[HCDX] Final Loggings from Queen Charlotte Is, B.C., Canada
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[HCDX] Final Loggings from Queen Charlotte Is, B.C., Canada

This will be my final posting from the Queen Charlottes. Returning home to Victoria tomorrow. A better evening last night and this morning:

NORTH AMERICAN PIRATE: 6940 USB. KIPM Starting at tune-in at 0251, this eclectic station was pretty much continuously heard with a very strong signal. This fella is either multi kw, or is located in the north west.
Signed off at 0300, but found him again at 0310 on 6950 USB. Again at 0458 on 6942 USB with sign-off at 0507. At 0514 found him on 6955 USB with an Antarctic story. Suddenly off at 0549, but back on at 0554 with "the Adversary". Still going strong at 0756, but finally signed off just before 0800 with good to very good reception. Must never sleep! (Salmaniw, 30 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

GEORGIA 11805.17 presumed Georgian Radio with snippets of audio at 0643. First time I'm able to hear audio. Thanks to Mark Fine. Should be in English, but too weak to be sure. (Salmaniw, 30 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

RUSSIA 7175 Khabarovsk. Test tones at 0805. Very strong "Govorit Vladivostok" at 0815 followed by interval signal, and subsequent program, Radiostantsiya Tikhyi Okean. Listened to the entire program, as I recall English listed on Saturdays in the past, but no joy. Mostly a new year's type program with family messages to sailors, interviews with children, and even religious segments. Not sure how regular they are, as previous checks didn't reveal anything. (Salmaniw, 30 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

CHINA Being as far north as I am, the Chinese and Korean stations really predominate. In Victoria, PNGs and Indos, even Indian stations are easier to hear. Just a list of what I heard bandscanning from 1355:

4883 CRI in Russian, 4850 strong, 4940 fair to good, 4950 fair, 4975 fair, 4990 poor, 5010 fair, 5030 Beijing very strong, 5050 poor to fair, 5075 fair to good, 5090 good, 5163 fair, 3220 presumed Korean poor/fair, 3280 fair, 3290 strong Beijing, 3335 pres. Taiwan fair to good, 3350 poor to fair, 3912 Voice of the People fair, but jammed. 3925 big OC, good. 3930 S Korea fair, 3970 poor to fair ?possible NHK, but more likely Korean.
3985 Echo of Hope fair to good, 4000 Chinese fair, 4010 Vladivostok ? in Chinese poor, 4120.4 Voice of National Salvation, poor to fair.

Dawn enhancement was quite dramatic: 1700 +

3335 very strong, Taiwan
3912 S. Korean good
3915 BBC Singapore WS English very good.
3959.74 Pyongyang with mostly instrumental music fair to good, but fading by sign-off with national anthem at 1759.
3985 Echo of Hope very strong.
4460 Beijing DS1 good with piano music parallel to 5030.
4900 presumed Voice of the Strait fair.
4920 possible AIR Chennai, poor to fair with Hindi music and talk.
(Salmaniw, 30 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

JAPAN 5955 NHK in Russian with blasting signal at 1900. Must be getting the backside of their antenna. (Salmaniw, 30 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

SOUTH AFRICA 15325 RCI in French via Meyerton at 1911 with good signal. (Salmaniw, 30 Dec. Queen Charlotte Is, BC).

That's it from the Charlottes! Will be in touch back in Victoria........Walt.


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