[HCDX] Australian MW stations
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[HCDX] Australian MW stations

An update on what was posted a few days ago by Bob Padula...

Callsigns changes appear to be a problem. To take one example 1071 3CV
was reported to me a few months ago as having changed call to 3EL - this
stands for Easy Listening Australia, a rather depressing networked
program of oldies being heard on a large number of MW stations now.

I sent a report and received a subsequent QSL without a call being
indicated. Emails to the station engineer indicates he has been told by
the Station Manager that the official call is "Radio 10-71" and there
are no call letters, these now being used for the FM station. A request
to the Australian Broadcasting Authority has generated the reply that
stations have calls but are not obliged to use them, and there is no
list publicly available on what they might be. Investigations continue.

1215 TAB Nowra - this channel was originally allocated to a relay of 2ST
Nowra 999 and based at Bowral, about 150km SW of Sydney. 2ST is still
broadcasting happily on 999, but the Bowral relay went to FM a number of
years ago. A check from Bowral last week when I was in the area and also
tonight from home shows this channel to be empty. It used to use about
150 watts from memory and was semi-local from my location about 200km
north-east (audible every night). The channel would in theory be
available for use in the same area by an aspirant broadcaster.

I did also get a letter from 2KY recently which is now owned by the NSW
TAB (horse racing agency) and this indicated they were setting up a
number of "high power relays" around southern NSW. This could include MW
as well as FM, my reply to them has yet to be answered. So maybe they
will be setting up on 1215 and others? I doubt if they would run 1215 as
Nowra, this should receive adequate coverage from the existing racing
station on 1341 kHz at Wollongong.


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