[HCDX] New Year from RNE-Canarias.
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[HCDX] New Year from RNE-Canarias.


I suppose this year (as in the past) the RNE stations in the Canary Islands
will carry a separate program from the National network the next DEC. 31.
As in the Islands the new year comes one hour latter, RNE fills the gap with
a phone-in program with a lot of funny music and dedications. This special
regional program must begin some minutes before the National program
connect with La Puerta del Sol (the central square in Madrid where is the
clock giving the offical time for all Spain). This should be around 22.50
(55) UTC
At this time RNE-Canarias will begin its own program waiting for the new
in the Islands. So you will have more than 1 hour to catch the four
576-R1-Las Palmas (20 kw) -- 621-R1-Tenerife (600 kw) -- 720 R5-
Tenerife (20 kw) and 747-R5-Las Palmas (20 kw). Good Luck!!

Happy new Year/Century/Millenium to everyone!

Mauricio Molano

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