[HCDX] Re: [mwdx] Radio Shanson on 1386 kHz
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[HCDX] Re: [mwdx] Radio Shanson on 1386 kHz

Many thanks to Bernd Trutenau and Bo-Kristian Lindqvist for their help on Radio
Russkiy Shanson on 1386 kHz!

Bernd Trutenau wrote:

> Shanson (or Russkiy Shanson as the full name is) is an outlet of the
> Russkoye Radio empire, the studios are in St.Petersburg (not Moscow) and it
> is distributed through a network of affiliates across all of Russia and in
> some towns in Ukraine.
> Webpage: www.shanson.ru, email addresses: <shanson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> and
> <webmaster@xxxxxxxxxx>.

The website was temporarily off when I tried - just a welcome greeting by
Russkoye R - but BKL gave me their snail address: P.O. Box 29, 197136 St.
Peterbug, which can be found in the WRTH 2000, but surprisingly not in the
latest edition.

S Novim Godom!

Mika Makelainen, Finland

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