[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash - 12/21/00
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[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash - 12/21/00

         WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  December 21 2000
                          Vol 6  No 37

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Deadline for next issue - Thursday, December 28 2000 @ 1400 UTC

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2001 NRC Convention will be in Pittsburgh PA

 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - lynnhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxx

    1/ 7/01 Sun - 0200-0300 - KNUS -  710 - Denver CO (PG)
    1/ 7/01 Sun - 0200-0300 - KRKS -  990 - Denver CO (PG)
    1/ 7/01 Sun - 0200-0300 - KBJD - 1650 - Denver CO (PG)
    2/ 4/01 Sun - 0000-0200 - WILM - 1450 - Wilmington DE (NRC)

Sunday, January 7, 2001 - KNUS-710/KRKS-990/KBJD-1650, Denver, CO will 
conduct a DX test from 2:00-3:00 am EST. Programming will include Morse 
code, unusual music, and other readily identifiable programming. The 
programming will be simulcast on all 3 stations. The stations will 
probably run day power / non-DA the first half hour and standard night 
power / patterns the second half hour.  The stations would also like 
feedback from listeners by telephone during this event. The telephone 
numbers will be 303-631-2328 and 303-696-1971.

Reception reports may be sent to:
ATTN: Gregg Cassidy.
3131 S. Vaughn Way, Suite 601
Aurora, CO 80014-3510

E-mail: DJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 (Arranged by Patrick Griffith.)

Sunday, February 4, 2001 - WILM-1450, Wilmington, DE will conduct a DX 
test from 12:00-2:00 am EDT. WILM will play "unusual programming", 
sirens, and Morse code IDs. Allan Loudell, Program Manager of WILM, is 
preparing a special 25th anniversary yellow QSL card. Calls to the 
station may be placed at (302) 656-9800 - NO COLLECT CALLS, PLEASE!!!

Reception reports may be sent to:
Allan Loudell
Program Director
WILM News Radio
1215 French St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
 (Arranged by Blaine Thompson for the NRC CPC)

If you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-mail
or in rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a
station, please remember to include return postage with your
PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a
card, letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for
going to the trouble to run a test!



***Karel Honzik - karel.honzik@xxxxxx

  Yesterday (DEC 13 around 1750 UTC) I heard Quran on 1405.41 kHz. Not 
Strong. I think it could be Lybia (Holy Quran Program, Tripolis, 20 kW), 
drifted from 1404 kHz. No talk, just singing. It is in fact the only 
possibility to hear this program as it is not relayed on any other MW 

***Roberto - bclsiciliaclub@xxxxxxxxx]

Also I've listened to this. I confirm you that is Lybia drifted from 
1404. ID at 1830 UTC.

***Ruud Vos - shack@xxxxxx

  Station 1584AM-Radio Paradise is back on the air again, after some 
weeks being off the air. Signal strength is very good, better then 
before, it soundsmuch more fresh. I like to know how the reception is at 
your location. If you wish a QSL, you can send your reports to:

Ruud Vos
QSL Manager 1584AM
J.Overdijkstraat 59
Utrecht 3551 VG

Please enclose a IRC or dollar for return postage. Good luck and fine 

**Tom Dimeo - radio@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  WWKL 1460 here in Harrisburg Pennsylvania which is owned by Clear 
Channel is also running an "All Christmas-All the Time" format.  
Previously WWKL FM 99.3 oldies was on 1460 with occasional break aways 
for NASCAR and Phillies baseball.
  Wonder if other Clear Channel stations are doing this?

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

>From phillyradio.com:
  "Beasley Broadcasting has brought the WWDB calls back to life in 
Philadelphia. Religious WTEL 860 / Philadelphia is now WWDB -- again 
(for the second time since last February) -- this time with a brokered 
business news/talk format as "Money Talk 860AM." WWDB is mainly 
simulcasting sister station WSBR-AM/Boca Raton, FL."
  "After being bumped from WFPG Talk Radio 1450, Bruce Williams has 
returned to the area on WONZ 1580/Hammonton. His show will be carried 
live on WONZ from 7-10PM while sister station WOND 1400/Pleasantville 
will carry the weekend portions of his show in the same timeslot. WONZ 
was simulcasting sister station `ESPN Radio 1490` WGYM/Pleasantville 
prior to adding Bruce Williams." ( This isn't specific as to whether or 
not WONZ is dropping the ESPN simulcast at other times.... - RjE)

**Robert Foxworth - rfoxwor1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

WSUN-910 Plant City FL maybe silent
  Thought I had a new discovery Saturday with R. Metropolitana, Cd. de 
la Habana, on 910 with s-7 signal in clear at 0945 local time 16 Dec. 
Turns out that Terry Krueger beat me to it (see HCDX). Apparently my 
semilocal WSUN 910 in Plant City, FL has been silent at least Sat 
through today (Monday) which allowed the Cuban to be easily hrd daytimes 
here (Tampa FL). Will keep checking to see if this is intentional long-
term. There is nothing audible here behind Metropolitana which, BTW has 
a refreshing variety of locally produced programming.
  On a similar topic my local WFLA-970 apparently is on regular sked 
with 25 kW as I hrd local announcers refer to it, had some off-and-on 
with the carrier during the day a couple weeks ago. But no big on-air 
promition I've heard. 73 Bob F


  Wsun has been dark now for at least three weeks.a valiant effort at a 
50s format but...orlando sentinals radio collumn has informed us that 
whoo 990khz has been sold to abc and will be dropping "the music of your 
life"radio dizzy will be taking its place.

**Paul Smith, W4KNX - sunray2@xxxxxxx

>From the Tampa Bay Radio News site: 
  910 WSUN Goes Dark [12/05/00]
  On Friday Dec. 1st, Cox flipped the switch and turned off 910 WSUN. 
Details remain sketchy. What we've heard was that Cox, having recently 
sold WSUN-AM to Salem was running the station in a ''trust'' of sorts, 
as SALEM paved the way to deal the newly aquired 50's oldies outlet to 
GENESIS. When December 1st arrived, Cox was told by Salem to basically. 
"Turn It Off". We assume the deal to pass off 910 to Genesis is dead, 
and we know a great number of 50's oldies fans have been left wondering 
just where their station has gone, and if their format of choice will 
ever return to the dial in Tampa Bay.
  To inject my own opinion here:  The 50's format would work well here 
in Florida, here in God's waiting room, and the home of the hanging 
chad. However, this was one of the worst programmed juke boxes that I've 
ever heard.  Playlist was only about 100 songs.  RIP.
  Soon it will reemerge as a brokered religious outlet, or brokered 
infomercials... Too Bad.
  The big question here is where will that famous call sign re-emerge?

*Robert Foxworth - rfoxwor1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I recently posted the info about Metropolitana-910 being audible in 
Tampa due to WSUN being off. David Coons writes to say that WSUN has 
been silent for 3 weeks now. And in HCDX, Pentti Lintujarvi of Helsinki 
advises that one can find Metropolitana's website at 
http://www.metropolitana.islagrande.cu which includes a soundbite of 
their ID and some news items.  73 Bob F

**Tom Dimeo - Harrisburg PA - radio@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  Heard the new Canadian station on 740 testing from about 8:50 PM to 
present time, 9:20 eastern.  They are playing Christmas music, nostalgia 
music and oldies with a several second pause between songs.  Shortly 
after 9:00 there was a voice announcement about a test transmission, and 
something like Prime Time AM 740.

**Mike Brooker - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

  After several weeks testing with only open carrier, heard today 1900-
1930 EST testing w/music and voice announcements.  Played a motley 
variety of nostalgia and Big Band tunes, a few Christmas songs, as well 
as some 50s oldies such as Fats Domino's Walking to New Orleans. Lots of 
dead air (30-45 seconds) between songs.  Announcement at 1930: "AM 740 
is now test broadcasting in order to bring you the best music ever made, 
from Glenn Miller and Perry Como, to Anne Murray, Dionne Warwick and 
Céline Dion. Premiering Monday, January 8th, this is Prime Time Radio, 
AM 740".
  I have NO #$%^!&* IDEA WHAT THE CALLS WILL BE!!  But it's a pretty 
good bet that call letters will exist only on paper in a CRTC office in 
Ottawa.  They will likely use only "Prime Time Radio", joining Fan 590, 
680 News, Talk 640, and all the other Canadian non-IDers.

**Tom Dimeo - radio@xxxxxxxxxxxx

12/18. Heard the new Canadian station on 740 testing from about 8:50 PM 
to 9:50 PM eastern.  They are playing Christmas music, nostalgia music 
and oldies with a several second pause between songs.  There were 
occasional voice announcements about a test transmission, and something 
like Prime Time Radio, AM 740, premiering January 8th.

Kenwood R-1000 with Kiwa loop.
Also heard them on a Sangean ATS-818-CS and an old RCA transistor radio 
from 1969.

Shawn Axelrod - saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

  CFPT heard here December 18 2000 at 2230 local time.
  They are on testing with NOS/BBD music and announcements.
  Signals Veryy good to poor as I suspect they are changing power as 
they test.

**Mike Brooker - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

  There were rumors that the new Oakville, ON-740 would have the calls 
CFPT (or CJPT), PT standing for "Prime Time".
  According to the North East Radio Watch 
http://radio.lcs.mit.edu/radio/nerw/nerw-001218.html, CHWO had requested 
CFPT as the new 740 calls. But the CRTC rejected that request, so CHWO 
will instead move its existing calls to 740 from 1250.  That, in turn, 
means 1250 will become CJYE, "Joy 1250," when it goes all-religion in 
  Here is a site that lists all the Canadian AM stations that have gone 
defunct since 1980 (and some, like CBM-940 that went off and came back 
in a new incarnation): http://www.araohio.com/~ks/canam.htm

**Neil Griffin - Bainbridge GA - ngriffin@xxxxxxx]

  WTAL 1450 in Tallahassee, FL is silent.  According to the station's 
website )http://www.wtaltalkradio.com/), they lost their lease on their 
East Park Stree transmitter site.  They are trying to secure approval to 
test the EH antenna at another location in Tallahassee.  I believe this 
is the antenna used by one of the high powered medium wave stations in 
  WTAL aired talk programming including Rush Limbaugh, Bruce Williams, 
Dr. Laura, and some local conservative talk shows.

Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  I just received an e mail from Paul Shinn at KSTN. There wont be a 
test this year. He is way to busy trying to get KAVT-1680 on the air.  I 
thought I would pass this on.

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I found this on the Inside Radio web site. Did anybody take advantage 
of the opportunity and hear something new?
  Hispanic's WAQI-AM, Miami loses transmitter, goes off-air
  Hispanic's "Radio Mambi" broadcasts a Spanish variety format at 710. 
When the transmitter went down on Saturday "Radio Rebelde" - Castro's 
rebel radio - could be heard in its place, according to the Miami 
Herald. "Radio Rebelde" broadcasts from Havana on the same frequency as 
WAQI-AM. WAQI-AM is a 50-kilowatt station. "Radio Rebelde" broadcasts at 
100 kilowatts. Normally the local WAQI-AM overrides Castro's station. 
The station was reportedly off the air for ten hours.

*Pete Taylor - Tacoma WA - taytac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  1670 KAZT CA Redding noted with Lakers-Heat basketball 12/19 2100. 
Local ad noted but no calls so far.  Promo for KLAC heard so it's 
obviously on the (regional) Lakers network.  Good level at peaks but 
very deep fades and a whole lot of KXOL slop.  I can't tell if this 
means they're on RS yet - they've jumped the gun before.  //600, which 
wasn't faring too well against CKBD.  Needless to say, I'm pleased that 
I got WRNC just last week...

*Phil Bytheway - phil-bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

12/19. Yes, I noted it also with the end of the game... but at 2200 it 
went DEAD! Right after a quickie ID during some sort of sports talk.

Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  KAZT-1670 was about S9 here last night, which was much waker than the 
first test I heard several weeks ago. They must have been on with 10KW 
as their signal was unbelieveable for a distant station. It was stronger 
than KGO and they were S9+40/50 DB that night and total "local 
quieting". It was something els. I am glad their 1 KW is much weaker!

*Pete Taylor - Tacoma WA - taytac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1690  KSXX CA Roseville.  On with Latino pops 12/20 1843.  KLIB ID 1900 
in EE and SS.  KSXX ID in EE 1902.  Some deep fades along the way.
  All three of the new CA x-banders have been heard here (1670-80-90). 
None of them have had the stability of KXOL.
  Regarding KAZT-1670, on with the Lakers-Heat game last night, 12/19, 
an ID was heard at 2256.  However, according to Phil Bytheway, they went 
off abruptly at 0100 (12/20) after an override-ID.  They are not on 

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just heard them here in Santa Barbara. They were a little stronger than 
KSMH or KDIA. Audio cut off abruptly at 1926, with carrier still on.

*Richard Toebe - Davis CA - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

  I confirm this; driving home from Sacramento, I had 1690 KSXX blasting 
in at 2057 ELT, parallel to 1110 KLIB with Asian language show; at 2100, 
long involved 1110 KLIB ID in SS with chimes; at 2102, EE ID "1690 KSXX 
Roseville-Sacramento", then EE PSA from LDS (Mormons) on adoption; back 
to Asian language. Hope this is just a test, hi!  Wipes out 1680 and 
1700; at least I just IDed WJNZ a couple of nights ago, hi.  No sign of 
Redding on 1670 today, just the TIS in Sacramento.

Pete Taylor - Tacoma WA - taytac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1690 KSXX Roseville: I called the station 12/20 at 1947 to tell them how 
well the station was coming in here in Tacoma.  I also mentioned that 
there was a strong hum on the signal and that they should have cut power 
at 1945.  There was some sort of activity at 1945, a clicking of sorts, 
but the level didn't drop.  I took another phone call about 1953 and when 
I got off, it seemed that the power drop had taken place.  The person I 
spoke with said KSXX would stay // with KLIB until the time was sold to 
someone else.  Time on the stations is brokered so you pay the station 
for the air time, program it and sell it.  SS programming was good until 
2000.  The standard format seems to be heavily produced KLIB ID on the 
hour, ads, KSXX standalone ID about :02, and a PSA in EE thereafter. If 
the programming source changes, there's a disclaimer.  At 2300 the signal 
was certainly dominant but I could loop most of it out for Arvada/Disney.

1640 KDIA Vallejo:  Pat Martin mentioned they were off last night 
(12/20).  I noticed their OC at 2305 with KPBC under (KDIA is always 
stronger than KPBC).  With KPBC going off at 0100, and with KDIA's OC as 
a cushion, it would have been an ideal situation to log WKSH - if I had 
thought of it, of course!  Maybe tonight...

We have had it relatively easy out here on the X-band in the West. The 
Easterner and mid-US outlets have come on the air first.  However, with 
all the new CA outlets, it's starting to close in.  I am very fortunate 
to have gotten WRNC and WPTX during the last three weeks!

**Barry Mishkind - barry@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I thought I'd invite DX'ers to try to tune in our new expanded band 
station in Ft. Smith, AR. KWHN (former 1320 KHz call sign) is now 
operating on 1650 KHz from a new site just over the Oklahoma border. It 
is simulcasting 1320 KWYN.
  We're using a Harris DX-10 and Kintronics quarter-wave folded unipole 
  So far we've heard from Clarksville, TN (north of Nashville).
  Please feel free to drop me, or the station a line.

George Nicholas
Regional Engineering Services Manager
Central Region
Clear Channel Communications

*Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1650  KWHN  AR, Fort Smith, fair to poor with talk (sounded like 
Sports), with several local spots and weather for Eastern 
Oklahoma/Western Arkansas and IDs  "News Talk 1320 KWHN" at 0005 EST 
12/21. It would peak rather nicely then fade under KDNZ, some KBJD QRM 
too. Now I have all the X Banders heard again. (PM-OR)

Drake R8, 1500 ' Eastern Beverage



*Mike Stonebridge - stonbrdg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 153  First heard a carrier here about 1/2 hour before local sunset. By 
       23.51 I had a S-5 signal on the R7. Ended up by sitting on it for 
       almost 2 hours. The program was mostly music in various formats, 
       Big Band, C/W, EZL, Nat King Cole, Lite Rock, etc., and mostly in 
       English. Many announcements in what my wife thought was one of 
       the Scandinavian languages, but was unfamiliar to me. At 01.00 
       there was what could have been a jingle type ID with a female 
       voice. Then what could have been the news followed by more music. 
       By 02.00 all audio had gone and just a faint carrier remained. Is 
       this the new outlet at Ingoy, Norway? Does anyone know? No other 
       TA's audible, just carriers on 162, 189, 198 and 1314.
1480  KRXR  ID  Gooding. 12/19 23.00 Heard here with Spanish 
       programming. Full Id at TOH in English. KRXR-1480-Gooding Idaho. 
       New for me.

Mike in St. Isidore AB with R7 and Kiwa loop.

*Nigel Pimblett - ntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  I'm pretty certain what you heard was Ingoy.  I heard it at Lamont in 
October, and just got a QSL this past week.  Last night I heard a very 
weak signal there, but Iceland on 189 was much better.

*Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1314  UNID (Presume Norway), weak carrier tonight at 0130 UTC. Only 
       carrier so far noted. Only off Northern wire.

 560  CKNL  BC, Fort St. John, Good on top on Northern antenna with "N-L 
       Country" At 0152 EST 12/17. (PM-OR)
1070  CBUU  BC, Clinton, presumed the CBC mixing with CFAX with the 
       "World at 6", //1260 & 690, with news on Eastern Canada storm at 
       1204 EST 12/18. This is the only repeater listed here in BC and 
       they now run 200w per the CBC Vancouver. (PM-OR)
1070  KATQ  MT, Plentywood, good and clear briefly at 1815 EST 12/15, 
       with C&W Christmas mx and promo for "Jute Box Friday night" on 
       KATQ, local spots, Quite good, then gone. (PM-OR)
1390  KKSO  IA, Des Moines, mixing with KRRZ, KLGN at 0645 EST 12/16, 
       with Business News, ID as 1390 and 1700 checked 1700 was // to 
       1390. (PM-OR)
1390  KRRZ  ND, Minot, on top of KKSO briefly with Aretha Franklin song 
       and ID as "Your radio station is KRRZ" at 0647 EST 12/16, (PM-OR)
1610 KOP796 MT. Deer Lodge, while listening to KALT fade up and down, 
       info on Grant-Kohrs Ranch info and things to do in Deer Lodge at 
       0030 EST 12/14. New for me. (PM-OR)
1610  KALT  TX, Atlanta, fairly good tonight 12/16 with "Coast to Coast" 
       program and USA News. Noted from 0445 to 0510 EST (0945 - 1010 
       UTC), ID is KBLI splash at 0459.50 "Atlanta's AM 16-10 K-A-L-T" 
       Into USA News 0500 12/16. You never seem to know what this 
       station is going to run. At least this morning I am hearing IDs. 
1600  KCKK  CO, Lakewood, good on top with "KCKK-Lakewood-Denver" ID at 
       0159.30 EST 12/17. (PM-OR)
1600  KCRG  IA, Cedar Rapids, trading places with KATZ and KCKK with 
       ESPN Spt and "KCRG-Cedar Rapids" ID at 0159.50 EST 12/17 (PM-OR)
1600  KATZ  MO, St. Louis, hrd with Gospel mx and "Gospel 1600" ID at 
       0155 EST 12/17 u/o others (PM-OR)
1600  WMNE??  FL, Riviera Beach, may have been the one with a "Radio 
       Disney" ID by a kid at 0205 12/17, but soon lost in jumble. The 
       only Radio Disney I can find listed for 1600. CX are pretty good 
       to the east tonight. The best in weeks. (PM-OR)

Drake R8, 400' NNW antenna, 1500' Eastern Beverage

*kevin redding - Mesa AZ - lwdxer@xxxxxxxx

Heard on a Radio Shack DX-375 and RS 15-1833 loop:

 780  WBBM  IL, Chicago 12/14 0041 with ad for Jewelry Exchange in 
       Elmhurst and then time check and ID.
 830  WCCO  MN, Minneapolis 12/14 0048 with "Traffic on the eights on 
       CCO." There was some sort of a problem on I-94.
1130  KWKH  LA, Shreveport 12/15 0730 with news. Apparently they share 
       news resources with 710 KEEL. They were talking about closings 
       die to a big ice storm there. Then playing C&W Christmas music 
       and using the slogan, "Holiday 1130".
1150  KSAL  KS, Salina [?] 12/15 0750 with a farm report then ID. KCKY 
       was off there was no SS Rel from them and there was an UNID XE on 
       also. KSAL was heard under the XE.
1280  UNID 12/15 0805 with Imus in the morning. Does KDYL have Imus? It 
       doesn't seem like the LDS capital of the world, Salt Lake City 
       would have Imus on.

 870  XETAR MEXICO, Chihuahua, Guachochi 12/18 1313 with power up and 
       choral version of the Mexican national anthem. Legal Mexican ID 
       given by a female with very old and rustic Mexican fiddle music 
       in the background. Then Noticias de Guachochi. Booming signal.

**David Hochfelder - New Brunswick NJ - hochfeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 740  KRMG  Oklahoma City, OK.  2355-0005 ET.  Local news.  ID'd as 
       "News Talk 740."  Dominant with some other stuff underneath which 
       I didn't identify. This is the westernmost station I've logged.

Sony ICF-2010

***Terry Krueger - tocobagadx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

TOCOBAGA DX #55 - 16 December, 2000

"Florida Low Power Radio Stations" is at: 

Terry L Krueger, Copyright 2000.  Retransmit or quote only with full 
credit given to TOCOBAGA DX and all attributed sources.  All times/dates 
are GMT, frequencies are kiloHertz unless otherwise stated. 

Some logs included below are from a beach trip at Ft. DeSoto (southern 
Pinellas county), which are indicated as: [FTDS].  There's something 
special about listening to the radio on a fine beach where it's 82-
degrees, while grumpy old people in landlocked, rectangular states are 
digging out of snow.

 530  TURKS & CAICOS IS. R Vision Cristiana, 1555 Dec. 15, good w/ SP 
       preacher, ID.  No trace of the Sanibel Island wildlife refuge 
       TIS, which has usually been threshold as far north as Ft. DeSoto.  
 550  ALABAMA WASG, Atmore, 1558-1610 Dec. 15, xlnt signal, promo by 
       pastor for a church.  ID at ToH as "WASG Atmore and WGCX 
       Navarre-Pensacola-Ft. Walton Beach" then into "SRN News" 
       satellite feed.  At 1605, more promos for churches, into 
       satellite-fed Bob Dornan (Robert K. Dornan, ex-CA congressman) 
       talk show.  WGCX is the FM affiliate on 95.7 ("Praise 95").  
 800  USA unID, 1610 Dec. 15, fair w/ EG preacher.  [FTDS] 
 870  LOUISIANA WWL, New Orleans, 1611 Dec. 15xlnt w/ talk show, ID.  
 900  USA two unID's: 1612 Dec. 15, NE signal strong with sports radio; 
       gospel vocals North/South.  [FTDS] 
 910  CUBA R Metropolitana, Guanabacoa, Ciudad de la Habana, 1618-1622 
       Dec. 15, several "R Metropolitana" ID's, babble and vocals, very 
       good, w/ Reloj (Bolondron, Matanzas) very poor underneath.  
 920  UNIDS 2258 Dec. 15, big messy hets. [FTDS] 
 950  FLORIDA WTLN, Orlando, 1622 Dec. 15, xlnt when Reloj nulled w/ 
       Christian book hawking, "AM 950 WTLN" ID.  [FTDS] 
1090  CUBA R Cadena Habana, La Salud, La Habana, 1120 Dec. 15, fair w/ 
       very bad 60 cycle hum, parallel strong (and humless) 1080, as 
       well as very good 1100 and 1120.  Novella.  [FTDS] 
1210  CUBA R Sancti Spiritus, Sancti Spiritus, 2146 Dec. 15, t/in to M, 
       "Emisora Provincial, R Sancti Spiritus" and nice oldie Cuban 
       vocals.  [FTDS] 
1210  PENNSYLVANIA WPHT, Philadelphia, 2155-2201 Dec. 15, xlnt w/ 
       conclusion of Tom Gerano (sp?) talk show, "Talk Radio 1210, The 
       Big Talker, WPHT, Philadelphia" and into nx.  [FTDS] 
1519.90 UNID 0238+ Dec. 13, emphatic, 'crying' SP preacher.  0300 
       probable ID in tlk by M, but not copied in the mess, then back to 
       preaching.  Also noted at 1111 w/ SP gospel vocals, 1115 reverb 
       SP M promo for Christian program, into SP M preacher at 1138 w/ 
       two refs to "Guatemala."  Local morning reception would indicate 
       this is a Honduran or Guatemalan. 
1519.98  COLOMBIA Ecos del Palmar, 0240-0510 Dec. 13, one of at least 
       three Latins hovering around 1520.  Local accordian/folk songs 
       and SP pop mx, commercials, M anncr, frequent W canned "la 
       fiesta de deciembre" station promos.  Finally a clear Id at 0357 
       by M, "Esta es Ecos del Palmar... HJLI... en Distrito..." followed by

       Colombian national anthem, but did not s/off.  Continued in and 
       out of the station mix through t/out. 
1520.06  UNID "15-20," 0240-0510 Dec. 13, another SP evangelical 
       mystery from Latin America.  Preacher, reading of names at 0325, 
       also a W anncr.  After 0400, into modern SP Christian vocals, 
       frequent "Quince-veinte" reverb slogans between songs.  
       Occasional "Radio (two syllable) 15-20" also, and one "Emisora 
       Cristiana en..."  Any idea who this and 1519.9 is, Finns, Danes 
       and Swedes? 
1600  FLORIDA WKWF, Key West, 2114 Dec. 15, in passing w/ "Sports Radio 
       1600, WKWF" M canned ID, good but through tight null.  [FTDS] 
1610  TEXAS KALT, Atlanta, 1123-1140 Dec. 15, the newest X-bander, I 
       guess.  Good w/ satellite "Coast To Coast" talk show, 
       commercials for the "Afterdark Newsletter" and various quack 
       products, back to "Coast To Coast" at 1135, with Beach Boys 
       "Kokomo" bumper mx.  Also noted around 2250 from Ft. DeSoto w/ 
       "Dr. Laura" trash talk.  The final nail in the coffin for TIS 

*Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  12/16. I checked out the dial this evening here on the North coast and 
found several carriers and audio some audio on two. Carriers on 
567,891,909, 1134, and audio on 1269 and 1314 khz. I could just tell 
there was music of some kind on both channels at 0100-0130 UTC. Will 
keep checking. The 400' Northern wire seems a bit better than the 1500' 
Eastern Beverage, but getting them on both.

****Mike Brooker - Toronto ON - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

Receivers: Panasonics RF-2200; RFB-45

 730  UnID  Dec. 16 1645 upbeat SS pops nudging out WPIT and CKAC, 
       "Radio Capital" slogan, then gone.  Could be XEX, Mexico City, 
       but I've never heard them before local sunset and conditions 
       didn't seem too auroral today.  (MKB-ON)
 740  (CHWO Oakville, ON) Dec. 16 1730 presumed source of open carrier, 
       no tones or IDs.  Carrier disappeared by 1800.  (MKB-ON)
 740  WIRJ Humboldt, TN Dec. 13 0719 surfaced out of mud w/ID as 
       "groovin' oldies on WIRJ", into Black is Black by Los Bravos.  
 750  WNDZ Portage, IN Dec. 16 0800 on top of nulled WSB w/long string 
       of Ad Council PSAs (drunk driving, diabetes, non-violence, etc.), 
       somewhat late top of hour ID at 0804 "WNDZ, Portage, Indiana - 
       Chicago", into "Personal Achievement Radio" program.  (MKB-ON)
 920  WIRD Lake Placid, NY Dec. 15 1900 tail-end of ESPN sports talk, 
       then top of hour ID "you're listening to WIRD 920 AM, in the 
       Adirondacks your ESPN Radio Network station", then disappeared 
       under CKNX, presumably due to pattern change.  (MKB-ON)
1510  WWSM Annville-Cleona, PA Dec. 15 0748 winning fight o/CKOT w/ID as 
       "12 minutes before 8 on WWSM", into list of local community 
       events.  QSLed as WAHT in 1986.  (MKB-ON)
1600  WHJB Bedford, PA Dec. 14 0744 fair o/WAAM w/run-down of local 
       events, ending with reminder to send information about your event 
       to Box 1, Bedford, PA 15522 (the same address on my 1978 QSL as 
       WAYC), "WHJB" jingle into MOR-ish version of Silent Night. 

**Ginnie Lupi - Ithica NY - ginnie@xxxxxxxxxxx

Radio Shack DX-398 and Select-A-Tenna

1320  CKEC  NS  New Glasgow  12/16/00 2312 Male voice saying "...at 
       10:15 Saturday mornings on CKEC".  Signal faded immediately into 
       WJAS slop.
1620  WTAW  TX  College Station  12/16/00 2259 Male voice saying 
       "...WTAW 16-20 College Station - Bryan"; CBS News; various ads; 
       news continues.  Faded into WHLY's big band music.

PATRICE PRIVAT - Paris FRANCE - patrice.privat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Strong signal tonight from Latvijas Radio,Kuldiga Latvia on 1350 khz 
in Latvian 1800 UTC QRM from Serbian station with music. heard with the 
Panasonic RFB45

***F. S. Ribeiro - f.s.ribeiro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  First of all, congratulations for the excelent results achieved during 
the Newfoundland DXpedition.
  I want to make some corrections and to add some more info, though, 
related to some Portuguese MW stations.

>  630  PORTUGAL   RDP, Santa Isabel, 29 Oct, 2059 - // 666 [JR].

  Although Santa Isabel (near Coimbra) is the most powerful transmitter 
of RDP Antena 1 in this frequency, there are two other transmitters in 
synchro: Chaves and Miranda do Douro.

>  666  PORTUGAL   RDP Antena 1, Lisboa & Vila Real, 27 Oct, 0347 - Man 
in Portuguese, then piano music [MC].

  Besides Lisbon and Vila Real, the following transmitters use this 
frequency: Valença, Bragança, Viseu and Covilhã.

>  720  PORTUGAL   RDP1, São Salvador, 24 Oct, 0010 - Portuguese talk,
>        best on the European wire so likely not Brazil; fair [JF].

  On 720 kHz, RDP Antena 1 has the following transmitters: Miramar (near 
Oporto), Mirandela, Castelo Branco and Elvas.

>  783  PORTUGAL   R. Comercial, Miramar, 26 Oct, 2332 - Man in
>        Portuguese; over others [MC].
>      + 27 Oct, 0404 - // 1035 with soul-influenced mellow Portuguese
>        vocal [MC].

  Several changes are to be reported on this frequency. Rádio Comercial 
doesn't broadcast on MW anymore, only on FM. Another radio, belonging to 
the same media group, uses this frequency, as well as 1035 kHz. It is 
called Rádio Nacional, but it is a commercial radio, not state-owned. It 
has this name because it only broadcasts music that is sung in 
  The Miramar transmitter now belongs to RDP and is on 720 kHz. The 
transmitter belonging to Rádio Nacional, on 783 kHz, is located at a 
place called Afurada, close to Oporto. The website of Rádio Nacional 
doesn't specify the transmitter location, though; it only says it is in 
the North of Portugal..

> 1035  PORTUGAL   R. Comercial, Lisboa, 27 Oct, 0404 - // 783 with 
soul-influenced mellow Portuguese vocal [MC].

  As I said before, Rádio Nacional is now on this frequency, instead of 
Rádio Comercial. The transmitter is at Porto Alto, near Lisbon.

> 1251  PORTUGAL   R. Renascença synchros, 29 Oct, 2039 - Football play-
>        by-play, // 891 [JR].

  The transmitters on this frequency are: Chaves, Valongo (near Oporto) 
and Castelo Branco.

*Nigel Pimblett - Medicine Hat AB - ntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  As promised, here is the LW DX we snagged on our DX get together at 
Don Moman's place in Lamont.  Participating were Don Moman, Mickey 
Delmage, Joe Talbot, and myself.  As Nick mentioned earlier, we were 
DXing without most of the European beverage (little did we know!) as 
apparently a moose had made off with it.  That likely explains our total 
lack of European MW DX. Unfortunately temperatures in the -20's and 
windchills nearing -50 rather discouraged any significant checking of 
the antennas beforehand!  Of course the beverages are much less 
directional at longwave frequencies, hence we heard good signals off the 
eastern wire. 

 153  NORWAY, Ingoy  0531 17 Dec Good signal, with music of the folk 
       type, followed by two men discussing the music.  This one was 
       also noted at 1317 with pop vocals and Norwegian version of "Let 
       It Snow".
 162  FRANCE, Allouis  0546 17 Dec Man interviewing another man in the 
       studio.  Very consistent signal, in for several hours on both the 
       17th and 18th.
 177  GERMANY, Oranienburg  0035 18 Dec Talks by both man and woman in 
       German.  For some reason this one was good at times on the 18th, 
       but had been only barely audible on the 17th.
 183  GERMANY, Saarlouis  0507 18 Dec In French, with discussion of 
       European security.  Not noted on the 17th.
 189  ICELAND, Gufuskalar  0158 17 Dec Celine Dion song, news by a man 
       at 0200.   This one is usually the best (and often the only) 
       European LW station heard here, and was at very good levels at 
       times on both the 17th and 18th.
 207  ICELAND, Eidar  0604 17 Dec 70's song by Dr.Hook.  Was parallel to 
       189 khz.  Not heard on the 18th.
 216  FRANCE, Roumoules  0558  17 Dec Man speaking in French, possible 
       hurried ID at 0600, then went into football (soccer for us North 
       American types) scores.  Not heard on the 18th.

Stephen Schneider - n6zcp@xxxxxxx

  Hrd WWL on 870khz.  Very strong here this evening havn't hrd this 
station in years.  I  have a QSL from them dated 11/7/1963( I was 17).  
I guess that gives away my age.
  Heres the report: WWL 870khz @0220Z with sports news and talk about 
the Saints several complete ID's. Very good cpy on 12/20/2000.

Receiver here is a Steward Warner R-390A.
The Antenna is a 150 foot grounded vertical loop. (can't think of better
name for it :-)

  Hope to have more reports in the future.  This reception caught me off 
guard.... totally by surprise.  I'm use to stations within 1000 mile 
circle these days.
  Have 30 States verified ( the last one was in 1976 I believe). Have 17 
countrys heard. Heard all continents on The AM broadcast band.

Edward Kusalik - ekusalik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1630  MEXICO Radio Universidad, Universiad Autonoma de Baja California  
       full data verie ltr & 81/2 x 11  'Certicicado de Sintonia' sheet, 
       with decals and nice wall poster in 60 days.Address: U.A.B.C.- 
       Radio Universidad 283 Paulin Avenue P.O. Box MSC 5163 Calexico, 
       California 92231-2646 USA  v/s Marhta Adriana Marquez    
1620  KAZP  Omaha Nebraska  date/Frequency verie ltr with station 
       information for two reports. Reply  in one year/two months, 14 
       days after another f/up.Used my SASE.  Address   KAZP AM-1620  
       5011 Capital Avenue  Omaha Nebraska Phone:  1-403-342-2000  v/s 
       Neil Neikin Operations Manager  (Kusalik-ALB) 


1630  XEUT Baja California 0023-0103 Dec.10  'Programa de Rock'n'Roll' 
       aired with mx from Association/Three Dog Night/Beatles. ID on the 
       hr. 'Radio Universidad de la universidad automnoma de Baja, 
       California, que transmitiendo con 10 mil watts de potencia..Radio 
       Universidad en el 1630 kilociclos..' Then into discussion 
       dialogue about California bands & music. Fair to good on loop 
1620  KBLI Blackfoot Idaho 2253-2317  Nov.9  ESPN Sports Radio ID on the 
       hr. as 'A Marathon Media Station, serving South-east Idaho from 
       Blackfoot KBLI 1620 ESPN Sports.it's 4:oo o'clock'  Per phone 
       conversation, Engineer Carl Watkins welcomes rpts and verifies 
       with a new card. Address: Carl Watkins Engineer-KBLI P.O. Box 699 
       Blackfoot, Idaho 83221-0699 USA  Dominates over KSMH & KYIZ now. 

Morris Sorensen - Winnipeg MB - SMosor@xxxxxxx

Times CST


 740  CHWO  ON Toronto 12/20 2102-2133 very good testing with nostalgia 
       including big bands and also some Christmas music. Mentioned 
       Prime Time Radio and airdate of Jan, 8th. Per stn president 
       Michel Caine via ODXA this will be the call when they begin 
       regular schedule, CHWO-1250 will then become CJYE. Apparently, 
       Industry Canada rejected their request for CFPT for some reason. 
       I'm not sure if the city of licence will remain as Oakville  or 
       change to Toronto. (MS-MB)
1610  KALT  TX Atlanta 12/17 0055 poor with end of some kind of 
       discussion program. Finally heard KALT call letters and 16-10 
       mention at 0100 after several nights of trying. (MS-MB)

Regular Loggings 

 690  QU CINF Monreal 12/19 2258 poor in CJOB splatter with French 
       news/talk, many mentions of Montreal and Quebec's Premier 
       Bouchard. Fairly certain I heard CINF call given in French 
       although my understanding is that they do not generally give a 
       full ID. DXers in the west and central regions should take care 
       to distinguish this one from CBKF-1 Gravelbourg SK which is 
       CBC/SRC and does not have any ads. (MS-MB)
 850  WRMR OH Cleveland 12/16 1658 good with music "Walking in a Winter 
       Wonderland (Etta James Version), mentioned Music of Your Life and 
       gave ID "You are listening to WRMR." (MS-MB)
 930  CJCA AB Edmonton 12/15 2355 fair with end of People's Gospel Hour 
       from Halifax, NS. IDed as CJCA, Edmonton -The Light" into Focus 
       on the Family" (MS-MB)
 940  KVSH NE Valentine 12/15 1857 fair with weather for NE and SD "and 
       now a look into your Nebraska news" into state news, time check , 
       mention of Valentine into CBS news. (MS-MB)
 980  CKRM  SK Regina 2000 poor through heavy interference with local 
       Regina hockey and CKRM ID at 2015 during break in action, (MS-MB)
1070  KHMO  MO Hannibal 12/20 1715 fair with promo for radio 
       advertising. "Call your KHMO sales professional" Station #300 
       logged on Medium wave since moving here in Dec.99 and restarting 
       my log. (MS-MB)
1140  WKWM  MI Kenwood 1655 good with r&b music, IDat 1656 as "1140 KWM-
       Staying in the groove" and at 1700 as "One nation under the 
       groove...WKWM Kenwood " (MS-MB)
1200  WCHB  MI Taylor 12/16 1800 fair with ID by man as "The new WCHB 
       1200-Detroit's people station" (MS-MB)
1340  KWLM  MN Wilmar 12/15 2055 poor mixed with  KXPO and others with 
       clustered local ads including one for nearby Litchfield. 
       Basketball heard later may also have been them. (MS-MB)
1510  WAUK  WI Waukesha 12/20 1702 fair with several ads including one 
       for a local Chevrolet dealer, ID as "Sports Radio WAUK" gave 
       phone # as 262-554-1510 for sports call-in show (MS-MB)
1600  KLGA !A Algona 12/18 1813 with list of snow cancellations, Algona 
       mentions, then female said "one degree here at KLGA. Insurance 
       company ad followed, (MS-MB)

Drake R-8, McKay-Dymek DA-9 loop



*Tim Noonan - Madison WI - DXing@xxxxxxxxx

  I am hearing a strong signal tonight (Thursday) on 1210 playing 
continuous music, with no announcements heard from 8:58 p.m. central 
(0258 UTC Friday) until I type this at 9:40.  The music seems to be a 
mix of 80s and urban oldies.  Is anyone else hearing this, and does 
anyone know who it is?
  The station I referred to in my earlier message signed off abruptly at 
9:42 p.m. central, or 0342 UTC.  I assume this is the same station I 
heard earlier tonight that signed off abruptly soon after 6 p.m. (0000 
UTC), also with no announcements.  Who might it have been?

***bjorn fransson - Gotland SWEDEN - bjornfransson@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Dec 13th and 14th (but not today, 15th!) I heard a weather report and 
temperatures at 05.45 (and only for one minute on) on 1650 kHz USB. The 
language was either Finnish or Estonian, but as they mentioned Ösel, 
which is Gotland's neighbour and friendship island in Estonia, I presume 
that it was Estonian. Does anybody out there have any idea about this 
transmission? Address to write to?

**Rick Shaftan - Sparta NJ - shaftan@xxxxxxx

  12/15. Had some funky stuff on 1640 in Wisconsin's null around 0130 
EST with Latin mx and Spanish accr.  then seemed to fade after 0200 to 
FF pgm and what I thought were mentions of Canada.  It was definitely FF 
after 0200 and may have been before but I don't think so.  The French 
was all talk.  Any ideas?

**Bruce Contin - Nashua NH - BACONTI@xxxxxxx

  There are "Part 15" stations on 1620 and 1640 in the Boston area.  
1640 is usually in French, but has also been heard with Spanish 
programs.  1620 is also in French, located in Brockton, Massachusetts.  
Both have been heard with strong night time skywave signals in Maine.  
New Jersey might be just the right distance for single skip reception of 
both stations.  I don't know what the story is regarding these two 
stations, but they are apparently running illegal power.  I can't 
imagine 100 mW carrying 200 to 300 miles at night on a busy frequency.

**ALAN GIBLER - Ashtabula OH - agibler@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  I am hearing a ss on 1580 this morning at 736 am est. Heard mention of 
"La Musica" with sirens in the background and much lively accordion 
music with a male announcer.Naturaly they faded when it seemed like an 
id.They were back again at 754 am with a ss song with a lot of horns. 
Thought i heard a mention of Cuba. I heard a ss station here last night 
at 438 pm est with a lot of accordions in background with much deep 
fading. Right now at 810 am they are on top of 1580 with a yl talking in 
ss mentioning Cuba again. Anyone with an idea who? Thank you in advance. 
NRD-535D ,sloper, Kiwa loop, Mfj 1026,Dsp-599zx

**Sheldon Harvey - ve2shw@xxxxxxxxx

My only SS on 1580 heard from the Montreal region are occasional Spanish 
on WONZ Hammonton, New Jersey, or WDAB in Travelers Rest, SC.

**Neil Kazaros - neilkaz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I believe there is a Cuban there, perhaps some in Fla can supply more 
info. I do suggest taping it as some here speak SS pretty well.

**Mike Brooker - Toronto ON - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

What about XEDM, Hermosillo, Mexico?  Are they still around?  I haven't 
heard XEDM in years, but used to get them semi-regularly here in 
Toronto, back in the late (and VERY unlamented :) 70s.   They used to 
call themselves "La Grande del Sonora".

***Henrik Klemetz - dhv599n@xxxxxxxxx

  1520.06 UNID "15-20," 0240-0510 Dec. 13, another SP evangelical 
mystery from Latin America.  Preacher, reading of names at 0325, also a 
W anncr.  After 0400, into modern SP Christian vocals, frequent 
"Quince-veinte" reverb slogans between songs.  Occasional "Radio (two 
syllable) 15-20" also, and one "Emisora Cristiana en..."  Any idea who 
this and 1519.9 is, Finns, Danes and Swedes?
  1520.06 is R Minuto. See 1520.2 listing at 
http://swl.net/patepluma/genbroad/logs/hcmwlog.htm. As for the 1519.9 I 
don´t know. But there are plenty of evangelicals around this channel. 
Even Ecos del Palmar 1519.98 may carry evangelical programmings in the 
early morning.

**Blaine Thompson - Fort Wayne IN - phredd@xxxxxxxx

Aiwa CSD-ED26 Boombox with RS AM Loop Antenna

1070  UnID ? ? - 12/16 2103-2104 Fox Sports Network news in front of 
1620  UnID ? ? - 12/16 2115-2118 Mitch Albom Show.

****Dave Kenny - dave_kenny@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  The full report and logs from the 11-24 November DXepediton to Sheigra 
in NW Scotland are now up on the British DX Club web site - 
  Follow the link to the Articles Index Page where copies of the last 5 
Sheigra reports are available.
  Any suggestions on these unidentified stations would be welcome: 

1110  0045 20/11 UNID Brazilian ID sounds like "Radio Charismo", lively 
1120  0046 18/11 UNID SS LA station SS - several IDs "Radio Once"
1390  0850 23/11 UNID LA station SS relaying R Catolica Mundial network
1440  0240 14/11 UNID (Argentina?) SS ID: "La Radio Mas Potenta"
1650  0145 18/11 UNID US brief strong blip of ID? "..BJD" over WHKT

***José Mª Madrid Martínez - jmadrid@xxxxxxxxxx

  Tuned a Radio Euskadi in 1503 kHz 18.12.00 at 22.53 with the program 
"outside of Game", with interferency of RNE R5 Todo Noticias, it's a 
frequency change, or it is more probably the second harmonic of Radio  
Euskadi Bilbao in 756 kHz from 505 miles of Cádiz?


  Can anyone help id a mystery harmonic on 12960 which i think is 
10x1296 the audio is very distorted heard 19/12/00 at 1744utc gone by 
1800 do any of the stations on 1296 have a reputation for radiating 

****Rocco Cotroneo - rcotro@xxxxxxxxxx

  Heard here in Rio de Janeiro, last night, at 03,50 on 1485 khz. Arab 
mx, no stop. On 1575 a similar one, possibly the Kuwaiti clandestine. 
About 1485 the Boll list says Syria. Any suggestion?

****Mauno Ritola - ritola@xxxxxxxxxx

  During Ramadan it could be any of the Middle East stations listed, but 
here in Finland the "usual" ones are Jordan and Iran. But in your QTH it 
could well be Morocco. Too many possibilities, was 1575 similar or //?

***Terry Krueger - Clearwater FL - tocobagadx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Tonight on 910 kHz, at 2315 GMT (6:15 pm local), I had several "RCN" 
ID's and the usual nonstop newscast by announcers, a report on the FRCN, 
Colombian store ads, etc.   Six (I think) time sounders 2330, phone 
ringing sound effects, etc.  This is listed as RCN from San Andres 
Island, the Colombian dependency in the Caribbean, off the coast of 
Nicaragua.  Signal was good on peaks, trading fades with Metropolitana. 



Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

1314  2ZW  AUSTRALIA, Wollongong, rec one of my best QSL packages ever! 
       Besides a QSL letter, I received a 2KY logo T Shirt, two key 
       chains, 2KY pen, 2 stickers, and even a 2KY Racing Radio logo 
       cap. I sent ms return postage, but it cost them $17.60 Australian 
       to mail this. All this received in 30d for a taped report. V/S: 
       Samantha Randell, Public Assistant to Max Carter CE. Address: 
       2KY, PO Box 1303, Parramatta NSW  2124  AUSTRALIA. NSW QSL #88, 
       Australian MW QSL #221. I am really pleased with this!  (PM-OR)

**Patrick Griffith - Wesminster CO - AM-DXer@xxxxxxxxx

1220  CJOC(ex?) AB Lethbridge - Letter, CFRV-FM postcard and sticker, 
       V/S business card in 30 days for EE report and US$1. Letter 
       states they have simulcast CJRX-FM/106.7 (Rock 106) since 01/00. 
       V/S Darren Pepin, Engineering Manager. Address: 1015 3rd Ave. S., 
       Lethbridge, AB T1J 0J3 (PG-CO)  **The letter seems to indicate 
       that they are now authorized to use the call sign CJRX-FM on 
       1220. It states that 1220 was "formerly CJOC-AM". In fact, CJRX-
       FM is the only call sign I heard during this reception.
1430  KQLL  OK Tulsa; Partial data letter and AM1300 / AM1430 
       "SportsRadio" bumper sticker in 68 days for EE report and $1. 
       Letter refers to the station as both KQLL and KAKC. KAKC is the 
       sister station on 1300 and I presume this is a typo. This was a 
       very unusual reception since I was hearing them over local KEZW 
       on the same frequency. V/s said he was unable to determine if 
       they were doing anything 'unusual' that night such as transmitter 
       or antenna maintenance. V/s: Clark H. Dixon, CE. Address: 5801 
       East 41st St., Suit 900, Tulsa, OK 74135. (PG-CO)



***Tarmo Kontro - Tarmo.Kontro@xxxxxxxx

  Would like to obtain a manual (or a copy of) of the (discontinued?) 
ICOM ICR9000 receiver. Or any comments etc about this rx are highly 

**Patrick Griffith - AM-DXer@xxxxxxxxx

  I just saw an article in the current e-newsletter for the Aircraft 
Owners and Pilots Association about KRKO/1380 in Everett, WA. Says they 
are seeking permission to build 8 towers ranging in height from 446 to 
487 feet two miles south of runway 32 at Harvey Field in Snohomish, WA. 
The FCC database shows KRKO currently using 2 towers.

**Bruce Conti - BACONTI@xxxxxxx

  From the Sunday, Dec 10 Everett Herald about 5000-watt KRKO plans to 
upgrade to 50 kW.
  SNOHOMISH -- The Renton office of the Federal Aviation Administration 
is continuing to assess the safety factors involved in a proposal to 
locate radio towers on Lord's Hill, near Harvey Airport. 
  "The aeronautical study is still in progress," said Duane Van Hoosen, 
an FAA airspace management specialist. "We are waiting for all the 
needed information from officials at Harvey Field." 
  Information about the longitude and latitude for the end of the runway 
at Harvey Airport is pending from owner Kandace Harvey, Van Hoosen said. 
Once that information and other data arrives, he plans to compile it and 
determine whether the radio towers could safely be placed close to the 
  KRKO in Everett is asking Snohomish County to grant a conditional use 
permit to allow the station to locate five, and possibly as many as 
eight, radio towers from 425 to 466 feet tall at 11304 132nd St. SE. 
  The county's commercial permit division is processing the application.  
Because the proposed location of the towers is close to the airport, the 
FAA must gives its approval before the permit process can proceed. 
  Neighbors have expressed environmental concerns, questioned the 
aesthetics of so many towers, and some have written letters to the 
county asking that the project be stopped. Safety also concerns 
neighbors, since the area is so close to the airport. Van Hoosen said 
the FAA is accepting comments from citizens, as well as pilots, 
balloonists and those who parachute in the area. The FAA is expected to 
make a ruling by Dec. 18.KRKO officials said the new antennas would 
allow the station to increase its power from 5,000 to 50,000 watts, 
making it one of the five most powerful radio stations in the state.

(right near where I work!!! - phil b)

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

Has anyone come across any of these on the Internet? I would think it 
wouldn't be too difficult for someone to create a site which, if given 
latitude and longitude of a location could actually plot out a custom GC 
map, if one has the programming expertise along with a little math.

**G.H. McLachlan - ghmcl@xxxxxxx

Have alook at http://www.wm7d.net/azproj.shtml

**Phil Bytheway - phil-bytheway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I didn't have a problem at all, once I found out where I was, hi. Got a 
nice one from the 6m setting.  Will have to take it home and check with 
one I bought several years ago to be sure.

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

*** That's indeed the setting to use, after several trials. I saved the 
one I did for my old NJ QTH as a 'control' which I can compare with my 
old USGS map which is down in the basement on the wall of my shack, but 
the bearings look close. If you use the 2500 km setting ( the one you 
used is 1000 ) , you actually get a circular border with the bearings on 
it - sort of a rosette - but the bulk of the map is open ocean. : )

***Terry Palmersheim - kc7ldp@xxxxxxxxxx

  I'm creating a web site about the WRTH and I'm looking for some jpg's 
for WRTH covers from the years 1946-1948 and 1951. Any help would be 
greatly appreciated.
  OK, here it is! Needless to say I NEED INPUT ON THIS SITE in order to 
make it better, correct any mistakes, make it easier to read, etc. It is 
optimized for 800x600 screen size. Your criticism IS expected!! It WILL 
be updated as more info is received. I will also be adding more links 

WRTH/ PWBR Website

****Rocco Cotroneo - rcotro@xxxxxxxxxx

Someone might find useful this list of MW stations linked to the "Jovem 
Pan" network, in Brazil 

*Glenn Hauser - ghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx

  You are invited to listen to the December edition of Continent of 
Media, which contains a number of items of interest to AM, FM, and TV 
DX/listeners. Download or stream from http://www.DXing.com/conmedia.htm 
and also broadcast into January on RFPI, Costa Rica, Tuesdays 2000 UT, 
Fridays 1900 UT, Saturdays 1730 UT, repeated 6/12/18 hours later on some 
of: 21815-USB, 15049 (to change to 15065), 7480. 73, Glenn

        CONTINENT OF MEDIA 00-10, produced Dec 7, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

 *RFPI has new frequency 7480, and soon 15065 ex-15049; and new repeat 
times for COM, 6, 12, 18 hours after Fri 1900, Sat 1730, Tue 2000
 *COM also available at DXing.com, thanks to support of Universal Radio
 *WNOP, jazz station on 740 in Newport KY, Cincinnati market, being sold 
to Catholics from Jan 1
 *WCBS Newsradio 88 moved from Black Rock to another NYC building; Bob 
Foxworth recollects his years there
 *Historical aircheck: the Sept 21, 1939 broadcast day recorded from 
WJSV, cassettes for sale. Info at 
 *KNX won`t stream live, but oldtime radio shows may be downloaded after 
broadcast at http://www.mediabay.com/knx1070/drama.asp
 *NRC AM Mapbook of US & Canadian MW stations, keyed by number with 
coordinates and instructions on figuring distances. US$17.95 in US & 
Canada (NY + sales tax), US$23.50 to Europe, from National Radio Club, 
Publications Center, Box 164, Dept W, Mannsville, NY 13661- 0164 USA
 *AFRTS intercepted with far-right talkshow
 *WKY-TV tried to prevent any other TV station in Oklahoma
 *Dallas: jingle capital of the world
 *COM 00-10, wghauser@xxxxxxxxxxx or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; 
 *Strife at Rice University between students and administration who 
locked them out from KTRU 91.7; relaying WRN in interim [later: dispute 
was settled Dec. 8]
 *WNIB, Chicago classical, sold for $169 million; comparing it to 
competitor WFMT
 *President signs bill authorizing local agencies to enforce laws 
against interference from CB, lacking FCC; hams exempted
 *Colombian broadcast station heard in Canada on 254.1 MHz, accidental 
military satellite relay?
 *Jay Novello`s eastern Cuban bandscan from Exuma, including audio 
clips: http://havana.iwsp.com/radio/exuma/
 *Guatemala`s FM band overcrowded; Mayas get no stations
 *The revolutionary donut antenna

An Employee of Harlan Communications 

  KUBA broadcasts from 5:00 a.m. until 12:00 Midnight.  However, at dusk 
each day we reduce power and send our signal in a more directional east-
to-west pattern, so it may be more difficult to get in the Sacramento 
area.  This is happening at 4:45 this month and then gradually extends 
to 8:30 during the Summer. 

***Bob Padula - bobpadula@xxxxxxxxxxx

RADIOMAG - a new Australian publishing venture!

  I am pleased to advise that the first edition of a new monthly 
independent Australian commercial radio publication will shortly be on 
sale at newsagents across the nation. It is titled "RADIOMAG", edited 
and published by Chris Edmondson, former editor of "Radio and 
Communications" magazine.
  A marketing rollout commences this week,which includes very lucrative 
discounts and reader competitions! Cover price will be a pleasant 
  RADIOMAG will have a team of expert, experienced staff writers. It's 
hoped to have RADIOMAG on sale in newsagents, as well as mail out 
subscription copies, in a very short time from final editorial copy 
  I have accepted a contract to write for RADIOMAG, and I am managing a 
department titled "Broadcast Monitor", covering shortwave, medium-wave, 
and FM. I will also be preparing other articles related to new 
equipments, antennas, book reviews, DX-peditions, propagation, and 
information of interest to new listeners.
  Some of you may recall that I worked very closely with Chris when 
"Amateur Radio Action" magazine was created many years ago, and I 
prepared the shortwave listening department there for a long time. ARA 
ultimately became "Radio and Communications", absorbing "CB Action" 
magazine, but I was forced to withdrawn from the editorial role due to 
pressure of work and family commitments.
  You will find lots of interesting features and news in RADIOMAG, in 
support of all forms of radio broadcasting and transmission, designed 
for radio enthusiasts, general electronics hobbyists and experimenters!
  My own department will concentrate on shortwave, with something for 
all levels and fields of interest, including Station Profiles, items 
about International broadcasting developments, really fresh and up-to-
date news and schedules, Shortwave by Continents, a special "World 
Tropical Band DX Report", QSL information, a beginner's segment, and 
lots more! As well as drawing on my relatively short experience in radio 
monitoring (about 45 years I think!) I will also integrate news from the 
large network of sources available to me, including my global contacts 
as a professional communications engineer and monitoring hobbyist.
  I will also feature share quality information sent to me from 
monitoring friends and colleagues here in Australia and around the 
world. My column will NOT be a repetition of questionable, and 
irrelevant "cut and paste" mass E-mailed items snatched from overseas 
newsgroups, but carefully compiled information based on reliable and 
accurate sources.
  I plan to include the six-monthly "English Shortwave Broadcasts to 
Australia" listing: it has been many years since this was last published 
in a commercial magazine, so here is the big opportunity!
  Within Australia, I am setting up a "BROADCAST MONITOR NETWORK", of 
enthusiastic listeners in all States and Territories, who would work 
with me in submitting news and information of interest to all readers. I 
have also initiated dialogue with the Australian Radio DX Club, as the 
only remaining national hobby monitoring group in this country, for 
special editorial input.

----->> If you are located in Australia, and would like to be part of 
the "BROADCAST MONITOR NETWORK", please contact me without delay! If you 
have ideas or suggestions as to what should be included in Broadcast 
Monitor, let me know! The column will emphasise reader contributions, in 
developing a RADIOMAG community. (Anything special I will need to talk 
first of all with the boss, Chris!)
  If you are a broadcasting station, DX Club, writer, communications 
media producer, broadcast consultant, or anyone, anywhere, with an 
involvement or interest in radio broadcasting, please forward any 
information to me which you would like considered for publication in 
"BROADCAST MONITOR", and full credit will be given to you or your 
organisation for any items published.
  If you are already a recipient of the "Electronic DX Press", you do 
not need to contact me again, as all EDXP material will be considered 
for RADIOMAG! Obviously, the column will focus on reception in 
Australia, NZ and the Pacific Islands.
  When you read your first copy, you will see that a special, unique, E-
mail address is given for direct contributions from readers to Broadcast 
Monitor: this is monitor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx It is working already, if you 
would like to try it out, and messages are automatically diverted to my 
normal E-mail account.
  Don't forget to visit the RADIOMAG Home Page for the latest news on 
this new venture!


  General requests for subscription information and advertising 
arrangements may be directed to the Publisher (addresses below)
  I look forward to your support for "Broadcast Monitor" in RADIOMAG!

**Nancy McAleer - Curmudgeonnette@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

A relatively interesting web site about the upcoming eclipse.


*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Several weeks ago, the M Street Journal, and consequently DXM, 
reported there would be a change in WLW's antenna site. The M Street 
Journal report did not say that this site would be an auxiliary. 
However, several online databases show the other site as an auxiliary 
and that the new antenna would be only a quarter wavelength. That 
surprised many people as their current antenna is the famed Blaw Knox 
cantilever tower. Here is the answer to the question "are they actually 
going to move to a new site with an inferior antenna?", which was raised 
by several DX'ers. It comes straight from someone closely involved with 
  Unless there is a major error in the posted license coordinates they 
will discover it is about 1100 feet west of the existing location. It is 
for the existing quarter-wave Auxiliary antenna. The license was issued 
in error as a main and we had it relicensed to reflect its the Aux. It 
took a while to get all the original paperwork shoveled through the 
pipeline. But the reissued license went fast. I got it last week. The 
Blaw Knox cantilever tower will still be around for a long time, I hope. 
For the cost of a 750 foot vs a 350 vs. the revenue WLW brings in, if we 
ever did move and we would put up another, it would be the tall one. No 
brainer. That is very little money for the extra bang. When we run on 
the little antenna I can tell a marked increase at night in sky-fade out 
about 70 to 100 miles due to the decreased efficiency and even more so 
the extra high angle radiation component. Still listenable but 

  They are not moving; M Street failed to report the other site as an 

***Pentti Lintujarvi - pentti.lintujarvi@xxxxxxxx

 The Bolivian Telecom Authority 'Superindentencia de Telecomunicaciones' 
- SITTEL - has web site at: http://www.sittel.gov.bo/
  There's information on licensees on the 'Operadores' -page. It 
includes a downloadable Word -document of licensed radio stations dating 
from 11.10.2000.
  News can be found in 'Publicacíones'. For example - in October you can 
read following:
  "... Las dos radiodifusoras que se adjudicaron las frecuencias en onda 
corta son Radio Patujú (Trinidad) que operará en 6.005 kHz. y ofertó 
5025 Bs. Y Radio Mauro Nuñez (Villa Serrano) en 6.055 kHz con una oferta 
de 4.200 bolivianos por la frecuencia. ..."
  All the resolutions (new licences, new fqys, call changes etc.)  of 
the year 2000 can be found at http://www.sittel.gov.bo/rsl2000.htm in 
downloadable Excel -file.
  Frequency lists (in Excel -format) are on 'NOMENCLATOR DE
RADIODIFUSIÓN' -page at: http://www.sittel.gov.bo/pblnmn.htm

**Russ Edmunds - wb2bjh@xxxxxxxxxxx

  For those who are interested, I've received a preliminary response 
from the folks at NOAA as to the recent question about Stratospheric 
Warming. This response appears below. I've also requested a bit more 
detail as to the types of possible propagation effects as well as a 
rough range of frequencies to better define 'HF'. 'HF' is generally used 
to describe the amateur bands  between 2 and 30 mHz.

  "Thank you for your contact.  We are in the slow process of up-dating 
our glossary (not an easy task).  The definition of a STRATWARM will be 
included with the up-date.  A definition of a Startwarm:
  Stratwarm is an alert provided by SEC that is a code word designating 
a major disturbance of the winter, polar, middle atmosphere from the 
tropopause to the ionosphere, lasting for several days at a time and 
characterized by a warming of the stratospheric temperature by some 10's 
of degrees. There is no evidence that stratwarms are caused by solar 
events, or that they affect the lower atmosphere (in fact the 
disturbance may be generated by tropospheric conditions). A stratwarm 
can have affects on communications with HF radio frequencies causing HF 



Gerry Thomas - radioplus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

You can get a copy of the interim catalog with final prices (it's in 
Word format; if you need it in text format, let me know).  The catalog 
is available via email to anyone who requests it and IRCA members get a 
10% discount off listed prices.

(I also have a copy of the catalog if you contact me, I will send you 
one - phil bytheway)

Ralph Sanserino - sanser@xxxxxxx

For Sale toroids for the preamp shown on page 123 of IRCA's A DXer's 
Technical Guide Third Edition.  Toroid 70 bifilar turns on a FT-82-61 
ferrite core.  4 toroids $15.  Make checks payable to:
Ralph  Sanserino
PO Box 1831
Perris  CA  92572

IRCA Mexican Log, 6th Edition
The IRCA MEXICAN LOG lists all AM stations in Mexico by frequency, 
including call letters, state, city, day/night power, slogans, schedule 
in UTC/GMT, formats, networks and notes. The call letter index gives 
call, frequency, city and state. The city index (listed by state, then 
city) includes frequency, call and day/night power. The log has been 
completely updated from the 1998 edition and carefully cross-checked by 
several IRCA members. This is an indispensable reference for anyone who 
hears Mexican radio stations. Size is 8 1/2" x 11" and three hole 
for easy binding.Prices: IRCA/NRC members - $8.00 (US/Canada/Mexico/sea 
mail), $9.00 (rest of the Americas airmail), $9.50 (Europe/Asia 
$10.00 (Australia/New Zealand airmail). Non-members: add $2.00 to the 
above prices.

Completely revised by IRCA's Bill Harms to 9/00, the IRCA "TIS/HAR 
LIST" includes AM/FM and TV lists from the US and Canada. This 28 page 
"DX Aid" can be yours for only $5.00. Non-IRCA/NRC members... add $1.00. 
Overseas... add $0.50.

IRCA Bookstore - 9705 Mary Ave NW - Seattle WA  98117-2334 (please make 
checks payable to Phil Bytheway)

The AM DX NewsFlash is sent weekly from Teknologic in Snohomish WA
  All contributions will be used
  Comments regarding content are appreciated
 With your submission, please include as a minimum:
  Your name, location and email address
 Tell your email friends about "AM DX NewsFlash"
  To receive this email newsletter, send your email ID, name and
  location to: phil@xxxxxxxxxxx
 Folks whose bulletins are returned twice in a row are dropped from the
  list. If your email address changes, please let me know!
 Information appearing the NewsFlash can be quoted provided the original
  author and the "AM DX NewsFlash" are given proper credit.

 DXM-printed DX MONITOR (21x/year), SDXM-"soft" DX MONITOR (35x/year)

WORLD - SDXM $10.00
USA - DXM $20.00,  DXM/SDXM $25.00
Canada - DXM $22.00,  DXM/SDXM $27.00
Overseas surface - DXM $23.50,  DXM/SDXM $28.50
Airmail (Central America, Caribbean) - DXM $35.00,  DXM/SDXM $40.00
Airmail (Europe, North Africa, Middle East) - $38.00,  
  DXM/SDXM - $43.00
Airmail (rest of the World) - $41.00,  DXM/SDXM $46.00

To join the IRCA, send the appropriate dues to:  IRCA HQ
                                               PO Box 1831
                                               Perris CA  92572-1831
If you note any AM changes (call, format, slogan, etc), please send them 
to the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxx
END of 12/21/00 THE "AM DX NewsFlash"

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