[HCDX] My location
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[HCDX] My location

Hi there
I forgot to mention where I was at  in the posts . I usually have a signature file on here ,and  well I forgots :)
I am in the state of Kentucky in the USA.
My station consists of a Drake R-4A,Motorola R390(non a version),and last  and somewhat least Realistic DX160. The antennas used are a 21 ft vertical by Ham International( 20 feet high in a tree),140 longwire (4 feet high on fence line) ,and a 60 foot dipole (about 20 feet high on ends ).
here is the usual signature
Using a Drake R-4A,Motorola- manufactured R-390,Realistic DX380,Realistic DX160,140 ft longwire,60 ft v-shape dipole, and 21 ft vertical to listen to the world.
Playing with an Emachine 366i2  and  learning about  Windows 98
World Wide Web addresses -
Email address-swlchris@xxxxxxxx
Actual location- in the sticks somewhere in Kentucky reading my textbooks in the  dark with the help of a bic lighter

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