[HCDX] Singapore FM stations on SW
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[HCDX] Singapore FM stations on SW

maybe this could be a small contribution to several mails that were
discussing relays of FM stations on SW from Singapore. Att: My survey is not

Radio Corporation of Singapore relays these domestic FM stations on SW:

6150 kHz as monitored between 1400-1600 UTC (all stations in English)

Mon, Tue, Wed   Perfect Ten 98.7 FM  (hits)
Thu, Fri, Sat       Class 95 FM  (soft pop)
Sun                   News Radio 93.8 FM  (news)

7170 kHz - Radio Oli (Olikkalanjiam) 96.8 FM (in Tamil)
This station is on the air 2100-1800 and it is probably relayed on SW for
the whole time.

7235 kHz (ex 7250) - Radio Warna 94.2 FM  (in Malay)
This station is on the air 2300-0900, 1400-1600, on SW is it audible in the
afternoon and in the night (European time)

On this frequency is probably relayed also Radio RIA 89.7 FM (1200-1400?).

Radio Corporation of Singapore
Andrew Road
Singapore 1129

This survey has been compiled with a help of Antonin Bozdech, a blind Czech
DXer who spends a most of the day by his beloved radio.

Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic

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