[HCDX] AM DX News Flash
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[HCDX] AM DX News Flash

I have problems with the big files of AM DX News Flash via HCDX, e.g. the
edition of 29.12.2000. It will not open on my computer. Instead it runs and
runs and runs, and I have to stop the computer, This time especially bad
because I had written a lot of mails that were lost at the same time. I do
not know why this problem because I can handle the Soft DX Monitor sent to
me directly by Phil. This is the second time it happens to me, a couple of
months ago also with the same AM DX News Flash.
Otherwise times are good and USA is present during the early morning hours.
I expect good conditions for new year. This sunday morning  I had WGSR-1570
again, 1600 Disney, 1660, 1680 and 1700 from Florida. No other areas noted,
0730-0800, before that Colombia well. 
Per-Ole Stenman, Jakobstad, Finland

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