[HCDX] At least!! replay from Zanzibar!
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[HCDX] At least!! replay from Zanzibar!

Yes, after a pile of reports today I have received QSL from
"Sauti Ya Tanzania-Zanzibar".  As Enzio Gehrig suggest
me I sent my last report to Khalid Hassan Rajab, Head of Shortwave 
Radio Transmitter, Voice of Tanzania Zanzibar, P.O. Box 1178
Zanzibar / Tanzania. With the report I sent a CD with the
station recording, a PPC QSL, a S.A.E. and the only US banknote 
I had (a 5 $ one). I have received my PPC signed and sealed in
the SAE I sent after 6 weeks. My 171 country!


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