Re: FW: [HCDX] New shortwave radio newsgroup
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Re: FW: [HCDX] New shortwave radio newsgroup

At 11:58 AM 1/6/01 +0100, you wrote:

This new group was created out of frustration with, a
group I gave up on a long time ago. Although created with the best of
intentions, I can't help thinking that they are re-inventing the wheel. Most
of the top DXers in the world who have access to Internet already subscribe
to this one, and there's another excellent group for shortwave programming
which some of us also belong to. Then there are the bulletins such as Cumbre
DX, club-operated lists etc, not to mention Websites such as the one run by
GH. I'm not sure that more is necessarily better. There's already a lot of
cross-posting between groups...I feel sure that those frustrated with (and I can well understand why) would be better served
joining one of the existing groups instead of starting a new one.

Andy Sennitt

I belong to swl over on but it seems to be dead for awhile. There is also swl-net & swltalk (over at but I don't belong to them. This group is fine for my needs...

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