[HCDX] Special Bcst from Moscow (a reminder)
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[HCDX] Special Bcst from Moscow (a reminder)

This is just to remind you that Radio Center from
Moscow (1485 kHz, 40 kW) will be carrying a special
broadcast targeted at DX-listeners worldwide.  
It will be on the air on Dec. 31 from 21:30 until
4:00, Jan. 1.  All dates and times are UTC!  
A broadcast will be conducted mainly in Russian with
frequent English announcements and some English or
bilingual (English/Russian) features.  R. Center will
especially welcome phone calls from overseas DXers
wishing to report the quality of reception in their
area and to congratulate their Russian colleagues live
on the air.  Phone # is 7-095-247-2351.  An
English/Russian interpreter will be present.  Andrei
Nekrasov promises not to put the overseas callers on
hold and, in case of a pre-recorded feature, to
interrupt it for your greetings.

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