Re: [HCDX] 5000 Khz
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Re: [HCDX] 5000 Khz

> Tuned in today at 1855 to a station on 5000.00 Khz playing afro mx with 
> comments in EE. At 1902 EE news with many mentions of Liberia though no 
> positive ID (still have to check the tape). Good signal but mediocre 
> modulation and interference from (rather say to) time stations 
> and utes. Is 
> this the old Liberia Communications Network reactivated ?
> Davide Maspero
> Listening in Cavalese, Italian Alps
> AOR 7030 + longwire


just returned from the local DX-pedition and saw this message.
Yes, it is Liberia. Logged here in Finland Dec 28th at 1900 UTC
on 5000 kHz. IDed as Liberian Communications Network.
Much stronger signal than their usual on 5100. I didn't stay
on this freq longer than identifying the station, but I think
that later in the evening they were back on 5100.
They have been logged couple of times in the past on 5000.
Maybe just a punching error, but are they operating on some
other (higher) frequency during their local daytime?
And YVTO Venezuela still having problems with their standard.
Couple of nights herad around  5001 kHz.

Jari Savolainen

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