[HCDX] Last Loggings for the Millenium from Leigh Morris South Australia
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[HCDX] Last Loggings for the Millenium from Leigh Morris South Australia

HONDURAS 4819.2Khz La Voz Evangelica Tegucigalpa 1000UTC O/M with t/c
ID La Voz Evangelica desde Tegucigalpa,SS Px of accordeon Mx with
live phone calls & requests Good Level MORRIS Dec 29

KENYA 4915Khz KBC Nairobi 1745UTC O/M with live phone show with
musical requests in Swahili 1800UTC O/M with ID KBC then EE NX
1805UTC ann This News Summary in English is brought to you by the KBC
1812UTC Program continues in Swahili Talk PX s/off 1904UTC
Fair Signal MORRIS Dec 29

LITHUANIA 9710Khz R Vilnius Kaunas 0930UTC Chimes ID EE 
This is R Vilnius EE NX & feature px Daily Round-Up with
comment about commercial banking industry & mention of new R Vilnius
test Tx on 9875Khz @ 0030UTC Fair signal long-path over R Australia

MEXICO 11770Khz R Mexico International 2300UTC ID in EE
R Mexico Intl broadcasting from Mexico e-mail & postal addresses
given ann frequencies of 5985,9705, & new 11770Khz EE PX
Antena Radio Summary which featured festivals, gregorian calendars
& mentioned benedictions 2320UTC ID This is RMI ranchera mx
noted to s/off at 2359UTC Fair Signal 9705Khz poor MORRIS Dec 29

PHILIPPINES 15190Khz R Pilipinas via Tinang 1830UTC Px in EE &
Tagalog EE ID This is R Pilipinas the Overseas Service of the 
Philippines Broadcasting service EE PX Dateline 15190Khz Good
11730Khz Fair 11890Khz Poor in // MORRIS DEC 29

PHILIPPINES 15120Khz R Pilipinas via Tinang 0230UTC ID (as above)
EE PX Dateline 0300UTC Today's Topic 15120Khz Good, 15270KHz Poor
11805Khz not heard ( station suffers poor audio possible use of 
telephone feeder to transmitter site) MORRIS Dec 30

PERU 4992.5 R Ancash Huraz 0930UTC Px in SS with heaps of pan flute
mx with several ID's & T/c's much use of reverb or echo chamber 
Fair level MORRIS Dec 27

PERU 4955.4Khz R Cultural Amauta 0945UTC hymns & scripture readings
in SS 1000UTC mentioned la hora cristiano...transmitiendo en 4955Khz 
en onda corta R Cultural Amauta followed by rooster crowing
Fair signal MORRIS  Dec 29

PERU 4855.8Khz R La Hora Cusco 1045UTC SS with lots of huayno mx
1100UTC ID in SS Por R La Hora Cusco....commercials for banking & a
pharmacy Noticias & communicados Fair Signal MORRIS Dec 29

PERU 4904.8Khz R La Oroya 1050UTC Cumbian Mx T/c's & slogan en los
Andes del Peru 1100UTC ID Esta es R La Oroya (mentioned FM stereo
& 4905Khz with telephone nos) Noticias in SS 
Fair due to QRN MORRIS Dec 30

PERU 4824.4Khz La Voz de la Selva Iquitos 1030UTC huayno mx with
frequent t/c's in SS ID L V de la Selva desde su dial (Best on USB) 
Good signal spoilt by bursts of RRTY MORRIS Dec 28

TAJIKISTAN 7245Khz R Tajikistan Dushanbe 1640UTC traditional folk mx
1644UTC unusual stringed instrumental mx 1645UTC Y/L with EE ID
This is Dushabe the capital of the republic of Tajikistan O/M
with EE ann May we remind you R Tajikistan can be heard daily at 
1645GMT & again at 0345GMT on 7245Khz EE NX bulletin with mention
of 100year anniversary & visits to Dushanbe by Foreign trade delegations
Fair signal spoilt by CC QRM 1700UTC ID R Tajikistan the Voice of the
republic of Tajikistan thank you for listening MORRIS Dec 30

UGANDA 5026Khz R Uganda Kampala 1900UTC EE ID by o/m R Uganda Kampala
10 o'clock NEWS Bulletin in EE 1912UTC ID This is Radio Uganda
the chorus Good signal with 4976Khz in // MORRIS Dec 28

USA 15385Khz KJES Vado N M 1945UTC Scripture readings & chorus in EE
2000UTC ID by very young Male This is KJES Radio broadcasting from the
Lord's Ranch  Vado New Mexico 88072 please e-mail us of your reception
kjes@xxxxxxx  2001UTC SS ID PX continues in SS FAIR Level MORRIS Dec 28

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