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RADIOMAG - a new Australian publishing venture!

I am pleased to advise that the first edition of a new monthly independent
Australian commercial radio publication will shortly be on sale at
newsagents across the nation. It is titled "RADIOMAG", edited and published
by Chris Edmondson, former editor of "Radio and Communications" magazine.

A marketing rollout commences this week,which includes very lucrative
discounts and reader competitions! Cover price will be a pleasant surprise!

RADIOMAG will have a team of expert, experienced staff writers. It's hoped
to have RADIOMAG on sale in newsagents, as well as mail out subscription
copies, in a very short time from final editorial copy date.

I have accepted a contract to write for RADIOMAG, and I am managing a
department titled "Broadcast Monitor", covering shortwave, medium-wave, and
FM. I will also be preparing other articles related to new equipments,
antennas, book reviews, DX-peditions, propagation, and information of
interest to new listeners.

Some of you may recall that I worked very closely with Chris when "Amateur
Radio Action" magazine was created many years ago, and I prepared the
shortwave listening department there for a long time. ARA ultimately became
"Radio and Communications", absorbing "CB Action" magazine, but I was forced
to withdrawn from the editorial role due to pressure of work and family

You will find lots of interesting features and news in RADIOMAG, in support
of all forms of radio broadcasting and transmission, designed for radio
enthusiasts, general electronics hobbyists and experimenters!

My own department will concentrate on shortwave, with something for all
levels and fields of interest, including Station Profiles, items about
International broadcasting developments, really fresh and up-to-date news
and schedules, Shortwave by Continents, a special "World Tropical Band DX
Report", QSL information, a beginner's segment, and lots more! As well as
drawing on my relatively short experience in radio monitoring (about 45
years I think!) I will also integrate news from the large network of sources
available to me, including my global contacts as a professional
communications engineer and monitoring hobbyist.

I will also feature share quality information sent to me from monitoring
friends and colleagues here in Australia and around the world. My column
will NOT be a repetition of questionable, and irrelevant "cut and paste"
mass E-mailed items snatched from overseas newsgroups, but carefully
compiled information based on reliable and accurate sources.

I plan to include the six-monthly "English Shortwave Broadcasts to
Australia" listing: it has been many years since this was last published in
a commercial magazine, so here is the big opportunity!

Within Australia, I am setting up a "BROADCAST MONITOR NETWORK", of
enthusiastic listeners in all States and Territories, who would work with me
in submitting news and information of interest to all readers. I have also
initiated dialogue with the Australian Radio DX Club, as the only remaining
national hobby monitoring group in this country, for special editorial

----->> If you are located in Australia, and would like to be part of the
"BROADCAST MONITOR NETWORK", please contact me without delay! If you have
ideas or suggestions as to what should be included in Broadcast Monitor, let
me know! The column will emphasise reader contributions, in developing a
RADIOMAG community. (Anything special I will need to talk first of all with
the boss, Chris!)

If you are a broadcasting station, DX Club, writer, communications media
producer, broadcast consultant, or anyone, anywhere, with an involvement or
interest in radio broadcasting, please forward any information to me which
you would like considered for publication in "BROADCAST MONITOR", and full
credit will be given to you or your organisation for any items published.

If you are already a recipient of the "Electronic DX Press", you do not need
to contact me again, as all EDXP material will be considered for RADIOMAG!
Obviously, the column will focus on reception in Australia, NZ and the
Pacific Islands.

When you read your first copy, you will see that a special, unique, E-mail
address is given for direct contributions from readers to Broadcast Monitor:
this is monitor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx It is working already, if you would like to
try it out, and messages are automatically diverted to my normal E-mail

Don't forget to visit the RADIOMAG Home Page for the latest news on this new


General requests for subscription information and advertising arrangements
may be directed to the Publisher (addresses below)

I look forward to your support for "Broadcast Monitor" in RADIOMAG!

Bob Padula

404 Mont Albert Road
Surrey Hills,
Victoria 3127
Tel/FAX: +61 3 9898 2906
E-mail: bobpadula@xxxxxxxxxxx

--- RADIOMAG ---
General information about RADIOMAG is available from:

Chris Edmondson, VK3CE
Publisher and Editor,
Box 123,
Eagle Heights,
Queensland 4271

07 5545 0666 phone
07 5545 0622 facsimile
0417 35 3599 mobile

Web page: http://www.radiomag.com

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