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    Was interested to read Walt's original post on this, and I've noted the
same unusual reception several times I've checked since then.  This time of
year CKZU comes in here throughout the daylight hours, and today such was
the case as normal.   By 0000 UTC CKZN had come up, and the two stations
were about even.  The CBC news was broadcast on both, with CKZN about a
half second behind.  After the news at 0004, Vancouver gave the weather
forecast, while St.John's ran a promo for a feature on the contest for the
leadership of the Newfoundland Liberal party (and thus the premiership).
Last night (0600 7 Jan) I heard CKZN with CBC news and into CBC Overnight,
with not a trace of CKZU.  Certainly an interesting phenomenom.

Nigel Pimblett
Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

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