Re: [HCDX] Iglesia del Pueblo (?) followup
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Re: [HCDX] Iglesia del Pueblo (?) followup


My log was listed an presumed (tentative), but it definitelty sounded Spanish 
here, and it sounded like there was a co-chanmel second station with less 
signal strength under the first.  The presumed second station was at times 
playing music under the first and it became stronger around 0420 but I could 
not make out the language.  It continued after the presumed Spanish ended, 
and may have been the Russian you referred to but I went to bed.

Given the way shortwave acts anything it possible!   Some examples:
There are times I can't hear Radio Romania here, yet listeners in the 
Philadelphia area have it with a booming signal at the same time.  I have 
also heard Peruvians while in Emmitsburg, Maryland that I have never been 
able to hear in Ohio - yet Emmitsburg is only 5.5 hours from here.  I rarely 
hear Bolivians here that others a few hours farther to the east or west of me 
can hear at the same time.    Depending where you are in the northeast U.S. 
you may hear Lesotho or Mexico on 4800kHz (or in Northeast Ohio you hear both 
when they were both on the air at the same time).  

And finally, I am at the base of a very large hill we locals call "Little 
While I don't blame it for everything, I can state that when I lived right on 
Lake Erie at a location with a travel time less than 20 minutes from here I 
often had better and more stable DX and reception conditions that I do here.  

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