[HCDX] new EMWG edition
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[HCDX] new EMWG edition

Hello all,

A new year, century and millennium has started,
and also now the EMWG will continue to be updated.

Starting 4 January 2001 a new edition is available for
free on the EMWG website (http://go.to/emwg).

Changes in this edition:

* no more yellow background (this should save the
colour printer's ink of some users)

* the UK RSL and LPAM stations have been fully updated

* various question marks (esp. with power) have been solved

* the PDF file is no longer zipped. Should you have a
browser which supports PDF (i.e. Internet Explorer 5),
then clicking on the file link will open the PDF file
in the browser window.
Should you want to save it on your hard drive, click
your right mouse button and choose "save target as".

* the file size has been reduced to a mere 604 kB while
the EMWG now has 73 pages packed with information

* other corrections...

I would also like to thank the people who have sent
some financial support.  This will help a lot to
keep the EMWG updated in the future.

As ususal, feedback and constructive criticism is most


Herman Boel

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