RE: [HCDX] R. Tanzania-Zanzibar
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RE: [HCDX] R. Tanzania-Zanzibar

It was me.  I have sent 100 pieces to Zanzibar in the spring of 98.  But
there are only very few DX'ers that have received one of those QSL.  Enzio
Gehrig made a trip to Zanzibar about a year ago and he assured me that there
is still a stock of those QSL.  It looks like they are using the QSL's for
special occasions.  And there is one big problem with reception reports.
Almost nobody speaks English at RTZ.  Somebody not in service at RTZ is
translating reports into Swahili, and that takes time and a lot of trouble.
So be patient.  You can also try to write in Swahili.  Maybe you can find a
contact on the net that will translate your report.


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Has anybody had any luck in securing one of the new QSL's from RTZ? I can't
remember who designed it.

Terry Palmersheim, KC7LDP/ FOØPAM

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