[HCDX] UNID 1608 kHz
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[HCDX] UNID 1608 kHz

I happened to click away the message about an UNID Italian station on 1608 kHz, so I don't know who correspond with. But I hope on help from anybody who happens to know: I heard a station on Dec 24th in the morning on 1608-1607 kHz, but thought it was a Dutch pirate, so I went on. Today morning at 0700 I heard it again with Christmas music in soul-format and it was definitevely not Italian, but most probably a Serbo-Croat talking station. No pirate, as the program seemed very much like a regular station. In on of the ID's i think it mentioned "Bosnia" and a special frequency. Does anybody know? Maybe the identification was like "Radio ...bec" (Berec, Quebec???).
Please help!
73 from Björn Fransson, the island of Gotland, covered with 15 cms of new snow and with the sun shining all day long, the most perfect Christmas day in many years!.
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