[HCDX] Digital Shortwave Broadcasing: Ask An Expert
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[HCDX] Digital Shortwave Broadcasing: Ask An Expert

Some of you may be interested in this item from our Website:

Media Network is offering you the chance to ask the questions you´ve been
wanting to ask about the ongoing digital shortwave tests involving Radio
Netherlands and several other members of the Digital Radio Mondiale
consortium. As ITU member countries prepare to ratify the DRM standard,
Radio Netherlands engineer Jan-Peter Werkman has just returned from a
monitoring trip to Ecuador and Bonaire. We´re preparing an updated feature
with photos and audio recordings, and will also be talking to Jan-Peter.
That discussion is planned for Thursday 11 January, and Jan-Peter will be
happy to answer your questions. E-mail them to media@xxxxxx by 10 January
2001 at the latest. We´ll also be compiling a FAQ list about digital
shortwave broadcasting, in an effort to better explain what it will mean
for the listener.

Andy Sennitt
Radio Netherlands

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