RE: [HCDX] Modifications ICOM R71D (A)
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RE: [HCDX] Modifications ICOM R71D (A)

The Audio Upgrade kit for the ICOM IC-R71a also works for the earlier IC-R70
model, too. I received the kit of parts recently and will be installing it
in my IC-R70 over the Christmas holiday.

The audio path circuitry is extremely similar in the two radios, and this
fact had prompted me to inquire with Craig Siegenthaler at Kiwa about the
R-71a kit for use in an R-70. He reviewed the schematics and found that his
modifications are indeed suitable for the older receiver also.

I previously owned a AOR AR7030 with the Kiwa Audio Upgrade and I was very
pleased with the improvement in audio quality (which was already very good
to begin with). Craig learned quite a few tricks with capacitors and
resistors from his prior work of modifying profesional recording studio

Guy Atkins
Bonney Lake, WA USA
NRD-535GS (Gilfer) w/Kiwa mods; R-70 w/mods

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