Re: [HCDX] Modifications ICOM R71D (A)
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Re: [HCDX] Modifications ICOM R71D (A)

I received a message regarding the R-71A Audio Upgrade - URL, which was not
so easy to find via radio-portal as it should be.

As the solution might be of interest to others also, I make my answer
In the database the link in question was described as:
R-71A Audio Upgrade from Kiwa

So if one did a search for R71 (without "-") instead of R-71, the URL was
not shown.
The same happens when one searches for R71D.

I will improve this entry in the database in a few days.

But there is a general rule if a normal search (which is a text search
within the descriptions) does not bring enough URLs or the desired result:

Click on "Search in broad" and combine two categories for a search.
In this case you would have to choose "Receivers" and "Modifications".

Or you search just for the company name instead of a certain product. Both
would have worked in this case.

There are 3 different methods for searches, which are all described (please
click on "FAQ").

The idea behind it is that sometimes one wants a high number of results (if
you want to get an overview, like "all URLs with reviews of receivers"),
sometimes one single URL will just do the job (Review for ICF 2001D).

Anyway, I am always interested in getting reactions. This is the way to
improve things.

Enjoy Christmas eve everybody!

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