Re: [HCDX] Weather station 6730
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Re: [HCDX] Weather station 6730

Hello Björn,

Today, 28th of Dec, at 14.13-14.20 on 6730 kHz (best in USB), female voice in Russian, sounding like a weather report, many mentions of "Karaganda". Which station? Possible address?

this frequency is allocated to aeronautical services and is used, a.o., by a network of Russian aero weather stations (so called "volmet" stations). Here is the net:

6730               VOLMET/R             Tbilisi h+00, 30
                                        Aktyubinsk h+05, 35
                                        Almaty h+10, 15, 40, 45
                                        Tashkent h+20, 50 (H24)

So you received Almaty giving weather for several airports, including the Karaganda you heard mentioned.
For information about utility stations such as these ones, you can visit the WUN site ( ), where you can also join to their list, the utility equivalent of the HCDX list.
A list of aeronautical station (that's where I took the above information from) can be downloaded from

Hope this helps; 73


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