[HCDX] Sunday Loggings
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[HCDX] Sunday Loggings

 Not a lot of Dxing as I was erecting a vertical and sizing the yard for
a 60mb inverted V but here goes

  Iceland 13860 Rikisutvarpid SW Service 1835 sign on with news in
Icelandic I am assuming. Not a strong signal but no interference at
  Brazil    11785 Radio Guaiba 0157 In the clear after DW sign off at
0200..good signal w/Portguese

  Ecuador(tent) Voz del Napo 3279.57 0240 Soccer match, lots of QRM no
ID and it faded

  UNID 3250 English language religous broadcast..have no clue here

Patrick Buckingham
Davis, Ca

Drake R4C
Collins R390A

Wellbrook ALA1530
MLB 60 foot sloper
49mb Dipole
31mb Dipole
25mb Dipole
30 foot vertical

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