[HCDX] CKZN-6159.90 DX TIP
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[HCDX] CKZN-6159.90 DX TIP

Thanks for the DX tip on CKZN. I do not DX much SW, but when there in
something rare, I sometimes go after it. To date I have all the other
Canadian regionals hrd & QSL'd and all I needed was CKZN and there it
was. Not bad either.

6159.90   CKZN   CANADA, NFD, St. Johns, hrd fairly well with fades with
CBC News at 1000 UTC, at 1004.30 weather for NFD, Labtador, and area,
into CBC regional program at about 1010 UTC 1/6. 

Drake R8
400' NNW wire / 1500' Eastern Beverage

Patrick Martin
Seaside  OR

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