[HCDX] Using PalTalk among DXers
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[HCDX] Using PalTalk among DXers

Greetings to all,

To all those equipped with a multimedia PC (full duplex fax-modem, sound
card, speakers and a microphone) I recommend the use of a nice software:
PalTalk. It will allow the possibility of audio/video two way PC
communications, with ease and reliabiltity.

Some DXers in Brazil and me in Uruguay are exchanging ourselves comments,
experiences and even audio from radio sources. The application can
downloaded from www.PalTalk.com, it weighs only 412 kB and requires at least
a Pentium 120 to work, besides de multimedia capability. A nickname and a
password is required when registering which besides is a free service. The
software appears to work flawlessly, without affecting parallel PC working
and audio is excellent, with no delay and no complications.

Brazilian DXers from "Radioescutas" list have created a group, that is
activated as a chat room whenever a registered user from that list is
on-line. You can see in one of the two windows that appear in the desktop of
your computer whom of your friends is online or not.

My nickname is HANURG. You can search in "ADD PALS" button by this nick and
can add it to your list of contacts.

Have an excellent new year 2001.

73 from


Horacio A. Nigro
Montevideo - Uruguay
E-mail: <hanigro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
ICQ   : 44503585
PalTalk nickname: HANURG
Historia de la Radio/Radio History
Filatelia de Radio/Radio Philately
http://members.tripod.com/~hanigro/radiofil/rarmenia.html (Español)
http://members.tripod.com/~hanigro/radiofil/sodre70.html (Español)
http://members.tripod.com/~hanigro/radiofil/sodre70e.html (English)

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