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[HCDX] Bolivia


These stations all were on extended schedules at New Year's Eve (Bolivian

4716.7, Radio Yura; Yura, Jan. 1, 0330-0355, LA music (e.g. Cumbia songs),
male speaker in Spanish (overmodulated), mention of Yura, time checks.
Excellent signal; 34444. (Veldhuis)

4796.4, Radio Mallku; Uyuni, Jan. 1, 0235-0259, Male speaker in Spanish,
mention of temperature. LA music with lots of guitars and flutes. At 0257
UTC full canned ID with mention of frequency. 34333 (Veldhuis)

5952.4, Radio Pio Doce; Siglo Veinte, Jan.1, 0315-0324, Male talk in
Spanish, with what appeared to be reports from correspondents. A couple of
quick IDs were given. Reasonable signal with strong QRM from adjecent
channels, still not bad after playing around with the Passband Tuning and
Notch filter of the Icom R75. (Veldhuis)

A very Happy and Healthy 2001 to you all,

Mark Veldhuis, Borne, the Netherlands (52.3000°N, 6.7500°E).
E-mail: dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ICQ: 38955406

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