job bonding the
structural steel to the ground system.  The end result was that if you
were more than a few feet from the window you could only hear the AM/FM
locals.  Fortunately, my room had a small patio, so I spent my evenings
DXing outside while the temperature dropped to the mid-seventies.  Time
was rather limited, since I was only there for 2-1/2 days and had to
take time out for meetings, meals, sleep, and sightseeing.  However, the
results were still pretty good.

Daytime DX included stations in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and most of the
islands in between, plus PJB-800.  I logged 16 countries during the day;
of course it helped that I was surrounded by a bunch of small island
nations.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of time during the day so
many daytime signals remained unidentified.  The strongest daytime
signals were (in order) 1.St Lucia-660, 2.Dominica-740, 3.YVQE-720,
4.Dominica-590, 5.Martinique-1310, 6.St.Kitts-830, 7.St.Kitts-555,
8.Barbados-900, 9.YVSY-1470, 10.YVRS-1020, using a quasi-scientific
method of seeing how far I could get from the window before the station

As expected, most channels were full of Spanish speaking stations at
night.  As a general rule, stations heard well during the day would
dominate their channel at night (until they signed off anyway).  Some
frequencies, like 1540, had a very dominant station that pretty much
covered all potential interference.  Others, such as 1280, were like US
graveyard channels, with several stations fighting it out.  Still
others, including 1270, 1350, 1440, and 1450, had a strong buzz from
whoever was off frequency, making it hard to identify much of anything. 
Many stations signed off around midnight, reducing the interference
level quite a bit and revealing other stations that couldn't be heard
earlier in the evening.  The effect reminded me of DXing after midnight
on Monday mornings in the late 60's and early 70's, when many US &
Canadian stations had silent periods.  I didn't hear any Brazilians and
only one station from the Guianas, but they were in the one direction
that didn't have a coastal enhancement effect.   No Central Americans
were heard, either, and only one tentative Mexican.  Cuba and Hispanola
were surprisingly hard to hear - I only logged 4 Cubans, 2 Dominicans
and a tentative Haitian.  In retrospect, more Cubans were probably there
and just went unnoticed.   There were, in fact, a lot of channels with
good signals on them that I never nailed down simply due to lack of
time.  Overall, I heard somewhere between 27 and 30 countries, depending
on how you feel about a couple tentative logs.

The US stations weren't hard to pick out, since they were usually in
English (though some were in Spanish).  I think I heard around 15
states.  The easiest regular band station during the evening was
WSAI-1530 in Cincinnati, which had no co-channel interference to speak
of.  KYW in Philadelphia was putting up a good fight against the LA
stations on 1060, and several expanded band stations had good signals. 
The US was easier to hear after midnight, when stations as far away as
Fort Worth (WBAP) and Chicago (WGN WBBM WLS) were heard.  The strongest
US station after midnight seemed to be WRVA-1140 in Richmond.

The highlight for me was hearing a few Trans-Atlantic stations.  Vatican
Radio-1530 had the best TA signal.  Most of the others were from
somewhere near the Mediterranean, except for Ireland-567, which really
blew me away.  It would be interesting to know how TA reception was in
Europe and the eastern US/Canada at the time - I have absolutely no way
of knowing if the TA opening was good, bad, or average by local

Overall, this was a pretty exciting DX adventure, though not nearly long
enough.  I'm surprised there aren't more DX reports from this part of
the world, since it's close to the eastern US and it's a popular tourist
destination.  Maybe the islands' reputations as romantic getaway spots
are too incompatible with late night DX sessions ("You're not bringing
your radio? are you, dear?").  Any of the other islands in the area
would probably offer similar DX opportunities.  I was able to hear quite
a bit of interesting DX on a relatively modest setup.  Someone with a
communications receiver and a K9AY or Kiwa loop antenna could probably
hear all sorts of exotic stuff, especially on the eastern side of one of
the islands, where you'd have a direct shot at Africa and Brazil.

Now for the loggings:

530 	TURKS & CAICOS, 2304 12/5 loud signal w/some Grenada-535 splat. 
Not hrd during 	day.
535 	GRENADA, fair-good days & nights.  Good w/funeral anmts 2303 12/5.
550	PUERTO RICO, Ponce, WPAB, 2307 12/5 RCR promo & Radio 5-50 ID in SS
555 	ST KITTS, Basseterre, good days w/Zed Eye Zed IDs.  Seems to be AN
(still on 	0617 12/7)
560 	VENEZUELA, Pto Ordaz, YVRH, 2133 12/6, man & woman alternating
w/what sounded 	like news, woman gave Radio Nacional de Venezuela ID,
mixing w/Guyana.  Noted 	//1240 at 2147 recheck.
560 	GUYANA, Georgetown, 2159 12/6, good w/BBC Caribbean report, then
woman w/news 	"compiled in the newsroom of the Guyana Broadcasting
Corp".  Promo about 	advertising on GBC 2202.
567 	IRELAND, 0623 12/7 fair w/easy listening vocals, male ancr in EE
w/Irish accent. 	 A couple of clear "Radio One" IDs, then news 0630. 
This one was a major 	surprise and probably my best catch.
570 	USA, Asheville, WWNC 0624 12/7, atop w/ID "the stn that's first for
nx, wx & 	your all time country favorites, WWNC", then cw song.
570 	DOM REP, Sto Domingo, R Cristal, 0307 12/6 apparently the one
w/list of stations 	in Dominican cities, including Santiago, La Vega, La
Romana, & others I couldn't 	decipher.  Poor but briefly atop, then
570	CUBA, 0409 12/7, Reloj ticker fair in jumble
585 	SPAIN, Madrid, 0636 12/7 fair w/SS talk, sounded like news pgm,
w/distinctive 	musical riffs.  Strong enough to recognize words like
buenos dias & noticias, 	inflection was much more sharp and staccato
than Latin American Spanish.  Fair 	until 0645 then faded.
590 	DOMINICA, Roseau, has moved here from 595, good signal day &
night.  Has anmts & 	ads in EE & French patois.  Off by 0305 12/6,
leaves OC on AN.
600 	VENEZUELA, Cumana, YVQB, 1120 12/5 noted w/many "R Popular" IDs
during talk pgm, 	Also a couple ments of Sucre.  Not sure if that's the
name of the show or a 	relay of someone else.
610 	TRINIDAD, Port of Spain, 2200 12/5 good w/Hindi pgm, then "This is
NBN, National 	BCing Network, 610 AM, 91.1FM, 98.9FM & 100FM", then time
check & news.  Weak 	days in 660 splatter, i.e. 1738 12/6 w/Hindi mx &
EE anmts
612 	UNID, hets here & 621 around same time 567 & 585 were in 12/7.  Too
much 	splatter to get audio.  No other hets noted, so the opening was
apparently 	confined to the low end of the dial
620	ANTIGUA, St Johns, Radio ABS fair-good days & evening but suffered
from 660 	splatter 
620 	UNID, 0411 12/7 ID as Radio Estrellas Dias or something
phonetically similar, 	then ancr started talking about Supermercado 
Funda (?).  Doesn't match anything 	listed.
640 	GUADELOUPE, no sign of them, could only hear YVQO when I nulled
local 660 	splatter.  Probably either off the air or using drastically
reduced power.  DXLD 	reports they have been off due to the staff being
on strike.
660 	ST LUCIA, Radio St Lucia, 0359 12/6 s/off, to return at 5 a.m.,
then St Lucia 	NA. Mentioned FM freqs of 97.3 north and 97.7 south. 
Leaves carrier on AN 	w/noticeable amount of power line hum. Now the
only AM station on the island.  	Sideband splash noted from 610 to 680
an estimated 8-10 miles from xr site.  	Format is typical of other
stations in the area; a mix of different types of 	regional mx w/some
light rock/r&b/cw songs.
670	VENEZUELA, Caracas, YVLL, 0416 12/6 good w/political talk, which
sounded like a 	presidential address or something similar (can't say for
sure due to my very 	limited knowledge of Spanish).  Was
and 	probably a bunch of others.  Speech apparently ended 0454, when
everyone 	suddenly signed off.  Unfortunately I missed the s/off anmts
except maybe the 	one on 1340, but it was interesting to hear different
versions of the Venezuelan 	NA as I tuned down the dial.  Not sure why
they were airing the speech this 	late, other than many stations were
running sports play-by-play earlier that 	evening.
680 	VENEZUELA, Cumana, YVQR, 1846 12/6 SS talk w/mentions of Cumana, no
definite ID
680 	UNID, 2312 12/5 someone atop w/Radio le Rey mention, not sure if
ID, name of pgm 	or what.
690 	ANGUILLA, Caribbean Beacon, good signal with tedious religious
talks any time I 	tuned here day or night, never had the interest to
wait for an ID.  This station 	gets my vote for the world's most boring
700 	VENEZUELA, Pto Ordaz, YVPQ?? 0500 12/7 what sounded like a Radio
Sur ID, then ad 	w/ments of Venezuela 
705	ST VINCENT, fair days w/typical island type programming.  Never
really checked 	their s/off time
710 	USA, Miami, WAQI, 0402 12/7 long SS promo w/many Radio Mambi IDs,
also "WAQR 	Miami-Ft Lauderdale" ID in EE, seemed to go on forever. 
Finally went into talk 	show 0405, which opened with a few bars of
"Theme from a Summer Place".
720 	USA, Chicago, WGN 0516 12/5 good w/call ID & Business nx 
720 	VENEZUELA, Porlamar, YVQE 1137 12/5 full-blown ID w/Oriente slogan,
call, city, 	state, etc, then string of local ads.  Also 2206 12/5
monster signal w/R Oriente 	ID.  Third strongest signal during the day
after 660 local & Dominica-740.
730 	TRINIDAD, Port of Spain, 2203 12/5 news, local ad, sports (US
Basketball scores) 	& ID.  Strong but some YVQE-720 splatter.  Good at
other checks during evening 	12/5&6.   Not hrd during day due to 720/740
splatter & local terrain blockage.  	Seems to run BBCWS all night.
Nighttime QRM from a couple of SS stns I never 	identified.
740 	DOMINICA, the second strongest daytime signal after the 660 local. 
Uses 	"Caribbean Voice of Life" slogan, mostly Christian mx in various
Caribbean	 	styles, also nx from unid US network & a few canned
religious pgms.  Announcers 	spent most of their time asking for money
to keep the stn going - appeared to be 	the equivalent of pledge week
like on NPR/PBS, rather than something they do all 	the time.  Didn't
check s/off; WRTH lists it as 0100, which is probably correct.
740 	PUERTO RICO, San Juan, WIAC, 0123 12/7 strong w/Radio Puerto Rico
ID during 	sports broadcast
740 	UNID, 0521 12/5 Xmas greeting w/mention of Venezuela, Guyana, &
Armonias or 	similar sounding name, possibly listed YVNQ R Caroni.
750 	COLOMBIA, Medellin, HJDK, 0403 12/6 assume this was the one w/many
ments of 	Colombia during ad
750	VENEZUELA, Caracas, YVKS, 0101 12/5 strong w/RCR ID & mentions of
Caracas 	(pronounced cah rah CAHS)
760 	PUERTO RICO, Mayaguez, WORA, 0409 12/7, atop w/promo for Super
Kadena Noticias & 	ad for a place in Bayamon.
760	USA, Detroit, WJR, 0410 12/7  "?.JR news" hrd way u/WORA
770 	COLOMBIA, Bogota, HJJX, 0525 12/5 dominant o/2-3 others w/"Radio
Sucesos RCN" & 	"RCN Bucaramanga" IDs.  RCN Bogota ID good during nx
2319 12/6.
774	UNID, 2320 12/6, TA carrier w/bits of audio.  Spain?
780	USA, Chicago, WBBM 0408 12/7 atop w/traffic report
780 	BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, Roadtown, 0158 12/6 "Zed BVI, the AM
Advantage" ID & 	ads, then Reggae Christmas song "Santa Claus, Do You
Ever Come to the Ghetto?", 	s/off by woman 0201, then brief hymn and
GSQ.  Good daytime signal in St Lucia
790 	BARBADOS, Bridgetown, good daytime signal, also good nights w/minor
QRM, owned 	by a Catholic church group so has a fair amount of religious
content.  Still on 	0510 12/7 so probably AN.
800 	NETH ANT, Bonaire, 2004 12/5 w/CBN nx in EE, various religious
PSAs, fair signal 	all day.  Unimpressive night signal; the new antenna
system mustn't put much 	power to the east.  Trans World Radio ID by
woman 2328 12/6, then EE relig pgm.
800 	CANADA, Windsor, CKLW, 0406 12/6 good w/Canadian ads, then talk
810 	UNID, strong signal here both evenings 12/5&6 starting a couple
hours after LSS. 	 Mostly SS songs w/no anmts, at least whenever I
checked.  Had women reciting 	the rosary just after 0200 both nights,
also noted religious talks a couple of 	times.  Very strong, almost
local-like.  At the time I thought it was Bogota, 	but now I'm not sure.
810 	PUERTO RICO, San Juan, WKVM, 1958 12/5 fair w/nx in SS, WKVM ID in
SS by man 	2001, then short song w/call letters given a couple times
820	VENEZUELA, unid, 2230 12/5 woman ancr w/"La Musica Venezuela"
mention, then harp 	mx
820 	USA, Fort Worth, WBAP 0407 12/6 ID in passing mixing w/SS stns. 
830 	ST KITTS, R Paradise seems to be AN as was still on 0534 12/5 &
0510 12/7.  Good 	signal during day.
837	UNID TA het 0125 12/7
840 	USA, Louisville, WHAS, 0536 12/5 o/1-2 SS stns w/call ID &
teletalk, local nx 	0430 12/7.
840 	ST LUCIA, R Caribbean International is silent, called station & was
told "we're 	not on AM any more", now only on FM 96.5 & 101.1
840 	PUERTO RICO, Yabucoa, WXEW, 1202 12/6, R Victoria jingle & Xmas
greeting, then 	YL DJ w/ SS rock mx
860 	UNID 0540 12/5, bagpipe-like mx then man talking in low monotone
for a couple of 	minutes, not sure if EE or SS, then inst jazz o/unid
SS.  Probably the same 	station w/interesting chime & flute mx 0515
12/7.  Format suggests 	non-commercial/non-religious stn, possibly at a
University.  Any ideas?
860	VENEZUELA, 2225 12/6 either YVOL or YVYE, RCR ID & nx very strong
860 	DOMINICA, listed in WRTH but no sign of them, just a weak SS stn
here during the 	day.  Should've been easy given the blowtorch signals
from 590/740.  Probably no 	longer exists.
860 	VENEZUELA, San Cristobal, YVOL 0703 12/7 promo with several R
Mundial IDs in the 	jumble
860 	USA, Dunedin, WGUL, 0706 12/7, barely above the noise floor w/wx &
call ID, into 	Perry Como song
870 	USA, New Orleans, WWL 0543 12/5 probably the one w/Monday night FB
postgame show 	o/u unid SS
870 	VENEZUELA, Pto La Cruz, YVRU 1150 12/5 good w/Popular ID & nice
Venezuelan harp 	mx
870	UNID, 0433 12/7 someone w/ TCs & "(unreadable)?8-70" IDs after each
880 	USA, New York, WCBS 0551 12/5 call ID & "39 degrees in Central
Park" hrd u/YVYM
880 	VENEZUELA, Pto Ordaz, YVYM, 0549 12/5 good w/lively SS mx & Mundial
ID o/WCBS.  	0658 12/7 strong w/list of network affiliates including R
Venezuela - Caracas	 	(790), Tricolor - Barquisimeto (990), Mara Ritmo -
Maracaibo (900), Mil Ochenta 	- Maracay (1080), R Barinas - Barinas
(1190), R Carupano - Carupano (1110), R 	Bolivar - Cd Bolivar (1010), R
Allende? - Nueva Esparta (?), Ondas del Caribe - 	Estdo de Falcon
(1150), R Vallencia - Vallencia (1220), Mundial 8-80 - Pto Ordaz 
(slogans/cities are as copied over the air, I added the freqs based on
published 	listings).
882	UNID, TA het 2333 12/6 & 0130 12/7
890 	USA, Chicago, WLS, 0410 12/6 ID & time check atop freq w/some
Barbados-900 	splatter
890	UNID, 0517 12/7 someone playing SS covers of 60's soft rock songs
like "1-2-3 	Red Light" o/u WLS.
890 	CUBA, 0656 12/7 good o/WLS, woman w/1:56 TC, mentioned "Recuerdos
de los 	Cubanos" & "RC", then nx
895 	ST KITTS & NEVIS, 1202 12/5 string of local & other island ads, ID
as "The 	Powerhouse of the Eastern Caribbean, VON Radio", fair
w/Barbados-900 splatter.  	0202 12/7 just missed s/off anmt but caught
part of the St Kitts NA, some of 	which vaguely resembles the US anthem
900 	BARBADOS, seems to run BBCWS AN.  Good-strong day & night.
910 	VENEZUELA, Caracas, YVRQ 0022 12/6 good o/u unid SS teletalk w/R-Q
920 	VENEZUELA, Porlamar, YVQX, 1845 12/6 good w/ "Nueva Esparta, AM
920, la 	frecuencia de noticias" ID.  Also 0025 12/6 w/ID & short song
about themselves, 	good atop channel.
940 	VENEZUELA, Cantaura, YVRU, 2335 12/5 strong w/Radio Fe y Alegria
ID, same thing 	0420 12/7
960 	VENEZUELA, Maturin, YVRB, 12/5 2355 good w/R Monagas ID, then faded
960 	CUBA, R Reloj, 0414 12/6 dominant w/ nx, distinctive clock ticks,
"Reloj" ID 	tone & morse "RR" every minute
970	VENEZUELA, Barcelona, 2356 12/5 R Mundial ID mixing with others
1000 	VENEZUELA, Moron, YVNM, 1208 12/5 fair w/"Mil AM" slogan
1000 	VIRGIN ISLANDS (US), WVWI, undoubtedly the one w/network talk
shows in American 	EE weak all day u/Venezuela.  Too weak to tell much
1020 	VENEZUELA, La Asuncion, YVRS, 2022 12/5 strong w/varied SS mx,
ments of 	Margarita & Porlamar during ads
1030 	PUERTO RICO, San Juan, WOSO 0458 12/5 strong w/Jim Bohannon show &
"Total Radio 	WOSO" ID in EE
1040 	PUERTO RICO, Moca, WZNA,  2149 12/5, local ad, Notiuno jingle,
ancr said "somos 	la noticias", then nx
1044	UNID, 2341 12/6 TA carrier hetting 1040/1050, bits of audio but
nothing 	definitive
1050	VENEZUELA, Caracas, YVKA, 0030 12/6, RNV (which sounds like RNB) ID
atop the 	heap
1050	USA, New York, WEVD, 2244 12/6 talk show  & "Newstalk 10-50 WEVD"
amid jumble of 	LA stns
1053 	MOROCCO (tentative), 2150 12/5 het against jumble of LAs on 1050,
male talk 	surfaced 2358-2402, nothing ID'able at TOH, then gone.  Again
2233 12/6 	w/"mid-east" music (to use the term loosely), man & woman in
unid lang, then 	faded, back at 2249 w/possible Koranic recitations,
still there 2256 w/definite 	AA talk.  Woman spoke just before TOH, then
brief mx or news sounder 2300 & 	different woman in AA w/what sounded
like news.  
1060 	USA, Philly, KYW, 0600 12/5, legal ID, "all nx all the time"
slogan & time tone, 	good o/weak QRM
1060 	PUERTO RICO, Juana Diaz, WCGB, 2015 12/5 probably the one w/TC &
ads w/prices in 	dolares
1070 	COLOMBIA, Bogota, HJCG, 0535 12/7 good o/unid US talk show w/Radio
Santa Fe ID, 	into LA pops
1080 	VENEZUELA, YVQJ or YVNR, 0539 12/7 TC from Observatorio National
in Caracas, SS 	DJ then mx.
1090 	VENEZUELA, Caracas, YVSZ, 0732 12/7 good w/list of stns in
network, Union Radio 	ID into nx by woman
1090 	USA, Baltimore, WBAL, 0104 12/5 call ID & contest promo fair but
dominant, then 	U of MD basketball.
1100 	ANTIGUA, 0400 12/7 "Zed D K" jingle after 6 time pips, then
continued w/usual 	Caribbean mx, possibly AN.
1110 	VENEZUELA, Carupano, YVQT, 1952 12/5 loud w/elaborate R Carupano
ID, then lively 	SS mx.  Great signal all day & night
1120 	VENEZUELA, unid, 0351 12/6 vocal version of Venezuelan NA at
tune-in, obviously 	too late to ID it.  Dominant o/another SS & presumed
KMOX.  Tried the following 	night but whoever it was stayed on late for
the political speech (see 670).  Odd 	s/off time in any case. 3 stations
1120 	UNID, 0344 12/7 someone w/lively pop mx mostly o/KMOX & another
SS, seemed to 	give IDs in middle of songs, but haven't able to decipher
them yet.
1130	USA, New York, WBBR, 0326 12/6, traffic report for New York o/unid
1134 	SPAIN (tentative), 2249 12/6 woman talking, too weak to ID
language.  Still 	there 2255 recheck.  Definite Spanish talk 2304.
1140 	MEXICO(?), 0543-0550 & 0715-0728 12/7 unid stn w/Mariachi &
Ranchera mx, 	delivery very typical of Mexican stns.  Have several anmts
on tape, but haven't 	found an ID yet.  Tape available if someone wants
to have a go at it.  XEMR 	Monterey the most probable Mexican listed.
1140 	VENEZUELA, Porlamar, 0102 12/6 LV del Caribe, long elaborate ID
w/many ments of 	24 hrs, i.e. "Porlamar, LV del Caribe, con musica y
noticias las 24 horas del 	dia".  Hrd this anmt at least one other time,
but for some reason all I could 	hear after about 11 pm was a loud WRVA
& a couple of unIDs.  Had one of the 	strongest daytime signals in St.
Lucia and excellent signal at night.  Maybe 	they aren't AN yet but will
be soon.
1140 	USA, Richmond, WRVA, 0351 12/6 loud w/ads, Coast-to-Coast talk
show, "Newsradio 	1140 WRVA" ID, seemed to be mixing w/Porlamar OC. 
Possibly the strongest US stn 	after midnight.
1150	UNID, 0558 12/7 possible Suceso ID, chopped up by OC &/or low hets
1160 	ANTIGUA, CRL good day & night w/religious programs.  Never checked
further.  	Leaves OC on all night after s/off.  Seemed already off (OC
only) 0217 12/7
1160	UNID, someone's NA 0559 12/7, weak u/CRL OC, possible s/off
1170	USA, Wheeling 0559 12/7 atop w/legal ID, likely the one hrd earlier
w/canned 	religion
1180	USA, Marathon, 0600 12/7 good w/Radio Marti ID
1190 	PUERTO RICO, San Juan, WBMJ, 0100 12/6, ID in SS for WBMJ San Juan
& WIVV 	Viques, then SS relig pgm 
1200 	UNID, 0601 12/7 ID sounding like Radio Orloncion, didn't sound at
all like 	listed Dimension (YVSF) or Revolucion (Cuba)
1210 	VENEZUELA/PUERTO RICO, 1858-1901 12/6 confusing mix of YVZT & WHOY
at about 	equal strength.  YVZT w/R Anzoategui ID & ments of Barcelona,
WHOY w/R Hoy ID & 	ments of Puerto Rico
1230 	VENEZUELA, Caucagua, YVNT, 2143 12/6 echo-chamber ID as R
Barlevento after SS 	hip-hop song.  Good at first but gradually faded.
1240 	VENEZUELA, Punto Tumatey, YVNV, 0240 12/6 Radio America ID &
mentions of 	Venezuela good-strong, apparently either a program name or
alternate slogan for 	RNV.  Radio Nacional ID & nx //560 2148 12/6. 
0555 12/7 loud w/RNV ID & list of 	stns in the network.
1270 	CUBA, Camaguey, 0450 12/7 Reloj poor in jumble, only recognizable
parts were the 	morse "RR" every minute & occasional clock ticks
1270	UNID, someone off freq creating a loud growl 2334 12/6
1280	USA, New York, WADO, 0230 12/6, briefly surfaced w/"WADO 12-80 AM
New York" ID 	in EE during SS talk, then faded into jumble of several
other stns.
1280 	PUERTO RICO, Arecibo, WCMN, 0237 12/6, atop w/SS ID "WCMN 12-80 la
Grande de 	Arecibo" then song
1280 	VENEZUELA, 2359 12/6 someone w/song about Venezuela, not sure if
long jingle or 	a real song.  Two YV's listed.
1280 	HAITI, Port-au-Prince, R Citadelle (tentative), 0005 12/7 definite
French talk 	surfaced for a couple minutes, then faded into jumble
1280 	COLOMBIA, 0007 12/7, someone surfaced w/ads & Xmas greetings,
possible ID as 	"Super de Colombia".  HJTK?
1300 	NETH ANTILLES, St Martin, 1209 12/5 local nx in Carib EE, PJD2 ID,
then local 	ads, fair.  Also tried for Eustasis-1120 & Saba-1410, but
nothing hrd (both use 	low power)
1310 	MARTINIQUE, Ft de France, RFO was dropped from WRTH listing a few
years ago, but 	is still on the air.  Semi-local signal (about 25 miles
away), very low 	modulation level & has a tone in the background all the
time.  Probably AN.  	Local pgm w/ads 1159 12/6, then R Martinique ID &
nx.  Noted off 1220 12/6 but 	back on at recheck that afternoon. 
1330 	USA, New York, WWRV, 0154 12/7 bizarre sermon w/fiery EE preacher
& SS 	translator alternating back & forth a few words at a time. Figured
out who it 	was when he said something about Radio Vision, which
prompted me to check 530 	for a //, sure enuf they were.  Mixing
w/jumble of other stations.
1340 	VIRGIN ISLANDS (US), Charlotte Amalie, WSTA, 2011 12/5 community
bulletin board 	pgm w/many St Croix & St Thomas items.  The only USVI
stn I definitely ID'ed, 	aside from tentative on WVWI-1000
1340 	VENEZUELA, Caracas, YVNE, 0454 12/7 apparently the one w/ tail end
of s/off 	anmt, then vocal NA  
1350 	UNID 2355 12/6 someone off freq, creating a loud growl.  "Quality
Car Wash" ad 	in SS surfaced 2356, possibly WEGA.
1370 	COLOMBIA, Bogota, HJKX, 2358 12/6, atop w/R Mundial ID, mention
of  "Bogota, 	capital de Colombia"
1370 	PUERTO RICO, Viques, WIVV 2140 12/5 & other times religious pgms
in American 	English.  Didn't wait for ID but nothing else fits.
1380 	VENEZUELA, Pto Cabello, YVNG, 0224 12/5 good w/SS rock mx & Ondas
del Mar ID
1400 	GRENADA, Harbor Lights, 2121 12/5 and many other times, strong
w/religious pgms, 	never waited for definite ID.  Off before 0300 12/6 &
just an OC 0141 12/7, so 	seems to s/off early
1410 	UNID, 0211 12/7 "?la (something) mismo?" ID?? Fair but atop at end
of song.
1420 	PUERTO RICO, Ponce, WUKQ, 2135 12/5 SS atop w/Puerto Rico
mentions.  Probably 	WUKQ.  Het from 1422.
1430	PUERTO RICO, Cauguas, WNEL, 0609 12/7 strong w/ Notiuno ID
1430 	VENEZUELA, Pto La Cruz, 1152 12/6 local ads, TC, then man w/nx.  R
Bahia ID 1850 	12/6.
1440 	UNID, Loud growl (a few hundred Hz het) here all evening 12/5 &6. 
Cleared up 	some time after midnight.  If I'd had more time I could have
nailed down the 	offender's s/off time.
1450 	UNID, loud growl (a few hundred Hz) here all evening 12/5 & 6
making it hard to 	decipher anything else.  Noticed it was gone when I
checked around 0600, not 	sure when the culprit signed off.
1470 	VENEZUELA, Carupano, YVSY, 1215 12/5 loud w/R Vibracion ID &
Cumbia mx.  Strong 	signal day and night.  Still on 0610 12/7 so
probably AN
1480 	PUERTO RICO, Fajardo, WMDD, 1945 12/5 long string of ads for
Fajardo businesses, 	then "(something) 14-80" jingle into mx
1490 	PUERTO RICO, Ponce, WLEO, 1939 12/5 tuned in during "?onca, 14-90
AM" ID, then 	several Puerto Rico ads
1500 	VENEZUELA, Cumana, YVRZ, 1847 12/6 "Dos Mil" ID & mentions of
Cumana.  Good 	signal all day.
1500	USA, Washington, WTOP, 0139 12/7 call ID, traffic report & wx
1512 	UNID, Screamer het 2138 12/6, never produced audio despite many
rechecks and 	very little 1510 QRM.
1520	PUERTO RICO, San Juan, WVOZ, 1148 12/6 soft SS vocals & La Voz ID.
1521 	SAUDI ARABIA, 2030 12/5 first noted as a het, male talk surfaced
2123 but not 	enough to ID the language.  Remained a het most of the
evening.  Surfaced again 	2056 12/6 w/Middle Eastern mx (male vocal),
easily separable from 1520, anmt by 	man in Arabic 2100 seemed to match
ID listed in WRTH, then mx fanfare & talk.  	Good level 2105 recheck
w/male talk.
1530 	VATICAN CITY, 2110 12/5, Vatican Radio IS, then SS rlgs pgm to
2130, woman 	w/Radio Vaticana ID, then IS & PP pgm.  Fair-good signal. 
Again 2109 12/6 fair 	w/IS & "Radio Vaticana, programa espanol" ID. 
This was far and away the easiest 	TA.  1530 was essentially a QRM free
channel until WSAI faded in.
1530 	USA, Cincinnati, WSAI, 2252 12/5 ID & Christmas song, noted later
w/U of 	Kentucky basketball, plus various other times w/adult standards.
Had the 	frequency pretty much to themselves both nights.
1539	UNID TA het around sunset 12/6.  Way too much ZNS1 QRM to get any
1540 	BAHAMAS, Nassau, ZNS1, 0045 12/5 "National Voice of the Bahamas"
ID during 	"Night Time Serenade" pgm.  Strong most of the time at night
w/only traces of 	weak QRM.
1548 	UNID, TA het around sunset 12/7.  Kuwait??
1550 	VENEZUELA, Los Teques, YVMW, 0206 12/6 fair but dominant w/R
Metropolitana ID
1560 	PUERTO RICO, Bayamon, WRSJ 0209 12/6 good w/"NCN" ID during
Christmas greeting, 	then SS monologue
1570 	DOMINICAN REP, Sto Domingo, HIAJ, 2301 12/5, R Amancer
Internacional ID after 	religious pgm.  Dominant.
1580 	VENEZUELA, Cumana, YVTK, 2026 12/5 good w/promo for "Radionovelas
de 	Manzanares", sounded like they were giving previews of coming
shows.  Good 	signal all day.
1580 	VENEZUELA, 0016 12/6 & various other times, someone //YVRQ-910. 
Also 2134 12/6 	w/Venez NA & start of a sporting event //910.  Generally
dominant all evening 	w/1-2 other stns sometimes mixing, better signal
than 910 most of the time.  	Signal strength suggests YVTK, which was in
well all day.  The other 2 listed 	YV's are pretty far away.
1580 	UNID, 0601 12/5, ID sounding  like "R Patris?AM Central", didn't
have tape 	running at the time
1580 	UNID, 2106 12/5 unid SS talk w/3 decending chimes repeated in
1590	PUERTO RICO, Guyama, WXRF, 2049 12/6 possible ID giving PO Box in
San Juan 
1600 	PUERTO RICO, Bayamon, WLUZ, 2045 12/6 Puerto Rico ads & mention of
1602	UNID TA het from well before to well after sunset 12/5&6, but never
heard any 	audio.  
1610 	ANGUILLA, Caribbean Beacon, religion day & night.  See 690 for
additional 	comments.
1660 	USA, 2326 12/5 good o/unid US stn w/many R Unica IDs.  I thought I
had something 	really exotic until they said R Unica & Nueva York in the
same breath!  Note 	that the Argentine is listed as R Unidad, a
potential source of confusion.  Unid 	w/adult standards in background.
1680 	USA, 2332 12/5 sports talk, not //1700, fair signal.  Apparently
WTTM Princeton, 	NJ
1690 	USA, Lexington Park, WPTX, 2329 12/5 I assume this was the
Talkradio net stn 	here, good w/network ads & PSAs, but dead air where
local anmts should've gone.
1700	USA, Miami Sprs, WAFN 2328 12/5 probably the one w/sports talk at
good level

FM Bandscan:
I also managed to check out the FM band a couple of times.  Here's what
I heard in the way of locals (it's quite different from the published
94.5	"The Wave, St. Lucia's New Rhythm & Soul"
96.5	Radio Caribbean International (Southern part of the island), not
heard but is 	here per phone call to station
97.3	Radio St. Lucia //660AM/97.7FM (Northern half of the island)
97.7	Radio St. Lucia //660AM/97.3FM (Southern half of the island), not
heard but is 	here per signoff announcement
100.1	Helen FM, also ID's as "Radio 100" and "The One"
100.3	Helen FM, //100.1 not heard but listed on their web site
101.1	Radio Caribbean International (Northern part of the island) //96.5
103.5	Helen FM, //100.1 not heard but listed on their web site
105.3	Radio Koulibwi, ID's as "The Hot One" and "Rocking the Caribbean,
Hot FM"
I also heard a couple of weak French stations (probably Martinique) on
99.5 and 102.0, as well as weak religious stations (probably on other
islands) on 91.8 and 102.5, and probably could have found some more if
I'd spent more time on FM.
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