[HCDX] Special MW Broadcasts from Moscow!
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[HCDX] Special MW Broadcasts from Moscow!

This holiday season Radio Center from Moscow (1485
kHz, 40 kW) once again will be carrying two special
broadcasts targeted at DX-listeners worldwide.  
First broadcast will start on Dec. 24 at 21:30 UT and
last until 4:00 in the morning on Dec. 25.  
The second broadcast will be on the air on Dec. 31
from 21:30 until 4:00, Jan. 1.  All dates and times
are UTC!
Both transmissions will be conducted mainly in Russian
with frequent English announcements and some English
or bilingual (English/Russian) features.  
The first broadcast will have lots of Christmas music.
 The second broadcast shall feature an extended
version of a DX-program "Moscow Calling."  The
listeners will hear some of the interviews conducted
by R. Center's program director Andrei Nekrasov during
his visits to such North American stations as WJCR,
KNLS, VoA, FEBC, WYFR, RCI, etc.  (Many interviews
were conducted in English with Russian
During these special broadcasts R. Center will
especially welcome phone calls from overseas DXers
wishing to report the quality of reception in their
area and to congratulate their Russian colleagues live
on the air.  Phone # is 7-095-247-2351.  An
English/Russian interpreter will be present during
both broadcasts.  Andrei Nekrasov promises not to put
the overseas callers on hold and, in case of a
pre-recorded feature, to interrupt it for your greetings.

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