Re: [HCDX] Tocobaga DX #55
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Re: [HCDX] Tocobaga DX #55

>1520.06 UNID “15-20,” 0240-0510 Dec. 13, another SP evangelical mystery from Latin America.  Preacher, reading of names at 0325, also a W anncr.  After 0400, into modern SP Christian vocals, frequent “Quince-veinte” reverb slogans between songs.  Occasional “Radio (two syllable) 15-20” also, and one “Emisora Cristiana en…”  Any idea who this and 1519.9 is, Finns, Danes and Swedes?
* 1520.06 is R Minuto. See 1520.2 listing at 
As for the 1519.9 I don´t know. But there are plenty of evangelicals around this channel. Even Ecos
del Palmar 1519.98 may carry evangelical programmings in the early morning.