[HCDX] More TA LW from western Canada
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[HCDX] More TA LW from western Canada

December continues to be an excellent month for LW reception here in
western Canada.  Last night I logged my first African from here in Medicine

171	MOROCCO, Nador	Radio Medi Un		2343	29 Dec
	Arabic music and recitations.  ID and news in French at 0000.
	Was parallel with 9575 shortwave.

207	MOROCCO, Azilal	RTM			2349	29 Dec
	Arabic singing.  Signal strength was fair for several minutes, but
	weaker than 171 and with severe beacon QRM.  No ID heard, so
	remains tentative.
The only Europeans noted were the regulars from Iceland on 189 and France
on 162.  Once again, absolutely nothing TA on MW.

Nigel Pimblett
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
R-5000 and beverage antennas	

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