[HCDX] Singapore on 6150 kHz
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[HCDX] Singapore on 6150 kHz

: 6150 98.7FM via R.Corporation of Sinapore. 1410-1600* in EG. DJ program
: including pops & rock, telephone talk with listeners, and often ID as
: "987FM" were heard. 1600 signed off after ID of "Radio Corporation of
: Singapore". In WRTH, "Perfect 10" network is listed on 98.7MHz, so maybe
: relayed this program.  Does anyone know when this program started? (Jan 1,
: Juichi Yamada, JAPAN)

I cannot answer this question directly but on a related note, it seems they
relay different FM stations at different hours of the day. Singapore on
6150 kHz can be heard with a good signal here in Finland at 23 UTC,
relaying NewsRadio 938 with a slogan "NewsRadio 938. More News, More Talk".
For instance, on December 24 the signal was a booming S9+25 dB.

Jari Perkiömäki, Vaasa, Finland
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