[HCDX] Bolivian Radio Info
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[HCDX] Bolivian Radio Info

The Bolivian Telecom Authority 'Superindentencia de Telecomunicaciones' -
SITTEL - has web site at:


There's information on licensees on the 'Operadores' -page. It includes a
downloadable Word -document of licensed radio stations dating from

News can be found in 'Publicacíones'. For example - in October you can read

"... Las dos radiodifusoras que se adjudicaron las frecuencias en onda corta
son Radio Patujú (Trinidad) que operará en 6.005 kHz. y ofertó 5025 Bs. y
Radio Mauro Nuñez (Villa Serrano) en 6.055 kHz con una oferta de 4.200
bolivianos por la frecuencia. ..."

All the resolutions (new licences, new fqys, call changes etc.)  of the year
2000 can be found at http://www.sittel.gov.bo/rsl2000.htm in downloadable
Excel -file.

Frequency lists (in Excel -format) are on 'NOMENCLATOR DE

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