[HCDX] Liberia 5000 Khz - follow up
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[HCDX] Liberia 5000 Khz - follow up

Following my previous posting, I can confirm that the station heard on 5000 Khz at 1855 on Dec 28 is indeed Liberia Communications Network.
After careful analysis of the recording I heard the DJ end the musical program at 1900 by saying: "...stay tuned to the ..().. service of Liberia Communications Network. Don't go away".
As I am all but an expert of the current Liberian political situation, I spent some time searching on the web and found out that Liberia Communications Network is supposed to be very close to Liberian president Charles Taylor. LCN for example, denounced in August an attempt by the US to kill president Taylor. The US later denied the news. Charles Taylor is considered by a United Nations panel "actively involved in fuelling the violence in Sierra Leone".
These, and other pieces of interesting news on the station, can be found on the web site http://allafrica.com/
By the way, no trace of the station yesterday and today.

Happy 2001 to all the list.

Davide Maspero

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