[HCDX] LW DX from western Canada
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[HCDX] LW DX from western Canada

Hi all,
   Joe Talbot has already posted our SW catches for the past weekend.  Here
is the LW DX we snagged on our DX get together in Lamont, Alberta, Canada
(just northeast of Edmonton).  Participating were Don Moman, Mickey
Delmage, Joe Talbot, and myself.  We enjoyed some of the best LW conditions
for ages.  In this area hearing anything through all the beacons above 200
khz is exceptional.  We may have enjoyed some European MW DX too, if we'd
noticed beforehand that a moose had taken out most of the European
beverage.  Regrettably though, temperatures in the -20's with high winds
tend to discourage extensive antenna patrols!   

153	NORWAY, Ingoy		0531	17 Dec
	Good signal, with music of the folk type, followed by two men
	discussing the music.  This one was also noted at 1317 with pop
	vocals and Norwegian version of "Let It Snow".

162	FRANCE, Allouis	0546	17 Dec
	Man interviewing another man in the studio.  Very consistent signal,
	in for several hours on both the 17th and 18th.

177	GERMANY, Oranienburg		0035	18 Dec
	Talks by both man and woman in German.  For some reason this one was
 	good at times on the 18th, but had been only barely audible on the 17th.

183	GERMANY, Saarlouis		0507	18 Dec
	In French, with discussion of European security.  Not noted on the 17th.
189	ICELAND, Gufuskalar		0158	17 Dec
	Celine Dion song, news by a man at 0200.   This one is usually the best
	(and often the only) European LW station heard here, and was at very
	good levels at times on both the 17th and 18th.

198	ENGLAND, Droitwich	0455	18 Dec
	Last few minutes of a drama presentation, then into "The World Today"
	at 0500.  Much better signal on the 18th than the 17th.

207	ICELAND, Eidar	0604	17 Dec
	70's song by Dr.Hook.  Was parallel to 189 khz.  Not heard on the 18th.

216	FRANCE, Roumoules	0558	17 Dec
	Man speaking in French, possible hurried ID at 0600, then went into
	football (soccer for us North American types) scores.  Not heard on the

Nigel Pimblett
Medicine Hat, Alberta

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