[HCDX] Coming soon to CBL's old frequency
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[HCDX] Coming soon to CBL's old frequency

After several weeks testing with only open carrier, heard Dec. 18 1900-1930
EST (0000-0030 UTC, Dec. 19) testing w/music and voice announcements.
Played a motley variety of nostalgia and Big Band tunes, a few Christmas
songs, as well as some 50s oldies such as Fats Domino’s Walking to New
Orleans. Lots of dead air (30-45 seconds) between songs.  Announcement at
1930: “AM 740 is now test broadcasting in order to bring you the best music
ever made, from Glenn Miller and Perry Como, to Anne Murray, Dionne Warwick
and Céline Dion.  Premiering Monday, January 8th, this is Prime Time Radio,
AM 740”.

I have NO #$%^!&* IDEA WHAT THE CALLS WILL BE!!  But it's a pretty good bet
that call letters will exist only on paper in a CRTC office in Ottawa.  They
will likely use only "Prime Time Radio", joining Fan 590, 680 News, Talk
640, and all the other Canadian non-IDers.


Mike Brooker
99 Wychcrest Ave.,
Toronto, ON  M6G 3X8
(416) 536-7406

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