[HCDX] Great Eastern CX (WDXR)
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[HCDX] Great Eastern CX (WDXR)

Some of the best Eastern CX I have heard for a longtime and it even
stayed in, not an hour, then gone. Maybe the good ol' days are finally
returning. It would be interesting to see what the sunspot count was

620    WBAP   TX, Ft. Worth. Not really DX as I hear them about nightly,
but totally on top of KGNW wiping them out with usual C&W mx and local
Ft. Worth weather at 0430 EST 1/4. (PM-OR)

870    WWL    LA, New Orleans, totally on top of the jumble and no sign
of usual KFLD at 0435 EST 1/4/01 with ID "WWL" I have hrd this once in a
while in recent years, but not this good.(PM-OR)

1570   WKBH    WI, Holmen-La Crosse, fantastic signal w/ESPN Sports and
0459.50 EST 1/4/01 as " WKBH AM Holmen-La Crosse. Another La Crosse
Radio Group Super Station, ESPN-15-70"
Running 1000/365 U1 . What a surprise. This was a good S9+.
Unbelieveable! New! (PM-OR)

1630   WAWX    GA, Augusta, very good with Jim and Jeff Show at 0405 EST
1/4/01, ID at 0406. Good. (PM-OR)

1670   WRNC   GA, Warner  Robins, good with C&W mx on top on KAZT/WTDY.

1680   WTTM    NJ, Princeton, very strong with ESPN Sports at 0055 EST
1/4/01 (PM-OR)

Drake R8
1500 Eastern Beverage

Patrick Martin
Seaside  OR

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