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Pretty good Eastern CX this Christmas morning.

1330     KWLO     IA, Waterloo, good mixing with WMNN with NOS Christmas
mx and drama ID at 0339 EST 12/25 "The more you listen, the better we
sound, KWLO, Stars 13-30"  (PM-OR)

1330     WMNN    MN, Minneapolis, good mixing w/KWLO with News "News
Radio WMNN" IDs, shopping this year compared to other years at 0342 EST
12/25. (PM-OR)

1440    WGEM     IL, Quincy, fair u/o others with ID at 0406 EST 12/25
"WGEM, AM 1440". (PM-OR)

1440   KDIZ???   MN, Golden Valley, w/Radio Disney o/u WGEM, CKJR, etc.
At 0410. This is the only Radio Disney station I can find listed on 1440
12/25. (PM-OR)

1440    UNID   Black Gospel station giving info on churches with
Christmas services at 0418  12/25. Soon lost in jumble. (PM-OR)

1560    WPAD     KY, Paducah, good totally on top of KNZR with NOS
Format "Your Memory Station WPAD" at 0319 EST 12/25, Into White
Christmas by Bing Crosby. (PM-OR)

1600    KATZ    MO, St. Louis, good and dominant with Gospel Christmas
mx, "Health Connection" program promo at 0324 EST 12/25, followed by
"Gospel 1600" ID.  (PM-OR)

1600  UNID   Second BG station here u/KATZ  at 0326  12/25. WXVI?  WXVI
used to be a regular back about 15 years ago. (PM-OR)

Drake R8
1500' Terminated Beverage

Patrick Martin
Seaside  OR

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