[HCDX] Vanuatu 4960 kHz
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[HCDX] Vanuatu 4960 kHz


this morning (18 DEC) I finally heard not only a carrier on 4960 kHz, but
also some talk and music. Time: 0705-0734 UTC (best 0710-0720). It could be
Radio Vanuatu.

But what is my question: in this mailist I read about an old and new IS.
What I heard this morning was drums and fluctuating tone of a flute, like
this: ~~~~~. It was repeated every ca. 10 minutes.
On Michael Schnitzer´s audio clip of Radio Vanuatu there is another tune.

I think I could not hear anything else than Vanuatu on that frequency and at
that time, but I am still a bit confused by the two different tunes.

Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic

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