[HCDX] Last Millenium Loggings - Page 1 - From Leigh Morris South Australia
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[HCDX] Last Millenium Loggings - Page 1 - From Leigh Morris South Australia

Whilst most of you in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing the "The
Big Freeze" or "Flooding" we are experiencing temperatures of 36 to 40'C
during the past week, along with Wild Bush & Grass Fires & nasty flies.
Here are a few loggings using Icom R75 & beverage antennas at Coorong
National Park South Australia between 27th & 30th December 2000 

BANGLADESH 9549Khz(v) Bangladesh Bettar 1230UTC usual fanfare & ID in EE
o/m with EE News & Commentary Strong carrier (suffers low level audio &
50hz ac hum) CC QRM R China International 15518.7Khz Good level in //
with het notched from R Ukraine Intl on 15520Khz  MORRIS Dec 29

BOLIVIA 3310Khz R Mosoj Chaski Cocahamba 0930UTC o/m with scripture
readings in Quecha with interludes of organ Mx (station lost to QSB by
0958UTC) Poor Level MORRIS Dec 30

BOLIVIA 6135Khz R Santa Cruz 0903UTC pan flute mx, anthem, 0907UTC ID
Sintonia R Santa Cruz..presente programa..Religious announcements in SS
Fair Signal MORRIS Dec 28

BOLIVIA 4796.5Khz R Mallku Uyuni Potosi 0945UTC musical bridges of
huayno mx & mensajes 1000UTC Tone, Fanfare & ID R Emisoras Mallku la
frecuencia 4795kc/s banda tropical de 60 metros ondacorta MORRIS Dec 28

BOLIVIA 4876.8Khz La Cruz del Sur La Paz 1050UTC religious px in Indian
dialect 1100UTC O/M with R Cruz del Sur ID Fair Signal MORRIS Dec 28

ECUADOR 3279.6Khz La Voz del Napo Tena 0930UTC s/on with ID Esta es La
Voz del Napo desde la ciudad de Tena, Sudamerica O/M continues with 
religious Px in Quecha dialect with several mentions of Saint Maria & 
references to Catolica Fair signal MORRIS Dec 29

ECUADOR 4814.9Khz R El Buen Pastor Loja 1015UTC Px in Quecha O/m with
mensajes & folklorica mx No ID heard but several mentions of La Voz..
with references to Loja Poor signal MORRIS Dec 29

ETHIOPIA 7165Khz R Ethiopia Gedja 1600UTC ID This is the external
service of Radio Ethiopia EE PX with 1980's Western pop Mx 1630UTC 
Fanfare ID News bulletin in EE read by o/m 1638UTC Summary of
Top News stories then comment about food development px announced by Min
of Agriculture 1700UTC fanfare ID Px continues in FF Good signal whilst
9560Khz blocked by V of Turkey, 11800Khz untraced MORRIS Dec 30

GEORGIA 11805Khz R Georgia Dusheti 0630UTC (VOA s/off 11805Khz)Chimes ID
in EE This is R Georgia (with full run-down of tx times & frequencies)
News & commentary in EE Fair signal (usual muffled audio) MORRIS Dec 29

GHANA 3366Khz GBC Accra 1900UTC Time Pips ID in EE You're tuned to R
Ghana O/M with election results from polling stations around the country
in EE 1930UTC ID GBC Good signal (4915Khz blocked by KBC) MORRIS Dec 28
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