[HCDX] LOGS 16-17
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[HCDX] LOGS 16-17

MYANMAR 5985.84 R Myanmar 1414 with pop songs . USB and marginal level this time 1417 with talks in Bamar and abt S3-4 After 14 18 with bamar folk songs and on 1430 with 'american country'
Also 4725 R MYanmar was also audible wth S5-7 at +10 db DContinuous refs to Manama by YL in BA including also many EG words ON 1515 seems to be english Signal 22432
Liangas 16 Dec THS Greece

ITALY /SICILY (p)10942 NF? AFN 1308 with NPR News ( EG) and S8 /34443
Liangas 16 Dec THS Greece

CHN 4785 Neimengu PBS 1502 with talks by OM and YL in mongol
Liangas 16 Dec THS Greece
CHN 4815 CRI seems to have this freq activated back on 1505 with russian , S3 22333
Liangas 16 Dec THS Greece

NEPAL 5005 R Nepal 1516 , OM in news in nepali S7 33423 Liangas 16 Dec THS Greece

TAJIKISTAN 4635 Tajik R 1839 with folk song , 1845 with news in tajik till 1859 Then it seems again with news (?) after 1900 , 3433
Liangas 16 Dec THS Greece

RUSSIA 4485 was on 1905 /16.12 with S9+10
Liangas 16 Dec THS Greece

PNG (t) 4890 quite good on 17.12 2009 at S2 but heard relatively well. Prg : music , 24232
Liangas 17 Dec THS Greece

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