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[HCDX] AM DX NewsFlash

         WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH  -  January 4 2001
                          Vol 6  No 39

                 IRCA's web site... take a peek!!

Deadline for next issue - Thursday, January 11 2001 @ 1400 UTC

Send all contributions to me @ phil@xxxxxxxxxxx

"*" denotes that the tip/info/etc. came from the IRCA eGroup (used by 
permission). You must be a member of IRCA to subscribe to the eGroup at 
http://www.egroups.com.  International Radio Club of America

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2001 NRC Convention will be in Pittsburgh PA
The 2001 WTFDA Convention will be held at the Super 8 in Boise July 27-
29. Inquiries can be sent to: N7SOK@xxxxxxx

 CPC DX tests


CPC Chairperson (IRCA) - Lynn Hollerman - lynnhollerman@xxxxxxxxxxx

      1/ 7/01 Sun - 0200-0300 - KNUS -  710 - Denver CO (PG)
      1/ 7/01 Sun - 0200-0300 - KRKS -  990 - Denver CO (PG)
      1/ 7/01 Sun - 0200-0300 - KBJD - 1650 - Denver CO (PG)
      1/20/01 Sat - 0100-0300 - WAGL - 1560 - Lancaster SC (IRCA)
      2/ 4/01 Sun - 0000-0200 - WILM - 1450 - Wilmington DE (NRC)

Sunday, January 7, 2001 - KNUS-710/KRKS-990/KBJD-1650, Denver, CO will 
conduct a DX test from 2:00-3:00 am EST. Programming will include Morse 
code, unusual music, and other readily identifiable programming. The 
programming will be simulcast on all 3 stations. The stations will 
probably run day power / non-DA the first half hour and standard night 
power / patterns the second half hour.
  The stations would also like live feedback from listeners by telephone 
during this event. The telephone numbers will be 303-631-2328 and 303-

  Reception reports may be sent to:
ATTN: Gregg Cassidy.
3131 S. Vaughn Way, Suite 601
Aurora, CO 80014-3510

E-mail: DJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 (Arranged by Patrick Griffith.)

Saturday, January 20, 2001 - WAGL-1560, Lancaster, SC will conduct a DX 
test from 1:00-2:00 am EST. The test will be conducted as follows: At 
1:00 am EST, WAGL will turn their carrier on - static will be heard. At 
1:05am EST, WAGL will begin carrier modulation with voice IDs, 
greetings, and music. The test will continue until 2:00am EST with 
music, voice statements, and possible Morse code IDs. WAGL will conduct 
the test using their full 50 kW into their 4 tower array directional 
antenna system.

  Reception reports may be sent to:
B.L.(Len) Phillips
General Manager
P.O. Box 28
Lancaster, SC 29721

E-mail: waglradio@xxxxxxxxxxx
WWW: http://www.waglradio.com
 (Arranged by Lynn Hollerman for the IRCA CPC.)

Sunday, February 4, 2001 - WILM-1450, Wilmington, DE will conduct a DX 
test from 12:00-2:00 am EDT. WILM will play "unusual programming", 
sirens, and Morse code IDs. Allan Loudell, Program Manager of WILM, is 
preparing a special 25th anniversary yellow QSL card. Calls to the 
station may be placed at (302) 656-9800 - NO COLLECT CALLS, PLEASE!!!

  Reception reports may be sent to:
Allan Loudell
Program Director
WILM News Radio
1215 French St.
Wilmington, DE 19801
 (Arranged by Blaine Thompson for the NRC CPC)

  If you hear a test, PLEASE, PLEASE let me know, via either e-mail or 
in rec.radio.shortwave! And if you send a reception report to a station, 
please remember to include return postage with your report...
  PLEASE NOTE: Even if you don't hear a test, be sure and drop a card, 
letter, or e-mail to the station personnel, thanking them for going to 
the trouble to run a test!

***Sergei Sosedkin - radonezh@xxxxxxxxx

  This holiday season Radio Center from Moscow (1485 kHz, 40 kW) once 
again will be carrying two special broadcasts targeted at DX-listeners 
worldwide.  First broadcast will start on Dec. 24 at 21:30 UT and last 
until 4:00 in the morning on Dec. 25.  The second broadcast will be on 
the air on Dec. 31 from 21:30 until 4:00, Jan. 1.  All dates and times
are UTC!
  Both transmissions will be conducted mainly in Russian with frequent 
English announcements and some English or bilingual (English/Russian) 
features.  The first broadcast will have lots of Christmas music.  The 
second broadcast shall feature an extended version of a DX-program 
"Moscow Calling."  The listeners will hear some of the interviews 
conducted by R. Center's program director Andrei Nekrasov during his 
visits to such North American stations as WJCR, KNLS, VoA, FEBC, WYFR, 
RCI, etc.  (Many interviews were conducted in English with Russian 
  During these special broadcasts R. Center will especially welcome 
phone calls from overseas Dxers wishing to report the quality of 
reception in their area and to congratulate their Russian colleagues 
live on the air.  Phone # is 7-095-247-2351.  An English/Russian 
interpreter will be present during both broadcasts.  Andrei Nekrasov 
promises not to put the overseas callers on hold and, in case of a pre-
recorded feature, to interrupt it for your greetings.



jim hilliker - jimhilliker@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Here's one for the books!  I just found out that on Monday 1/1 that 
870-AM KIEV will change call to KRLA!  What do you think of that?
  I can't believe it....From one old call to another...what's next?? 
Will 640 KFI swap calls with 1070 KNX someday???  I hope not!

*Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

Reports that McAiry NC in on. Operates on 1640.

***Karel Honzik - karel.honzik@xxxxxx

 261  RadioRopa 261 is nomore relayed on this frequency (as announced).
1440  MEGA Radio (Germany) is on this frequency, relayed by RTL? (1 JAN 
       2001, 0720 UTC).

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

KVEN-1450 Ventura, CA has made the rumored switch from news/talk to 
oldies. Their slogan is "The Boomer"; one of the worst I have heard in 
some time. The whole thing is really hokey; the bumpers and the sound 
quality are dreadful. The latter was expected. I imagine the champagne 
was flowing last night at KVTA-1520, which now has news/talk in Ventura 
County all to themselves. Most of the KVTA staff worked at KVEN until 
about a year ago; there was a mass resignation that caught management 
totally off guard. KVEN never recovered.

**Tom Dimeo - Harrisburg PA - radio@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  Heard on Morning Edition yesterday from NPR:
  From member station W-Y-S-O, Aileen LeBlanc reports on how the end of 
the year also brought the end of an era for jazz music in Cincinnati. An 
A-M station there has been playing jazz music for the last 40 years, but 
early this morning switched its format to religious programming. (6:34)
  Listen at: http://www.npr.org/ramfiles/me/20010101.me.08.rmm

tim bucknall - tbucknall@xxxxxxxxxxx

Vo Russia Berlin on 693 is putting out a HUGE 3rd Harmonic on 2079khz, 
first noticed at 1500 on 2/1/01, Please tell anyone who listens to 
MW/Tropical band about this Will any North american dxers hear this 

***bill whitacre - Washington DC - bw@xxxxxxx

  I work in the monitoring section of the U.S. International 
Broadcasting Bureau and we're 'testing' the performance of a potential 
mediumwave lease on 1314kHz from Abu Dhabi.
  For the month of January only, you should hear VOA NewsNow programming 
from 0200-0300utc and 1600-1800utc.
  If you can tell me where you are and how well we're coming in I'd 
REALLY appreciate it.

*Richard Toebe - Davis CA - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

Grundig 1100 Concert Boy, barefoot

1450  KOBO  CA  Yuba City  1/2 2002  noted back on with SS talk; KLIB 
       extended ID in SS on the hour, at 2 minutes past, gave dual "1690 
       KSXX Roseville-Sacramento, 1450 KOBO Yuba City" ID by male in EE.  
       So, KLIB's running a trimulcast now.  KLIB noted at 2205 with 
       Russian (see Kevin, you're not crazy, hi), but KOBO lost in the 
       jumble; KFLS on top instead.



Morris Sorensen - Winnipeg MB - SMosor@xxxxxxx

1140  WRVA  VA Richmond 12/30 1720  poor surfacing briefly with mention 
       of "WRVA Sports". New State! (MS-MB)
1170  WWVA  WV Wheeling 12/30 1700 good with ID by man as "1170-The Big 
       One WWVA Wheeling-a Clear Channel Communications Station"  new 
       state! (MS-MB)
1350  WIOU  IN Kokomo 12/28 1705 fair with weather, ID as "WIOU-1350, 
       your source for Dr. Laura into Dr. Laura Show (MS-MB)
1600  Waam  MI Ann Arbor 12/28 1700 poor withID by man "we are WAAM, Ann 
       Arbor, Michigan" then faded out (MS-MB)

Drake R-8 with McKay-Dymek loop

*Nigel Pimblett - Medicine Hat AB - ntp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

December continues to be an excellent month for LW reception.  Last 
night I logged my first African from here in Medicine Hat:

 171  MOROCCO, Nador  Radio Medi Un  2343 29 Dec Arabic music and 
       recitations.  ID and news in French at 0000. Was parallel with 
       9575 shortwave.
 207  MOROCCO, Azilal  RTM  2349 29 Dec Arabic singing.  Signal strength 
       was fair for several minutes, but weaker than 171 and with severe 
       beacon QRM.  No ID heard, so remains tentative.

The only Europeans noted were the regulars from Iceland on 189 and 
France on 162.  Once again, absolutely nothing TA on MW.

R-5000 and beverage antennas	

Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  Here on the Northern Oregon Coast I have been comparing X Band signals 
from CA during the day 12-1 PM PST. Today here are my results. Using a 
Drake R8 and my EWE antenna directional to the S/SW.

1620-KSMH-Auburn-S 51/2
1640-KDIA-Vallejo- u/KPBC-Portland
1650-KFOX-Torrance- carrier only
1670-KAZT-Redding-Barely audible
1680-KAVT-Fresno-Not on as yet

  I think KAZT-1670 must be operating with only 1 KW days as yet as 
their signal (which is closer than any others), is weak. I know when I 
first heard KAZT on their test they must have been operating with 10 KW 
and their signal had local-quieting.
  I might note that KBLI-1620 and KXOL-1660 are about S2-3 off the 
Eastern Beverage too.

 580  KANA  MT, Anaconda fair u/o CKUA with olies & AC pops at 1730 EST 
       12/30. Several "The Great 58" and "KANA" IDs, local weather. I 
       logged this a few weeks ago, but not enough for a report. This 
       time it was rough, but I got enough details. (PM-OR)
 820  WBAP  TX, Ft. Worth. Not really DX as I hear them about nightly, 
       but totally on top of KGNW wiping them out with usual C&W mx and 
       local Ft. Worth weather at 0430 EST 1/4. (PM-OR)
 870  WWL  LA, New Orleans, totally on top of the jumble and no sign of 
       usual KFLD at 0435 EST 1/4/01 with ID "WWL" I have hrd this once 
       in a while in recent years, but not this good.(PM-OR)
1190  WOWO  IN, Fort Wayne, unbelieveable signal!!! Topping KEX! With 
       ABC News and local weather at 0106 EST 1/1/2001. I logged this 
       station last Spring barely above the noise. This was almost 
       armchair copy! They must be on with 50 KW Day pattern. (PM-OR)
1240  KWIK  ID, Pocatello, fair on top of jumble with "Information News 
       Radio, KID Idaho Falls and radio 1240 KWIK Pocatello" ID going 
       into ABC News at 1859.50 EST 1/2/01. At 1906, local weather and 
       local "KWIK" ID, no mention of KID at that time, which the ID 
       TOH. So if you hear a KID ID on 1240, you'll know who this is. 
1240  KELK  NV, Elko, mix with KWIK at 1903.30 EST 1/2/01, with jingle 
       ID "Elko's music Radio, KELK, KELK" Into ABC News.  Haven't heard 
       this in years. (PM-OR)
1340  KCAP  MT, Helena, hrd on top with 1on1 Sports and ID "KCAP 1340, 
       We are here for you" at 1820 EST 1/2/01. (PM-OR)
1570  WKBH  WI, Holmen-La Crosse, fantastic signal w/ESPN Sports and 
       0459.50 EST 1/4/01 as " WKBH AM Holmen-La Crosse. Another La 
       Crosse Radio Group Super Station, ESPN-15-70" Running 1000/365 U1 
       . What a surprise. This was a good S9+. Unbelieveable! New! 
1600  WXVI  AL, Montgomery, popped on top of jumble with BG and a female 
       say "AM 1600, WXVI right here in Montgomery Alabama, Sunshine 16" 
       Into BG mx and lively prayers at 0310 EST 1/3/01. This apparently 
       is what I heard a few days ago.   (PM-OR)
1600  UNID  Station IDing at 0306 EST 1/3/01, but under jumble for the 
       most part, mentioned Arkansas, which sounded like part of an ID. 
1600  UNID  FLORIDA?, man in jumble "Weather of Southern Florida......" 
       at 0306.30  1/3/01. Then lost in jumble. (PM-OR)
1600  KWOM  MINNESOTA, Watertown, good on top at 0459.50 EST 1/3/01, 
       with ID going into ABC News "This is KWOM, Watertown". (PM-OR)
1600  KATZ  MISSOURI, St. Louis, up and down most of the even with BG 
       and "Gospel 1600" IDs, noted at 0330 EST 1/3/01. (PM-OR)
1600  UNID  Olies station here with "Kind of a Drag" by the Buckinghams 
       at 0450 EST 1/3/01. (PM-OR)
1630  WAWX  GA, Augusta, very good with Jim and Jeff Show at 0405 EST 
       1/4/01, ID at 0406. Good. (PM-OR)
1670  WRNC  GA, Warner  Robins, good with C&W mx on top on KAZT/WTDY.
1680  WTTM  NJ, Princeton, very strong with ESPN Sports at 0055 EST 
       1/4/01 (PM-OR)

Drake R8, 1500' Eastern Beverage

****Mike Brooker - Toronto ON - aum108@xxxxxxxxxxx

Receivers: Panasonics RF-2200, RFB-45

 920  CFRY  Portage la Prairie, MB Dec. 24 0243 fair o/pest CKNX w/C&W 
       version of Meatloaf's Two Out of Three Ain't Bad, "at 1:43, here 
       are the current weather conditions from CFRY", into detailed wx 
       for all of Manitoba. (MKB-ON)
 960  WELI  New Haven, CT Dec. 28 0731 over usual pest CFFX w/local wx 
       "from New Haven's official weather station, news-talk 960 WELI".  
1030  WUFL  Sterling Heights, MI  Dec. 26 0843 knocking out WBZ w/ID as 
       "AM 1030 WUFL", then asked "what was introduced for the first 
       time on Christmas Day in 1843 - was it fruitcake, pumpkin pie, 
       the Christmas tree ornament, or the Christmas card...if you think 
       you know, call us at 1-800-733-1030". (MKB-ON)
1260  WPHB  Phillipsburg, PA Dec. 29 0716 sports scores and promo for 
       local high school basketball "right here on the Center Region's 
       local sports leader, AM 1260 WPHB", then disappeared under WRIE.  
1360  WKOP  Binghamton, NY Dec. 26 1805 slogan "on the music of your 
       life, AM 1360 WKOP" into song by Perry Como, then disappeared 
       into graveyard-like mush.  (MKB-ON)
1360  WNJC  Washington Township, NJ  Dec. 26 1900 surfaced w/top of hour 
       ID "This is WNJC, Washington Township" into gospel song.  QSLed 
       in 1978 as WWBZ (then licensed to Vineland, NJ).  (MKB-ON)
1410  WING  Dayton, OH Dec. 26 0800 fair o/CHKT-1430 spur w/end of ESPN 
       sports talk, ID as "1410 WING Dayton, a Blue Chip Broadcasting 
       station", into CNN news.  (MKB-ON)

***Julius Hermans - hermans.j@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12/30.  I just had an amazing signal from Baku on 1476 at 1600 UTC, 
also AIR Nagpur heard on 1566 at 1537, also Russian heard on 1521 at 
1400 could be CRI Urumqi(most probably) or Kazan, Russia ; if I look at 
the K-and A-figures we could go for a good DX-night (one of the first of 
this season), so that's why I send you this note I hope I am right!!

*****Guido Schotmans - gs@xxxxxx

  This R. Nezalezhnist, Lviv UKR which has Polish programming on 1476 
kHz (Lviv 30 kW), see WRTH2001. The Lviv region has a large Polish 
minority, this town ("Lwów" in Polish) was part of Poland between WWI 
and WWII.
  The full schedule you find on their webpage: <www.radio-n.com>.
  I think I heard this station too.  I was listening on 1476 kHz at 1625 
UTC yesterday.  Reception was suppressing Baku for a while. They played 
'Oh Mammy blue' and talked a lot about it.  A little bit later a song 
with 'Demokrata' and 'Kommunista' in it. Then talks that sounded 
mockery, and than some 'Kozak' type music.
  I'm not sure if this was a programme in Polish or Ukrainian.  I'm not 
that good in distinguishing Slavic languages.  Herman Boel's list says 
that they switch from Ukrainian to Polish at 1630 but I didn't notice a 
change in programme at that time.
  I assume this is really R Nezalezhnist, I can provide a .rm file if 
you want.

****Julius Hermans - hermans.j@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Last night december 30rd I did a bit of MW-DX'ing, conditions were one 
of the best I noted this season (for me it has been a pretty weak season 
so far). I noted transatlantic signals on 590 and 1010 and 1470. But I 
decided to concentrate on 1467 & 1476. Both these channels are 
completely free of European stations after TWR and Vienna resp. close 
down shortly after 2310. On 1476 there were Quran chants to be heard. I 
presume this must have been the Sahandaj transmittersite in Iran; it was 
all very weak fading in and out. On 1467 I also heard Quran chants, even 
more weak. At one stage(0024 dec 31st) I thought they were in parallel, 
not very strange: On 1467 there is a tx for IRIB in Isfahan, Iran. But 
at earlier stages (before midnight UTC) I thought to have heard other 
chants. Well, I have heard in the past that sometimes the IRIB 
transmittters do not all broadcast the same programme, so this quran 
chants on 1467 probably were from Iran too. But on 1467 I also heard 
somethin else, It was guitarmusic, a bit of light jazzy style. At first 
I thought it accompanied the chants, but No it surely was a different 
station! I taped it all, but sadly no anns were noted. I heard the same 
at 0040 on dec 29th: also two stations mixing on 1467. So has anyone got 
a clue what the second station on 1467 could have been?? Tuning between 
1467 and 1476 I noted quite a fair signal with L.A.-music on 1470, most 
presumably Vibracion (also noted on dec 29th with ID). This morning I had 
light music on 1470 at 0805, still have to relisten the tape for more 
details. So, finally after some miserable weeks I noted reasonable 
conditions over the last days!

  This afternoon dec 31st noted: On 1521 CRI Urumqi with strong signal 
at 1400, 1521: R Mayak, two possible sites. Thiis one is only noted with 
good conditions!!

1503: two arabs at 1440, still have to llisten to tape
1476: the stn from the emirates + Baku

****Guido Schotmans - Antwerp BELGIUM - gs@xxxxxx

  Put onto track by Julius Hermans I started tuning around MW at 1350 UT 
on 1521 kHz.  I heard a Chinese song with Russian announcements at good 
O/3 level. Then the signal weakened and another Russian speaking station 
took over.  At 1400 the Radio Mayak IS was heard but it was mixed with 
the China R Int signal followed by a Chinese ID.  Those were probably 
CRI Urumqui and RSM Kazan.  Than the signal degraded but at 1420 Kazan 
was coming back with Ch. Aznavour song 'La boheme' and a few others. 
Kazan stayed the strongest for quite a while. At 1445 Duba's carrier, 
ARS Call of Islam, was signing on with test tones, but a few moments 
later Chinese chanting was prevailing with 0/3.  Clear Russian CRI ID at 
1455 and end of programme.  At 1458 Call of Islam started programming 
with Koran chants.  Signal increasing to S 9+5dB Sinpo 54444 at 1508 UT.  
Now and than, I switched to  1476 kHz.  I heard there already some Koran 
songs at 1440 UT at S3, but at 1505 I catched an ID.  It was UAE Radio, 
Dubai // with 13675 and 21605 kHz. I tried 1566 kHz too but since County 
Sound occupied this freq a while ago it is very difficult to hear 
something else on this QRG.

E-MAIL:  saxelrod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


1020  KINF  NM Roswell -12/29 1750- Poor to Fair signals with local ads 
       many Roswell mentions under KDKA. NEW!! (SA-MB)


1020  KYXE  WA Selah -12/25 0804- Fair signals with Mexican music and 
       slogan as La Mexicana as well as callsign ID.(SA-MB)
1490  KQDS  MN Duluth -12/29 1800- Poor signals in a mess with ID on the 
       hour. My closest unheard finally heard. NEW!! Ends the year with 
       2213 heard. (SA-MB)
1540  KNGL  KS McPherson -12/28 1828- Poor signals with local ads and 
       Kansas Radio network? Programming. 15-40 KNGL ID.(SA-MB)


Well a good ending to the year with two more new ones this month for a
total of 8. Hoping all of you have a Happy Healthy DX filled 2001.

***"AL" Archangelo - Sao Paulo BRAZIL - py2zx@xxxxxxxxxxxx

24 DEC 

kHz - UTC - Mode - Language - ID/info - SINPO/RS(T)

 200 - 0543 - CW - DAD - 539 
 202 - 0542 - CW - AAQ - 539  (better tuned hr)
 220 - 0542 - CW - PER - 559
 280 - 0542 - CW - RCL - 569
 370 - 0541 - CW - IK - 529
 385 - 0540 - CW - BGC - 569
 395 - 0540 - CW - KP - 569
1618 - 0531 - CW - 'ZZ' CW maker, hrd under R Tropicana - 599
1620 - 0527 - AM - SS - Radio Tropicana (Argentina), hrd several times 
       'capital federal', 'saludos para la gente de Santiago, de 
       Resistencia, de Salto, de Formosa, a todos los puntos, ayem de 
       Uruguay...', 0530 OM 'Ola, buenas noches ...' tlk w/YL by 
       telephone - 54423
1645 - 0548 - CW - 'MLZMLZMLZMLZ...' CW maker - 559
1670 - 0549 - AM - SS - BBC Buenos Aires (Argentina) - latin eletronic 
       mx - 34422

**Bruce Conti - Nashua NH - BACONTI@xxxxxxx

 630  CFCO  ON  Chatham - 12/30 1630 - Bee Gees' "Tragedy" and "Classic 
       Gold 630" ID under WPRO. (BC-NH)
 640  WGOC  TN  Blountville - 12/30 1650 - "Your home for the Hokies, 
       WGOC" heard through a mix of WHLO, WNNZ, and CBN. (BC-NH)
 680  WPTF  NC  Raleigh - 12/26 1650 - Fair; "...traffic update on 
       News/Talk 680, WPTF" with mentions of I-40 east and westbound, in 
       WRKO null. (BC-NH)
 690  WZAP  VA  Bristol - 12/26 1700 - Fair after WELD sign-off; "WZAP 
       Bristol, Virginia" ID into USA news. (BC-NH)
 690  WELD  WV  Fisher - 12/ 26 1700 - Fair; sign-off "...stay tuned to 
       101.7 FM WELD" and "This concludes our broadcasting for today..." 
       mixed with WZAP in CINF null. (BC-NH)
 740  WGSM  NY  Huntington - 12/30 2215 - Good; continuous nostalgia, 
       quick WHLI ID, apparently on late for snow emergency. (BC-NH)
 820  WXTR  MD  Frederick - 12/30 2230 - "WTOP news time..." and reports 
       about east coast snowstorm parallel WTOP 1500, heard through WNYC 
       and Cuban noise. (BC-NH)
 830  WCRN  MA  Worcester - 12/27 1700 - ID as "Swing 830, WCRN 
       Worcester, Framingham, Boston" and big band music, a format 
       change, formerly religion. (BC-NH)
1390  WZHF  VA  Arlington - 12/28 2300 - Romantic Spanish vocals, clear 
       "WZHF Arlington" ID through WDCW. (BC-NH)
1500  WTOP  DC  Washington - 12/30 2300 - Excellent; "This is the WTOP 
       Radio Network, WTOP Washington, WTOP-FM Warrenton, WXTR 
       Frederick, world-wide on WTOPnews.com," headlines, and CBS news. 

Pan American DX

 720  VENEZUELA  Oriente 720, Porlamar DEC 30 0130 - Fair; many Radio 
       Venezuela IDs during futbol play-by-play, mention of multiple 
       stations including Radio Barinas and Valencia 1220. [Conti-NH]

Transatlantic DX

 836  AZORES  RDP Barrosa DEC 26 2250 - Good; man and woman in 
       Portuguese, het against 837. [Conti-NH]
 864  FRANCE  France Bleu, Paris DEC 27 0240 - Fair; French vocals and 
       adult contemporary music parallel 1206. [Conti-NH]
 882  SPAIN  COPE synchros DEC 27 0415 - Fair; telephone talk in Spanish 
       parallel 837, het against WCBS. [Conti-NH]
1206  FRANCE  France Bleu, Bordeaux DEC 27 0300 - Good; continuous adult 
       contemporary music, Barbara Striesand, George Michael, and French 
       vocals, top of the hour network promo/ID with music montage. 
1530  SAO TOME E PRINCIPE  VOA Pinheira DEC 27 0325 - Fair; Daybreak 
       Africa sports report in English parallel 7105 in WSAI null. 

R8B, MWDX-5, 30-m wire, 30-m east sloping wire.

The 2001 WRTH is out.  Changes include listing of US metro area FM 
stations and the listing of Cuban stations with their national network 
affiliations. Mauritania is still listed at 738 or 739 kHz.  Caribbean 
Radio Lighthouse is listed at 1165 kHz despite being on 1160 for years 
now.  Most of the R.Vaticana schedule is missing; I had to refer to the 
2000 edition for complete info.  [Conti-NH]

**walter breville - walterlb@xxxxxxx

  At 6pm EST today 12/31 I found a listenable signal from WLUS-980 
Gainesville, FL with NOS Big Band music, then ID as "WKZY Cozy 106.9." 
No WLUS or any AM call given, luckily I nailed down this one as they ran 
a spot mentioning Gainesville & nearby Lake City. The FM simulcasted is 
at nearby Cross City. A nice-to-listen-to year-end DX catch even though 
its just 140 miles from me. It angers me that they get away with not 
IDing their AM side, as a DX Listener 1953 this recent shenanigan of 
simulcasting AM/FM pairs is very revolting. I do have TWO OPTIMISTIC 
PREDICTIONS for the 21st CENTURY which we are entering tonight: (1) We 
should be thankful for Disney running a lot of AMs that little kids 
listen to...maybe some of them will get in the habit of listening to 
other AMs beside Disney, discover upbeat Big Band music, maybe even 
reverse the longtime trend of teenagers listening only to rock only on 
FM if this keeps up. (2) Chances are that the conservative mood that the 
U.S.A. got into since 1980 will evaporate, the pendulum will swing 
farther left so by 2010 re-regulation will be back in force displacing 
deregulation with a new future Congress & FCC once again laying down the 
law as to proper IDs & curbing monopolistic ownership of conglomerates 
such as Clear Channel & allow more diversity of programming & make it 
easier for minority groops to be broadcasters.  Some of today's 
teenagers do like traditional jazz/Big Band...in Davenport, Iowa is an 
orchestra of very talented enthusiastic high schoolers who perform at 
the Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival every year, usually the last 
weekend in July. Quite an uplifting, fun affair! I've been to three of 

*Richard Toebe - Davis CA - richtoebe@xxxxxxx

  While being bored by the Dick Clark special on ABC-10, I thought I'd 
check my e-mail (about 11:15pm PST 12/31/00) and found Pat's posting.  
So, I fired up the ol' rig, and found in a tight KEX null, two 
signals... one Spanish, one The Joey Reynolds Show.  This faded over and 
under KEX, but was mostly over, and the SS was on top occasionally too.  
At 11:30 (2:30 am EST), heard string of local ads and very clearly 
"Newstalk 11-90 Wo-Wo".  At 12:59 am PST 1/1/01 (4am EST), tried again, 
and heard a "Wo-Wo Fort Wayne" jingle just before ABC news.
  My last DX catch of the year 2000 and the first of the year 2001.  A 
new state, Indiana, never before heard from California or Nevada in all 
my years of DXing; state #25 from Davis.  Looking at the NRC Pattern 
Book, it must have been on day power.  The night pattern sends 
practically nothing this way.

using the Grundig 1100 Concert Boy portable, barefoot

****Mauno Ritola - FINLAND - ritola@xxxxxxxxxx

1323    *1455- RUS: R Grad Petrov, Olgino. 10.12. MR
1521    2330   E: SER R Castellón. 11.11. MR
1593    1630-  ROU: Antena Sibiului, Sibiu. 11.12. MR
1599,7  1830   ROU: R Sudest, Slobozia. 20.12. MR

 990    1200   CHN: Shanghai RGD. 18.11. MR
1152    2000   UAE: Ras al-Khaimah BS own Ramadan programme, not R Asia. 
         17.12. MR

**Larry A. Hall

  At about 1:02 AM, Chicago time, heard bleedover while listening to 
750, WSM.  Down to 740.  60's rock and nostalgia.  ID'd with "you're 
listening to a test broadcast of Canada's newest station.  Premiering 
January 8th.CHWO Toronto" Gave  phone # of 416 544 0740.  Still coming 
in like gangbusters.

**Sheldon Harvey - ve2shw@xxxxxxxxx

  I'm assuming a typo in you hearing WSM on 750; should be WSB Atlanta, 
I guess. Also "Canadian" is the proper word for something from Canada. 
"Canadien" is the spelling used in the name of the Montreal Canadiens 
hockey team.
  740 is in Toronto and is CHWO, moving from 1250 kHz. in Oakville, 
Ontario, to the old transmitting facility of CBL, CBC's English service 
in Toronto, which is now on FM.
  They have been testing on the frequency for several weeks now. They 
will inaugurate the service on 7:40 AM on January 8.



****Mika Makelainen - FINLAND - mika@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

During the recent LEM144 DXpedition (log at http//www.makelainen.com/dx) 
I found a Russian station identifying as Radio Shanson on 1386 kHz, 
obviously using the Irkutsk transmitter, which has previously carried 
other private stations. Does anyone have any contact information for 
this (new?) station R Shanson? The programming can originate from Moscow 
as well, and may originally be an FM station.

****Bernd Trutenau - btrutenau@xxxxxxxx

Shanson (or Russkiy Shanson as the full name is) is an outlet of the 
Russkoye Radio empire, the studios are in St.Petersburg (not Moscow) and 
it is distributed through a network of affiliates across all of Russia 
and in some towns in Ukraine.
  Webpage: www.shanson.ru, email addresses: <shanson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> and 

Bernd Trutenau  <btrutenau@xxxxxxxx>  -  Vilnius, Lithuania

****Mika Makelainen - FINLAND - mika@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  The website was temporarily off when I tried - just a welcome greeting 
by Russkoye R - but BKL gave me their snail address: P.O. Box 29, 197136 
St. Peterbug, which can be found in the WRTH 2000, but surprisingly not 
in the latest edition.

***Mauricio Molano - Salamanca SPAIN - mmolano@xxxxxxxxx

Past Dec.23  I could hear a strong signal from China on 1359 Khz 
(Arganda  600 Kw tx OFF!) from 0030 to 0050 +/-. Where is placed this 

**Doug Smith W9WI - Pleasant View TN - w9wi@xxxxxxxx

  Heard a weird one this morning...  About 9am CST, someone on 1620 
under Nebraska broadcasting in an Eastern European language.  Too much 
QRM from Nebraska to know what language - I suspect Russian.
  I think it's the same station that's still in (10:30) with English-
language polkas - a female announcer just read a long list of community 
events but I couldn't copy the communities involved in any of them due 
to poorly timed fadeups of Bellevue...

**Nancy McAleer - Curmudgeonnette@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Am using a cheapie little radio with log scale for tuner indicator.  
Have been trying to get 1610.  At present have been picking up 
synchopated clock giving universal time.  At top of hour got ID that 
sounded like WWB and statement that it comes from Fort Collins Colorado.  
Is this KALT testing.?  Can find no WWB.
  My location Downers Grove, Illinois  (20 miles west of Chicago.  
Started reception at7:45PM Eastern LISTENING Time.  Still receiving.  
Intewrspersed with weather for aviation perhaps.

**Doug Smith W9WI - w9wi@xxxxxxxx

  WWV, Fort Collins.
  You're probably picking up their 10MHz shortwave broadcast on the 
radio's 10.7MHz FM intermediate frequency amplifier.  That's happened to 
me before, both with WWV and with powerful international broadcast 
stations near 9.6MHz.  


  any information about the Romanian station drifting around 1600 kHz 
announcing as "Radio Sudet?"


  This is Radio Sud Est, broadcasting from Slobozia. Their frequency is 
very unstable (nominal 1602 kHz).
  They have a website at: www.radiosudest.go.ro and their address is: 
Strada Viilor 90-92, Slobozia, Ialomita

***Gert Nilsson - gert.nilsson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

More information on http://www.radiosudest.go.ro/servicii.html

**ALAN GIBLER - agibler@xxxxxxxxxxxx

  On January 1, I went to a state game land right across the state line 
in Pa. and laid out 1000+ feet of # 12 insulated wire on the ground in a 
east west direction. The road in the game land is no more than 100 feet 
from the frozen lake Erie. Started listening at 3:30 PM and noticed 
right away that the stations from Quebec and PEI were dominate along 
with the New York and Mass. stations.At 5:02 P.M. EST hets started 
showing up on 1314 and 1521.Audio from 1521 was in at 5:07 P.M. but at a 
very low level. Presumed Duba.At 5:21 P.M. I noticed a loud het on 981 
and a few minutes later some music was heard but unable to copy good 
enough to tell what kind.Checked long wave also and was surprised to 
find some audio on 153 with a male in what sounded like Russian. Anyone 
have any ideas on the 981 and 153 stations?  Thank you Alan Gibler 
Ashtabula Ohio JRC-NRD 535 D, KIWA modified

**Delorenzo, Marc - Marc.Delorenzo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The most commonly heard TA on 981 is Algeria.

***Gert Nilsson - gert.nilsson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Heard this one this morning on 1299,72 kHz. Can't find it anywhere. 
Seems to be somewhere in Central America or Western US!

***Henrik Klemetz - dhv599n@xxxxxxxxx

  Unless you have been hearing a relay, this seems to be the mw fqy for 
a Costa Rican success story, Radio María de Guadalupe (Please note the 
spelling). Starting regular broadcasts on March 1, 1999, their FM 
channel 100.3 in less than one year ranked first in San José. E-mail is 
radmaria@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Website http://www.rmariadeguadalupecr.com 
(has live audio which does not seem to work right now) Station manager 
and founder: Fray (Brother) Calvo Aguilar.

**Sheldon Harvey - ve2shw@xxxxxxxxx

  I need help with a station I am hearing on 860 kHz., under CJBC 
Toronto. It is religious programming. They ID'ed just before the hour (5 
PM eastern) as Family Radio. They seem to be in a syndicated or network 
show right now.
  Conditions today are good to Ohio, Michigan, etc. from my location 
near Montreal.



Pat Martin - Seaside OR - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

 540  XEJAZZ  MEXICO, Tijuana, rec. vf in 6d. V/S: Tom White-Director of 
       Eng. Address: P.O. Box 250028, Los Angeles  CA  90025 (PM-OR)
1070  CBUU  CANADA, BC, Clinton, rec. Q in 14d from: V/S: Dave Newbury-
       CE. Address: CBC, PO Box 4600, Vancouver BC  V6B 4A2 Canada. 
1610  TIS   MT, Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site, 10 watts. Rec. 
       QSL letter in 14d for taped report. V/S: Scott Eckberg-Chief 
       Ranger. Address: P.O. Box 790, Deer Lodge  MT  59722. Montana QSL 
       #43 and MW QSL #2717. (PM-OR)
1620  KBLI  IDAHO, Blackfoot, rec. vf in 11df from V/S: Carl Watkins-CE. 
       Address: P.O. Box 699, Blackfoot ID  83221 This station is now 
       QSLing so re-send your reports. (PM-OR)
1690  KSXX  CA, Roseville, rec. handwritten letter in 21d from: V/S: Len 
       Harris-CE. Heis also the CE for KLIB,KOBO,KEST, and KSJX. 
       Address: 429 Elizabeth St., San Francisco  CA  94114. (PM-OR)

Eric Bueneman - n0uiheric@xxxxxxx

 810  KBHB  Sturgis, SD: Address is P.O. Box 99, Sturgis, SD 57785. 
       Verification letter and bumper sticker in seven days for 33 
       cents' return postage. Signer is Steve Naeue, Chief Engineer. 
1460  KKPR  Kearney, NE: Address is 403 East 25th Street, Kearney, NE 
       68847. Reception report returned as the QSL in six days for 33 
       cents' return postage, signed by Norma Rizer, Continuity 
       Director. (EB-MO)



**John Tudenham - w0jrp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  The Amarillo TX Globe News reports the death of Johnny A Hathcock age 
81.Mr Hathcock was manager for radio station KZIP 1310 in Amarillo for a 
number of years.
  He was mostly known as the writer for the song "Welcome to my world"  
a Jim Reeves song. He also wrote "Wake up irene" recorded by Hank 
Thompson in 1954.
  I also bowled with John in several bowling leagues in the 60s in 

Pat Martin - mwdxer@xxxxxxxxx

  I just found out that Radio Digest.com is ceasing publishing as of 
12/26. That is too bad. Really a great source of info.

**David Gleason - david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  You can get some of the same information and alots of other stuff at 
allaccess.com. Just register with any old set of call letters (local 
college station would be a good one to use) and you are in. The site is 
supprted by record labels, so it is full of hype and hyperbole, but 
there is lots of radio market info, ratings and such.
  For thse wanting a steady diet of radio news, try www.rronline.com 
withis the Radio and Records site. Daily news, ratings, etc. Free.

**Blaine Thompson - phredd@xxxxxxxx

I've started a site for Indiana radio history, along with my companion 
newsletter "Indiana RadioWatch."  It's been going strong for about a 
year or two now, and I've started to work heavily on it lately.

  For those who didn't know, I've got a dx-ing page that shows my 
catches, etc.

****Renato Bruni - breni@xxxxxxxxx

  After a long silence, the IDSWarehouse is back. You can search the 
archives at the following URL:

***Bob Padula - bobpadula@xxxxxxxxxxx

  Here is an extract from the latest edition of the Electronic DX Press 
Newsletter, which may be of interest to you.
  If you wish to start a trial membership of the EDXP (totally free!) 
please send me an E-mail, at edxp@xxxxxxxxxxx, or use the On-Line Form 
in the EDXP Homepage http://members.tripod.com/~bpadula/edxp.html
  EDXP concentrates on Asia, Pacific, Middle East, the sub-continent, 
and Siberia, and membersare able to post "FLASH" items directly into the 
EDXP E-NET fo instantaneous transmission anywhere in the world. We focus 
on shortwave, but Australian medium-wave news is given from time to 
time. We have 150 members worldwide.

AUSTRALIA. Changes have happened, and are planned in the medium-wave 
band!  Here is a summary from Ian Stanley, Beaufort, Victoria:

 531  2PM Port Macquarie, new call (ex 2MC and 2KM)
 639  2HC Coffs Harbour, new call (ex 2CS)
 846  4EL Cairns new call, (ex 4CA)
1008  2TAB Canberra new call, (ex 2XX)
1026  4AA Mackay new call, (ex 4MK)
1071  3EL Maryborough new call, (ex 3CV)
1089  2EL Orange new call, (ex 2GZ)
1116  3AK Melbourne, planned move from 1503 during January 2001
1116  3AB Melbourne, ceased October 2000
1215  2TAB Nowra, new call, (ex 2ST)
1278  3AW Melbourne, is mono
1341  3CW Geelong, new call (ex 3BM)
1413  Radio Rhema, Shepparton, 60 Watts, anticipates upgrade to 400 
       Watts, temporary antenna at the Pine Ridge site
1467  3ML Mildura, new call (ex 3MA), mainly relays 3UZ-927 sport
1620  3GB Melbourne, ceased April 2000
1629  3MM Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne, ceased end 1999
1629  3RG Shepparton, 400 Watts opened September 1999
1629  3-- callsign not known, Williamstown, 400 Watts, opened May 2000

Following the move of 3AK from to 1116, the vacant channel of 1503 has 
been allocated to a new short-term community radio licensee, "Laugh 
Radio", based in  Melbourne, with an anticipated start-up date of March. 
(Chris Hambly, Box Hill, Victoria)

- Australian AM stereo transmitters:
The following stations transmit entirely or partially in stereo:

 531  3GG Warragul
 612  4QR* Brisbane (local programming only)
 693  3EE Frankston
      4KQ Brisbane
 702  2BL* Sydney
 864  4GR Toowoomba
 882  4BH Brisbane
 927  3UZ Melbourne
 954  2UE Sydney
1008  4TAB Brisbane
1017  2KY Sydney
1053  2CA Canberra
1143  2HD Newcastle
1242  3TR Sale
      4AK Toowoomba
1287  2TM Tamworth
1323  5DN Adelaide
1377  3MP Melbourne
1503  2BS Bathurst
      3AK Melbourne (to move to 1116)

  The listings of Australian MF and VHF stations in WRTH-2001 are quite 
out of date, and incomplete, bearing little resemblance to the true 
  There is a much better solution, and it's TOTALLY FREE!
  All details about Australian MF, VHF and TV stations are available 
FREE OF CHARGE from the Home Page of the Australian Broadcasting 
Authority!! There are links to:

* MF - in callsign order
* VHF - in callsign order
* MF - in frequency order
* VHF - in frequency order
* all MF and VHF - in order of area served
* TV - in order of State/call
* TV - in order of Channel
* TV - in order of area served

  The site also has a lot of other information, including technical 
details, licensing data, standards, and planning proposals.
  There is a hard-copy manual available for sale from the ABA, known as 
the above information: ordering details are on the Site. The annual 
subscription price of A$55 also includes free monthly updates, sent to 
your specified E-mail address, in Excel format.


  ABA announces guidelines for day/night switching of AM radio The 
Australian Broadcasting Authority has released the technical options and 
implementation guidelines for day/night switching of transmission power 
and for permanent power increases to improve the reception of AM radio 
broadcasting services in Australia.
  The increases in transmission power that will be facilitated by the 
guidelines will improve the signal quality of AM radio listeners whose 
reception has deteriorated over the years as a result of an increase in 
environmental noise. This increase in noise is primarily due to urban 
development in capital and regional cities. The higher power levels will 
be subject to not causing unacceptable interference to other services.
  Day/night switching is the term used to provide AM radio broadcasting 
services with an increase in their maximum transmission power during the 
day time whilst retaining the existing level at night. Day/night 
switching is a spectrum efficient way of improving the reception of 
existing services during the day while not raising the potential for 
interference to other broadcasting services at night through reflections 
from the ionosphere.
  A second option is a power increase during the day and night, however 
transmit antenna radiation pattern changes may be necessary to prevent 
interference at night.
  To pursue either option broadcasters will need to submit a proposal to 
the ABA setting out the viability and practicality of the proposed 
change. The ABA will determine any increases in power level to be 
applied on a case by case basis.

  The current licence area planning processes are dealing with 
submissions requesting a change to the transmission power and day/night 
switching for AM-MF services. Day/night switching is the term used to 
provide AM broadcasting services an increase in their maximum 
transmission power during the daytime to improve reception and coverage 
within their coverage or licence areas.
  Some regional and metropolitan AM broadcasters, through the licence 
area planning process, have reported that listeners were experiencing 
coverage and reception difficulties with their broadcasting services. 
The difficulties were attributed to population spread, particularly at 
the peripheries of existing coverage within the licence areas and 
increases in man-made noise, which is a by-product of urban expansion.
  The ABA has recognised that the coverage provided by some AM 
broadcasting services is no longer adequate, due to the extended urban 
sprawl, particularly in regional and metropolitan markets near the edges 
of licence areas. These deficiencies in coverage are further exacerbated 
by the rise in man-made noise which has contributed to an increase in 
the radio noise threshold, requiring higher levels of 'useable' signal 
strength to receive an AM broadcasting service.
  The useable field strength (Eu) at any location is the minimum value 
of field strength from a wanted transmission necessary to overcome 
anticipated levels of atmospheric and man-made noise and radio 
interference from other services at that location. In order to improve 
the deficient coverage and increase the 'useable' signal strength it is 
necessary to provide for higher levels of field strength on the ground. 
To achieve this an increase in transmission power will be required.
  In submissions to the licence area planning process in Sydney, 
Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and certain regional markets, some AM 
broadcasters requested day and night time power increases, including 
day/night switching of transmission power for their stations. The ABA 
advised the broadcasters in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in the draft 
and final licence area plans, that power increases would be considered 
after the ABA developed the guidelines for the implementation of 
day/night switching of transmission power of AM broadcasting services.
  In February 2000, the consultation paper Guidelines for the 
Implementation of Day/Night Switching of Transmission Power of Medium 
Frequency-Amplitude Modulation (AM) Radio Broadcasting Services proposed 
a set of draft guidelines for the implementation of day/night switching 
of transmission power of AM broadcasting services in Australia. The 
paper was circulated to the broadcasting industry and other interested 
parties for consideration and comment. In general the submissions 
received were supportive of the day/night switching draft guidelines.
  Submissions on the consultation paper from broadcasters in some 
regional and metropolitan markets requested that the ABA consider other 
methods such as permanent power increases, in addition to day/night 
switching of transmission power, to alleviate the existing coverage and 
reception difficulties.

  The reception of an AM broadcasting service is dependent on the 
ability of an AM radio receiver to respond to a 'useable' signal in the 
presence of existing radio 'noise floor'. Noise floor is made of 
contributions from atmospheric noise, man-made noise and radio 
interference from other stations at that location.
  The level of 'useable' signal required during the day is relatively 
lower than that required during the night. This is because, during the 
day, the 'useable' signal is affected only by atmospheric and man-made 
noise (contribution to an increase in man-made noise is greater during 
the day because of higher percentages of industrial equipment usage).
  During the night, the interference contribution from other AM radio 
services, through the reflections of the ionosphere, becomes the 
predominant factor. Contributions from other stations increase the level 
of the noise floor, requiring a greater 'useable' signal strength for 
the wanted service thus effectively decreasing the night time coverage 
of the service.
  The daytime coverage area of a station is that area wherein its field 
strength is equal to, or greater than, the daytime useable field 
strength. The primary (nighttime) coverage area of a station is that 
area wherein its field strength is equal to, or greater than, the 
nighttime useable field strength.
  In general, a greater 'useable' signal is required during the night, 
to adequately receive an AM broadcasting service. (ABA, Dec-21)
** RADIOMAG. I have received many requests from Australia and overseas 
for subscription information about Australia's newest commercial 
magazine for radio enthusiasts and these have been passed on to the 
Managing Editor/Publisher.
  The RADIOMAG Home Page should be visited for latest details, 
  Publication of the first issue is imminent, which includes my own 
segment "BROADCAST MONITOR". Irrespective of where you are in the world, 
if you would like to be a member of the "BROADCAST MONITOR NETWORK", 
please let me know urgently! Keep in mind that planned circulation of 
RADIOMAG is of the order of 10,000 copies, so if you want to see your 
name in the Broadcast Monitor column as a special contributor, then this 
is your big chance!

***Mike Terry - michael.terry1@xxxxxxxxxx

Try a new World Radio -TV Handbook & Passport To World Band Radio web 
site. Check it out at: www.nwlink.com/~kc7ldp

****Bernd Trutenau - btrutenau@xxxxxxxx

  According to Latvian newspaper reports, the Latvian government decided 
on 2 January that Latvia is again going to apply Summer Time (UTC+3h) on 
25 March 2001, after not having switched to daylight saving time during 
2000. Lithuania and Estonia (which currently have UTC+2h all year round) 
have so far not expressed any intention to revert from standard time 
during the summer months.

  The World Radio Network has launched a new station this month in St. 
Petersburg that will be a pilot for a Russian-language network due on-
air next year, Radio Sweden reported on 19 December. The new radio 
station, known as Vesermirna Radioset (World Radio Network) broadcasts 
on 684 AM and offers St. Petersburg's 4.75 million citizens a mix of 
news and information programming in Russian from international 
broadcasters including Radio Sweden, YLE Radio Finland, Radio Canada 
International, Radio Prague, Radio Slovakia International and China 
Radio International. The second stage in the network roll-out will be an 
AM transmitter in Moscow, followed by FM stations in a further eight 
cities to be set over the next twelve months. WRN will also shortly open 
a representitive office in Moscow to co-ordinate its radio activities 
across Russia, including sourcing locally produced programming. 
Technically, Vesermirna Radioset will be put together in WRN's London 
studios and sent by satellite to Russia for local transmission.
  (FSUMedia Mailing List, 20 December 2000)

*Dennis Gibson - dcgibson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  Here's a neat table that will tell you how tall a quarter wavelength 
or half wavelength tower is on any frequency between 540 and 1700 khz.:

****Bernd Trutenau - btrutenau@xxxxxxxx

The current WRN relay schedule via St.Petersburg 684 kHz (10 kW):

0430-0500 R.Slovakia Int'l in Russian
0500-0530 R.Prague in Russian
0530-0600 Voice of Israel in Russian
0600-0700 National Public Radio in English 
1300-1400 CRI in Russian
1400-1500 R.Finland in Finnish
2000-2100 RCI in Russian
  (Exctract from the complete winter MW/LW schedules of CRR-2 which I 
posted on this mailing list on 27 Dec 2000)

**Radio - radioguy@xxxxxxxx

  Broadcaster Marty Glickman Dies
  The Associated Press Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2001; 5:23 p.m. EST
  NEW YORK -- Marty Glickman, a track star who was pulled from the 1936 
Berlin Olympics because he was Jewish and later enjoyed a long career as 
a broadcaster, died Wednesday. He was 83.
  Glickman entered Lenox Hill Hospital on Dec. 2 and underwent heart 
bypass surgery Dec. 14. He died of complications from the operation, 
said his daughter, Elizabeth.
  Glickman starred in track and football at Syracuse and was selected 
for the Berlin Games. On the eve of the 400-meter relay, he and teammate 
Sam Stoller were pulled from the race. They were told by American team 
officials that because they were Jewish a victory would embarrass the 
host Nazis.
  "It was blatant anti-Semitism," Glickman said.
  Two years ago, Glickman was honored by the U.S. Olympic Committee with 
the Gen. Douglas MacArthur Award for service to the Olympic community.
  After the Olympics, he returned to Syracuse, where he started working 
in radio in 1937. He graduated in 1939 and went on to broadcast sports 
for 55 years.
  Glickman first did college basketball doubleheaders from Madison 
Square Garden in 1945. A year later, he became the voice of the newly 
formed New York Knicks.
  He thrived on the pace of basketball. His crisp diction and rapid-fire 
radio delivery became his trademark.
  "In radio, you're your own boss," he said. "I had to paint the word 
picture. That's a very important goal. Not only creating in the mind of 
a listener what it looks like, but what it feels like."
  He added the NFL Giants in 1948, a job he held for 23 years, and also 
had two stints with the Jets from 1973-78 and 1988-92.
  Glickman was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, the 
Sportscasters Hall of Fame and the New York Sports Hall of Fame.
  He is survived by his wife, Marjorie, four children, 10 grandchildren 
and six great grandchildren.
  He is to be cremated and no funeral is planned. 



Ralph Sanserino - sanser@xxxxxxx

For Sale toroids for the preamp shown on page 123 of IRCA's A DXer's 
Technical Guide Third Edition.  Toroid 70 bifilar turns on a FT-82-61 
ferrite core.  4 toroids $15.  Make checks payable to:
Ralph  Sanserino
PO Box 1831
Perris  CA  92572


     Geomagnetic Summary December 25 2000 through January 1 2001
      phil bytheway - Seattle WA - phil@xxxxxxxxxxx
      Tabulated from email status daily

 12/25   187     7    2    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 6
    26   189     4    2    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 5
    27   188     7    1    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 4
    28   185     5    1    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 5
    29   182     8    1    low-mod     quiet-unsettled     - 5
    30   182     4    0    low-mod     quiet               - 5
 12/31   170     1    0    low-mod     quiet               - 3
  1/ 1   171     2    1    low-mod     quiet               - 6

IRCA Mexican Log, 6th Edition
The IRCA MEXICAN LOG lists all AM stations in Mexico by frequency, 
including call letters, state, city, day/night power, slogans, schedule 
in UTC/GMT, formats, networks and notes. The call letter index gives 
call, frequency, city and state. The city index (listed by state, then 
city) includes frequency, call and day/night power. The log has been 
completely updated from the 1998 edition and carefully cross-checked by 
several IRCA members. This is an indispensable reference for anyone who 
hears Mexican radio stations. Size is 8 1/2" x 11" and three hole 
for easy binding.Prices: IRCA/NRC members - $8.00 (US/Canada/Mexico/sea 
mail), $9.00 (rest of the Americas airmail), $9.50 (Europe/Asia 
$10.00 (Australia/New Zealand airmail). Non-members: add $2.00 to the 
above prices.

Completely revised by IRCA's Bill Harms to 9/00, the IRCA "TIS/HAR 
LIST" includes AM/FM and TV lists from the US and Canada. This 28 page 
"DX Aid" can be yours for only $5.00. Non-IRCA/NRC members... add $1.00. 
Overseas... add $0.50.

IRCA Bookstore - 9705 Mary Ave NW - Seattle WA  98117-2334 (please make 
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The AM DX NewsFlash is sent weekly from Teknologic in Snohomish WA
  All contributions will be used
  Comments regarding content are appreciated
 With your submission, please include as a minimum:
  Your name, location and email address
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 Information appearing the NewsFlash can be quoted provided the original
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 DXM-printed DX MONITOR (21x/year), SDXM-"soft" DX MONITOR (35x/year)

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Canada - DXM $22.00,  DXM/SDXM $27.00
Overseas surface - DXM $23.50,  DXM/SDXM $28.50
Airmail (Central America, Caribbean) - DXM $35.00,  DXM/SDXM $40.00
Airmail (Europe, North Africa, Middle East) - $38.00,  
  DXM/SDXM - $43.00
Airmail (rest of the World) - $41.00,  DXM/SDXM $46.00

To join the IRCA, send the appropriate dues to:  IRCA HQ
                                               PO Box 1831
                                               Perris CA  92572-1831
If you note any AM changes (call, format, slogan, etc), please send them 
to the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxx
END of 1/4/01 THE "AM DX NewsFlash"

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