[HCDX] Tocobaga DX #55
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[HCDX] Tocobaga DX #55

TOCOBAGA DX #55 - 16 December, 2000
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"Florida Low Power Radio Stations" is at: http://home.earthlink.net/~tocobagadx/flortis.html

Terry L Krueger, Copyright 2000.  Retransmit or quote only with full credit given to TOCOBAGA DX and all attributed sources.  All times/dates are GMT, frequencies are kiloHertz unless otherwise stated. 

Some logs included below are from a beach trip at Ft. DeSoto (southern Pinellas county), which are indicated as: [FTDS].  There’s something special about listening to the radio on a fine beach where it’s 82-degrees, while grumpy old people in landlocked, rectangular states are digging out of snow.


530 TURKS & CAICOS IS. R Vision Cristiana, 1555 Dec. 15, good w/ SP preacher, ID.  No trace of the Sanibel Island wildlife refuge TIS, which has usually been threshold as far north as Ft. DeSoto.  [FTDS] 

550 ALABAMA WASG, Atmore, 1558-1610 Dec. 15, xlnt signal, promo by pastor for a church.  ID at ToH as “WASG Atmore and WGCX Navarre-Pensacola-Ft. Walton Beach” then into “SRN News” satellite feed.  At 1605, more promos for churches, into satellite-fed Bob Dornan (Robert K. Dornan, ex-CA congressman) talk show.  WGCX is the FM affiliate on 95.7 (“Praise 95”).  [FTDS] 

800 USA unID, 1610 Dec. 15, fair w/ EG preacher.  [FTDS] 

870 LOUISIANA WWL, New Orleans, 1611 Dec. 15xlnt w/ talk show, ID.  [FTDS] 

900 USA two unID’s: 1612 Dec. 15, NE signal strong with sports radio; gospel vocals North/South.  [FTDS] 

910 CUBA R Metropolitana, Guanabacoa, Ciudad de la Habana, 1618-1622 Dec. 15, several “R Metropolitana” ID’s, babble and vocals, very good, w/ Reloj (Bolondron, Matanzas) very poor underneath.  [FTDS] 

920 UNIDS 2258 Dec. 15, big messy hets. [FTDS] 

950 FLORIDA WTLN, Orlando, 1622 Dec. 15, xlnt when Reloj nulled w/ Christian book hawking, “AM 950 WTLN” ID.  [FTDS] 

1090 CUBA R Cadena Habana, La Salud, La Habana, 1120 Dec. 15, fair w/ very bad 60 cycle hum, parallel strong (and humless) 1080, as well as very good 1100 and 1120.  Novella.  [FTDS] 

1210 CUBA R Sancti Spiritus, Sancti Spiritus, 2146 Dec. 15, t/in to M, “Emisora Provincial, R Sancti Spiritus” and nice oldie Cuban vocals.  [FTDS] 

1210 PENNSYLVANIA WPHT, Philadelphia, 2155-2201 Dec. 15, xlnt w/ conclusion of Tom Gerano (sp?) talk show, “Talk Radio 1210, The Big Talker, WPHT, Philadelphia” and into nx.  [FTDS] 

1519.90 UNID 0238+ Dec. 13, emphatic, ‘crying’ SP preacher.  0300 probable ID in tlk by M, but not copied in the mess, then back to preaching.  Also noted at 1111 w/ SP gospel vocals, 1115 reverb SP M promo for Christian program, into SP M preacher at 1138 w/ two refs to “Guatemala.”  Local morning reception would indicate this is a Honduran or Guatemalan. 

1519.98 COLOMBIA Ecos del Palmar, 0240-0510 Dec. 13, one of at least three Latins hovering around 1520.  Local accordian/folk songs and SP pop mx, commercials, M anncr, frequent W canned “la fiesta de deciembre” station promos.  Finally a clear Id at 0357 by M, “Esta es Ecos del Palmar… HJLI… en Distrito…” followed by Colombian national anthem, but did not s/off.  Continued in and out of the station mix through t/out. 

1520.06 UNID “15-20,” 0240-0510 Dec. 13, another SP evangelical mystery from Latin America.  Preacher, reading of names at 0325, also a W anncr.  After 0400, into modern SP Christian vocals, frequent “Quince-veinte” reverb slogans between songs.  Occasional “Radio (two syllable) 15-20” also, and one “Emisora Cristiana en…”  Any idea who this and 1519.9 is, Finns, Danes and Swedes? 

1610 FLORIDA WKWF, Key West, 2114 Dec. 15, in passing w/ “Sports Radio 1600, WKWF” M canned ID, good but through tight null.  [FTDS] 

1610 TEXAS KALT, Atlanta, 1123-1140 Dec. 15, the newest X-bander, I guess.  Good w/ satellite “Coast To Coast” talk show, commercials for the “Afterdark Newsletter” and various quack products, back to “Coast To Coast” at 1135, with Beach Boys “Kokomo” bumper mx.  Also noted around 2250 from Ft. DeSoto w/ “Dr. Laura” trash talk.  The final nail in the coffin for TIS DX. 

3289.74 GUYANA GBS, 2238-2250 Dec. 14, end of song, EG M anncr w/ discussion of local issues.  Fair in QRM on signal fade-in around sunset. 

4898.8V DOMINICAN REPUBLIC R Barahona, 0322-0344 Dec. 11, nonstop bachata, except for occasional M canned ID’s.   Bad modulation, and warbling +/- .05 kHz. 

5010 CHINA CPBS, Bejing, 2252-2301 Dec. 14, CH M emphatic talk, time sounders, M w/ nx over orchestral fanfare intro.  Presumed site.  Good. 

6000 CUBA ICRT’s "Cuban Round Table: The Battle of Ideas" program (in Spanish, via RHC xmtr), 2301-2315 Dec. 14, xlnt w/ discussion on Putin’s visit and dire US-Cuba relations with a new Bush in power.  This is the program that is airing Monday-Friday via RHC transmitters and the Rebelde network (parallel MW and 5025 here).  Still haven’t caught the start time, but did note regular Rebelde programming still in progress on Dec. 15, around 5 p.m. local (2200 GMT).  Usually concludes early-mid eves, local. 

6130.05 CANADA CHNX, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2315-2330 Dec. 12, t/in to Beatles “I Saw Her Standing There” followed by W DJ w/ “You’re listening to Oldies 96” and into the “CHNS Weather Center.”  Commercials, more oldies.  Xlnt signal. 

99.9 MHz FLORIDA “WECX” Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, 1510 Dec. 15, open carrier only (presume someone forgot to turn the transmitter off before leaving for Christmas break).  Carrier still there on the return home around 2300.  Stereo, low power/unlicensed.  [FTDS] 

102.1 MHz FLORIDA (PIRATE) “Hot 102,” Palmetto, 2130-2145 Dec. 15, very good w/ oldie R&B and blues set, then Afro-American M anncr w/ ID, into urban/rap.  Stereo.  [FTDS] 

102.1 MHz FLORIDA (PIRATE) “102.1 - WFLX  - Southside Radio,” St. Petersburg, rechecking “Hot 102” in Palmetto at 2227, this one signed on and completely blocked the “Hot 102” signal.  T/in to the classic Peter Tosh “Downpressor Man” track, anncr Don Jay w/ usual assortment of reggae, Jamaican house mx and hip-hop.  A little later, aired (seems to be daily roughly this time) “Caribbean News Magazine,” presumably satellite-captured nx.  Today’s program included the complete Al Gore consession and George W. Bush acceptance speaches, underway at 2250 t/out.  Stereo, huge signal.  Later, on the drive home, aired a female recorded promo, “St. Pete Beach, Clearwater, Largo, you’re listening to WFLX…” and promo for Saturday morning show (6-9 I think).  Anncr Don Jay frequently opened the phone line for requests, and frequently announced the studio number.  [FTDS] 

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