R: [HCDX] Weather station 6730
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R: [HCDX] Weather station 6730

>Hi list!
>I know that you know about everything, so please help med with the
>following: Today, 28th of Dec, at 14.13-14.20 on 6730 kHz (best in USB),
>female voice in Russian, sounding like a weather report, many mentions of
>"Karaganda". Which station? Possible address?
>73 from Björn Fransson, Gotland, Sweden

Hi Bjorn,
this is Karaganda Volmet from Kazakistan.
In this freq. there are many "Volmet": Karaganda and Aktjubisk from
Kazakhistan, Baku from Azerbaijian, Tashkent from Uzbekistan, Tblisi from
Theese aren't BC, but AIR band stations that dispatch weather reports and
infos for aircraft and other things.
I don't know the address, however.

Ciao, 73

Salvo Micciché

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